SOS ! ( Save Our Snowflakes)

I’m thinking of sponsoring one…. Maybe two …. a boy AND a girl. Ooops. I mean a male and a female. DAMN!!! Ummmm, one with a pee-pee and one with a wee-wee? Crap!! How about 1 Phffft and 1 Zzrrttt ? There that should be okay. I’ve decided to take one Phfft and one Zzrrttt,
So I asked the organization :If I donate, do I get a picture of the snowflakes I helped, and hand-written thank you notes?
They replied with the standard form that accompanies all snowflakes :

Bio Birth of the flakes ☁️ ⚡ ☔️ 💨 🌀 ⚡ 💨 🌌 ⚡ 💨 💨

Photo  ❄️❄️❄️ typical flakes.

Progress– they mobilized > 🙅💁💡🐝 👭 👫 👬 🏃 🚶 👀

But, alas,- the flakes ended up like this > ⛄️ ⛄️⛄️☀️

And are now on heavy 🚫 ……. indefinitely.

The End 😢. 😂 👍



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18 Responses to SOS ! ( Save Our Snowflakes)

  1. Hardnox says:

    SoS????? Somehow that sounds very homoish.

  2. Blessed B. says:

    So…you are going to gets some zee’s ( it’s no longer a he or she)…..I wish you the best of luck! Just don’t tell them the truth cuz they’ll melt, leaving big puddles on your floor!

  3. I’m shocked these “snowflakes” haven’t attacked K-B Toys and demanded that kids’ anatomically-correct dolls be dressed as transgenders. I mean, where’s the outrage, right?
    I have a solution for these tender little snowflakes – lock ’em up in freezers lined with posters depicting male and female anatomies and turn down the temp (we don’t want them melting, right)? Once they’ve attained “fortitude” (are stiff as a board) ship ’em to the chipper department. They’ll make good fertilizer…

  4. Bullright says:

    I’m thinking that sedation may be the only answer. Next they’ll want snowflake bathrooms too…with special tissue dispensers for the severely handicapped. That’s it, their handicapped. Yes, sedation may be the only good option..

    (“Sedation is the reduction of irritability or agitation by administration of sedative drugs, generally to facilitate a medical procedure or diagnostic procedure.”)

    • Bullright says:

      Terry did you at least make sure the Ph and Zzr could not procreate? I mean we already have an epidemic.

      • Terry says:

        Sedation. Yeah, that’s the ticket Bull.
        Unfortunately, since each Ph and Zzr have both sets of genitals, I will have to insist each one uses both birth control pills and a condom.

  5. Popular Front says:

    Save them for what? Landfill? Soap manufacture? Landmine clearance?