Back In 2008

the Gunny, on the second Anti Liberal Zone (the first one was banned! 🙂 by Townhall), predicted that a closet sociopathic nitwit like Obama would drag down the Democrat Party by his stupidity and their arrogance, asshattery, and corruption. Below is the tally of the destruction wrought by The Community Organizer who said:  “I will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy, if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election. You want to give me a good sendoff? Go vote!”

We voted, since 2010…

HOUSE…from 256 (2009) to 188 (2016) LOSS of 68 seats.

SENATE…from 58 (2009) to 46 (2016) LOSS of 12 seats.

GOVERNORSHIPS…from 28 (2009) to 18 (2016) LOSS of 10 States.

STATE LEGISLATIVE SEATS…from 4,086 (2009) to 3,137 (2016) LOSS of 949 seats.

CHAMBERS…from 60 (2009) to 31 (2016) LOSS of 29 spaces.

FEDERAL JUDGE appointees…over 100.

Obama will be like a virulent incurable STD as he and Moocher are taking up residence in a nine-bedroom mansion in Washington DC. There he can be fawned upon by Liberal media clowns like David “30rd mag” Gregory and whine and complain whenever Trump shitcans one of his many failed policies or bullshit Executive Orders. Since Obama is a Soros puppet, his Nazi boss will install him as the leader of the shadow government obstructing President Trump at every step of the way.

As for Soetoro’s sendoff? As they say in Brooklyn: “GETTHEF*CKOUTTAHERE YA BUM!”

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Retired US Marine and pissed-off American. Tired of the bullshit from inside the Beltway and determined to change it, peacefully or otherwise. A Constitution-loving American who believes that the US is #1 and should be!
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4 Responses to Back In 2008

  1. Hardnox says:

    That’s his legacy… only the short version. Keep it up asshole.

  2. Uriel says:

    need to add three more recent ones 1) bankrupt the world, 2) crap over all our allies but particularly Israel, 3) maneuvering to start WWIII 4) delusional “savior” of the world

  3. clyde says:

    Right as rain, right as rain now. I remember the Clownhall days fondly. NOT !

  4. myfoxmystere says:

    Good riddance 0’Urkell!