Dr. Gorka: ISIS has learned from the mistakes of Al Qaeda

Hey Infidels, keep your powder dry.  Pull your head out of your iPhone and maintain situational awareness.

Btw, the jihadi killed the Polish truck driver then drove the truck through the crowd of Christmas shoppers.  12 are now dead and over 4 dozen wounded, some severely.  It begs the question: “how many muslim truck drivers are in the USA that have jihadi tendencies?”

~ Hardnox

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14 Responses to Dr. Gorka: ISIS has learned from the mistakes of Al Qaeda

  1. Jules Smith says:

    It begs the question indeed. I’ve put myself forward as chief executioner, sociopathic dominatrix with an array of nasty tools. Apparently being taken out by a lowly woman means you don’t get virginal bliss in Heaven. Shame.
    I tried to put a picture on here of the Christmas card that I’ve sent to Angela Merkel but it won’t have it. I’ve sent it you by e mail. I hope she likes it…

  2. clyde says:

    To answer your question. ALL of the camel humpers. Way too many of them here.

  3. I’m afraid you folks have it all wrong. It wasn’t a mozlem attack, it was a “truck attack”.

    This truck, for some unforeseen reason, started up on the wrong side of the parking lot and decided to take revenge for all the stop lights, traffic and people who continually crossed in front of it and snapped it’s steering box. It had finally had enough.

    No amount of turtle wax or car washes was going to satisfy its blood-lust for the parking tickets and flat tires was going to assuage it’s rage. People had to die!

    So it stopped on a dark road, picked up a jihadi seeking similar revenge and convinced him to kill the Polok snoozing in the driver’s seat and drive until it found a crowd.

    There, having found the perfect group of victims, the truck with its new ally decided it was time to wreak havoc. So the truck took control while the man was praying and did the deed.

    I’m sure the poor jihadi was amazed, when he got up off his face, at what the truck could accomplish all on it’s own.

    “Trucks are akbar”, he shouted!

  4. SafeSpace says:

    If Angela Merkel and George Soros had a “love child”, it’d be named John Kerry. Three candidates for whacking (just for starters).

  5. SafeSpace says:

    Per a news bulletin at 2:30 PM today 12/20, German polizei have released the paki truck driver who massacred Christmas marketgoers because … (wait for it) … THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO HOLD HIM, proving that Hadenoughalready is right, the truck did this crime all on its own..

    Demonstrating a level of ignorance that even Barack Hussein Obama never matched, Germany continues to prove that it is time for it to take down its flags, remove its borders, and go out of business. President Trump can offer relocation packages to VW, BASF, and other German corporations. And we can resettle ethnic Germans in California, where the importation of about 3 million Christians would drive that socialist sh*thole firmly to the right.

  6. skip says:

    Since I still travel three states in my business, I use Flying J, Love’s and Petrol often. Just take a couple hours and sit and watch. You will be Amazed at the Rag heads driving big rigs. Will be a real eye opener for some of you. Best is the Gasoline and LP drivers, scares the “H” out of me. LP expands 1000 times its volume when it explodes.

  7. captbogus2 says:

    Hell with the trucks. A taxi can be lethal enough.

  8. Hardnox says:

    And a lot faster and more agile too. One can survive a car but getting run over by a heavy truck is usually fatal.

  9. I.R. Wayright says:

    Look what you can do with a cement truck.