MOCA Pigs On Parade: Human Edible Art, Pagan Sacrifice, and…. (rated R)

You’re not eating right now, are you? If so, come back later, preferably on an empty stomach. Some intrepid soul got hold of photos from a recent party for members of the elite art & entertainment world, held at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles.  This party featured main courses and desserts shaped like life-size human bodies; tables with living heads poking up thru them; nudes lying around with skeletons; and (my favorite) a simulated Mayan-style human sacrifice, complete with a Debby Harry-lookalike blonde with a huge knife, holding up bloody ground beef to simulate a freshly-carved out human heart.  Interestingly, the dinner included pizza and hot dogs — at an event where the admission price surely covered lobster and standing rib roast.  Now, what do you think the pizza and dogs were for?  A warm-up for the “real” party after the party, the one featuring pedophilia?

MOCA Los Angeles is mostly funded by the private sector, but is endorsed and supported by the County and City of Los Angeles via their Community Redevelopment Agency.  Although you will not find mention of this on most web pages, Marina Abramovic, famed “spirit cook”, is involved both with MOCA and with the party captured in the photos seen in this video:


EVERY TIME you pay to view a movie, watch a TV show on subscription cable or satellite, or pay taxes in the Los Angeles metro, you are helping subsidize this perverted sh*t, where leftist trendies gather to celebrate the perversion of human decency and the death of western civilization.  The entertainment industry elites apparently believe paganism, death cults, and pedophilia are totally awesomely artistic and oh so hip.  SCUM.

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4 Responses to MOCA Pigs On Parade: Human Edible Art, Pagan Sacrifice, and…. (rated R)

  1. Hardnox says:

    Oh good grief…. I didn’t make it too far before ending the vid.

    Art my ass. These people must be twisted beyond my ability to use the appropriate profanity.

    There is a disgustingly familiar meme here.

  2. Uriel says:

    umm grabbing brain bleach… I made it through but what came after the party pictures (as I grabbed the puck bag) was even worse. This guy that made the video is nearly as over the edge as the video in some ways. But as he said this IS an extremely repugnant subject to even consider.

    Who in hades in a normal world would pay those kinds of fees especially for such grotesque art? $8,000-$10,000 just to be seen coming in the door AND another $100,000 plus per plate worth less than $5.00 at a local restaurant – Satanic is right.
    There were a lot of the earthquakes this past week in California along the fault lines. I sure can see why those places need to fall off into the void.

  3. I got to 3:21 – enough! No wonder the Almighty is angry…

  4. myfoxmystere says:

    No sane soul in my county would cross the county line to see such filth. The people in Orange County have enough sense to stay away from that garbage.