The War to Save Our Nation


We as a republic are in a war to preserve our nation and way of life.

First voters were inundated with lies, misinformation, and rants before November 9th where lying, cheating, and all means fair and foul were used to deter citizens from voting for their own choice of candidate. Since then we have been bludgeoned on every form of media with the tantrums, whining, and crying of malcontents who believe every word they are fed along with their daily dose of “pabulum” and have never been told “no you can’t always win.” Democrats and Rinos certainly did their part to add to the media chaos with their own attitudes and “five seconds” of limelight. Instead of folding under this assault, the country of voters bucked and mocked their asinine displays.

Of course, mainstream media like the good little zombies they are went full tilt to help move along not only the childishness but to egg on through their many untalented vaudeville commentators exactly what Obama, Clinton, and the Democrats scripted messages passed to them said. Again with this second assault, voters and bloggers mocked, hissed, booed, and at times threw rotten eggs at the Shakespearian play actors.

Next assault came the Blame Show Game – The one where deplorables were frightening with their uninformed rampant copying of untruths and sooo mean with their hateful, rude, un-American attitudes. Obama went on air many times over the months to warn, agitate, incite, and discredit voters and Trump when in fact his words simply strengthened the public’s understanding of how corrupted and corrupt the Democrat Party had become. We beat them back in this assault across social media pointing out facts that MSM with their scripted “news” refused to report factually or accurately often censoring or “losing contact” to prevent any dissension.

Suddenly like a pied piper Obama had his new meme to pass around and orchestrate-“fake news” so the third assault was born to cover up and destroy any unacceptable sites who were listed. Not only did it fit the current assault but it also conveniently fed into his greater plan of stifling all news in order to mask his attempt to slide United Nations mandates across the country. Now Facebook and other social media with their liberal views and eager censorship stoolies immediately began censoring any and everyone who voiced an anti-Liberal or one world government socialist theme in an effort to stem the flow and stop getting the truth out. If the post does not fall within the parameters Obama and Clinton set, then it is time to delete it from their offerings without warning or attack its advertising base to starve it out.

Let’s not forget the “weeble wobble” of on again, off again — Putin is behind the hacking and its “unprecedented: revenge against the DNC and Hillary Clinton. Where is the proof?  Citizens should be given facts not innuendos or suppositions, or “ghostly aliens”, or any other lies.

We didn’t have stolen critical top security documents, now did we.  Seems the CIA (not once but twice and maybe more), Clinton with her homebrewed server, Obama with his dictates and shady connections, and others are above the law dishing out but not taking responsibility when they are caught with their arses hanging over a cliff.

We deplorables in general are nowhere near as corrupt as those drug dependent or mentally rotted elites bankrolling or raking in the money from money laundering, fraud, graft, international sex rings, child prostitution, and murder as apparently Podesta, Bill, Hillary, Obama and their “friends” by association if not hard evidence appear to be.

The fourth assault – whip the paid dissenters into a righteous emotional frenzy and turn them loose to seek court justice in order to bring down the first amendment guarantees and assume totalitarian regime. Lawyers around the country have been filing motions either arguing that the Electoral College dilutes their votes by voting for someone as a compromise third candidate or challenging state laws that force electors to throw all of their votes to the winner of their state. Democrats organized the Hamilton Electors to spread out across the US to seek every means possible to flip enough electoral votes to deny Trump the 270 votes he needs to officially become president.

The fifth works in tandem – harass, humiliate, intimidate, threaten with harm, or coerce electoral voters to throw the votes into the House of Representatives in hopes they can bribe, threaten, or in some way fair or foul get the congressmen to vote for Hillary or some other person of their choice rather than Trump. Their purpose, to discredit the Electoral College, constitution, and the rights it guarantees to citizens in order to keep Obama in office.

Unfortunately for them judges in Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Washington, Florida,and DC have all dismissed the lawsuits. Some citing:

– no lawsuit can replace the Electoral college; only a constitutional amendment can do so
– had not met the legal threshold to prove that the individual would suffer extraordinary harm if the court didn’t intervene and issue a temporary restraining order against state officials to prevent them from implementing statutes
– constitutional right of Fifth Amendment equal protection and the principal of one person, one vote were not the issue because the Electoral College is part of the constitutional framework for electing the President and Vice-President of the United States of America
– in states where applicable, presidential electors take the oath and then they violate the statute, there will be repercussions though no one is sure if or what those will be
– judge called the bid there “a political stunt”

The one I would add is – YOU approved, signed up, agreed to be an elector and were thoroughly versed in your state’s statutes governing the position. YOU are NOT acting as an individual but representing every one of the citizens of your state the same as a congress member. Only in your case you are the VOICE of all of the citizens in this ONE instance not for any other reason. If you didn’t like the possibilities, you had ample time to inform the state and be replaced. Therefore you have to face your citizens and explain to THEM why you didn’t vote according to the legitimate, certified votes cast.

This is not the last wave of assault folks. There is more to come. Already the Hamilton idiots and the Soros private army of thugs are gathering in a planned march to shut down the inauguration and have been talking violent insurrection. Even after the inauguration, there is no doubt in my mind that there will be problems. You corner a desperate, wounded animal and it is guaranteed someone will get injured.


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4 Responses to The War to Save Our Nation

  1. Hardnox says:

    The hypocrisy coming from the left is in full display now for anyone to see. They are grasping at straws while their ship is sinking. It is my hope that AG Sessions hits those behind the scenes that are financing these protests under our Sedition laws. Once the money spigot is turned off the protests will disappear. Soros has reportedly pumped $70 million into BLM which is nothing more than a hate group that has led to the assassination of at least a dozen cops. Then of course there are others that are financing hate groups.

    Ya gotta hand it to the Left, they sure know how to create division. Of course, they couldn’t do it without a complicit media.

    The left had better be careful inciting the lemmings to commit wanton destruction. Those of us that love America won’t tolerate their idiocy. We won’t be signing a petition or holding a candlelight vigil either.

    • Uriel says:

      I’m with you. Cut the spigot on those funding this crap and many who are blowing methane will simply dwindle away. And NO I will NOT honor them as anything but thugs who fall into that trap.

  2. Terry says:

    Great post Uriel.
    So, after all the screaming, rioting, threats, and general melting of millennials, they managed to take away 2 electoral votes from Trump, and 4 from HildaBeast ! Well played Snowflakes !!

    NEXT UP :
    The left will contest the election on the grounds their candidate was mentally ill .
    They just might win that one.