Rex Tillerson’s 2013 Charlie Rose Interview

In this 2013 interview with Charlie Rose, we get an in-depth understanding of what an excellent choice Rex Tillerson is for Secretary of State. Remember this is long before any thought of holding a government high level position was even a glimmer in the ionosphere so his answers were candid and definitely not politically motivated in any way. It also highlights Trump’s focus, vision, and ability to choose the best of the best in order to fulfill his promise to the American people.

Unlike many of the secretaries over the last fifty years, Tillerson is intelligent and well-versed in many areas like economics, global politics, market performance, innovation, long-term goal planning, studies and data from a wide range of non-politically influenced highly skilled sources, and risk management that have especially been lacking in the last eight years or more.

Listen carefully around the 15:00 minute mark on climate and global issues. I think there is little about his views on any number of issues that won’t appeal to all sides from environmental, to national security, to trade relations, to encouraging innovation.  His willingness to negotiate, follow through on deals, and ability to recognize then walk away from deals that are too risky also are highlighted.

Finding a reasonable, responsible, ecologically sound, scientific risk-reduced approach balanced by a sound economic approach has to be the overwhelming goal to benefit first our country then the world for the future or nothing will ever be achieved beyond stop-gap, disjointed, often time-consuming, and wasteful efforts.

Whether you choose to view the whole interview or not, skimming through the interview gives a great deal of insight into his character, beliefs, and understanding of the world as well as the place of the US in the global arena. It also provides a vision of where we as citizens can hope real change and advancement for our country and our welfare is headed.

For myself, it also provides a sense of real hope that this cabinet and Trump will bring back the jobs, considerations and future of our people not just for a short-term effect but for many, many years to come if they are able to fulfill their jobs without the ideologically uninformed bull sh*t, self-aggrandizing attitudes of lifer politicians that has only grown more pervasive over the last twenty years or more.

Despite my hesitation over this last year to commit to Trump, this choice has greatly raised my opinion of Trump and his abilities to bring the best to lead our people and by example others in the world to a better place.  If like in this interview, Tillerson is the real deal, not a NWO in disguise, then we should consider ourselves fortunate to have him on the Trump team and helping all of us as one nation to begin the healing to make America great again.



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2 Responses to Rex Tillerson’s 2013 Charlie Rose Interview

  1. Hardnox says:

    I saw this interview when it first aired. Tillerson is first class talent. No wonder Trump picked him over the rest. Guys like him think 5, 10, 20, 50 years out. Political hacks only think about the next election.

    Trump has managed to get some real world class people on board.