Sunday Feel Good Stories

Alexander D. Cross was arrested for burglary when a homeowner in Glasgow, Kentucky opened fire on him while Cross was trying to break down the door. Cross was uninjured by the gunfire, but he was found by police cowering in a house nearby in a closet.

A homeowner in Florence, Alabama, shot James Devaughn Demoss when Demoss and two accomplices tried to break into the home. Demoss was DRT (dead right there). His accomplices are still on the run.

Samuel A Dozier forced his way into a Columbus, Ohio home. He was carried out feet first and to the hospital where he was DOT (dead over there).

A man tried to rob customers at a Pasco County, Florida BBQ stand when he was shot DRT (dead right there) by the owner of the restaurant.

In Frederick, Maryland where a teenager heard someone break into his home where he was alone and went to confront the intruder and found a deer in the middle of his home ransacking the place. After he got telephonic permission from his father, the teen shot the intruder. The intruder was DRT (dinner right there)

27-year-old Justin Smith tried to steal an Easley, South Carolina homeowner’s guns. Instead, the homeowner got one of his rifles and shot young Smith. He went outside, collapsed and died on the porch. DOT (dead over there)

In Heflin, Alabama police are searching for the thief whose attempt to rob a local gas station was thwarted by an armed customer who shot at him. Police think he was wounded in the exchange of gunfire.

33-year-old Kenneth Edwards III was shot in his leg when he tried to break into a home in Myrtle Point, Oregon. The only occupant was a fifteen-year-old boy who stepped up and shot Edwards with a shotgun.

In Columbus, Ohio, 24-year-old Samuel A Dozier was determined to be DOT (dead over there) at the hospital when police found him after he was foiled during a robbery attempt by a homeowner.

Two fellows intended to rob a nail salon in Lithia Springs, Georgia. They were thwarted by an armed employee who shot one of the men. He was found in the woods nearby and taken to the hospital. His condition was unknown. None of the employees were injured in the gunfight.

A homeowner in Halethorpe, Maryland confronted a car thief with a rifle. The thief tried to injure the man with a screwdriver or a knife, so the victim shot the thief. The criminal was found near by police and taken to the hospital.

A homeowner in Miami, Florida was awakened by his alarm system and saw an intruder breaking into his house. The homeowner fired once into the criminal’s abdomen. Police sent the fellow to the hospital in critical condition.

Three criminals in Cleveland, Tennessee tried to force their way into the home of an armed homeowner. When police arrived they found 18-year-old Adam Johnson DRT (dead right there). Another juvenile male was also wounded and sent to the hospital for treatment.

A resident in Indianapolis, Indiana shot a burglar in his home. The 26-year-old man who had been shot was DOT (dead over there) at the hospital.

In Shreveport, Louisiana, a business owner was confronted by a customer with a gun who demanded the store owner’s wallet. Instead of pulling out his wallet, the owner pulled his gun and shot the thief. The criminal is recovering at the hospital.

A sale went bad in Indianapolis, Indiana when a teenager enticed a man to a meetup to sell a phone where the teen tried to rob the man. The police interviewed the man when they arrived on the scene and decided the shooting was self-defense and released the shooter. The teen was DRT (dead right there).

In Savannah, Georgia a thief tried to rob a man in his parking lot. A gun fight broke out between the two. The victim had non-life-threatening injuries. The thief was DRT (dead right there).

In Chester, Pennsylvania, a man tried to force his way into a home not realizing that the homeowner was armed. He found out too late when the homeowner fired hitting him once. The criminal was DRT (dead right there).

Stay frosty friends.

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