Former Army Intel Officer: CIA Director John Brennan Is Playing Political Games

Former Army Intel Officer: CIA Director John Brennan
Is Playing Political Games

The Daily Caller
Jonah Bennett
National Security/Politics Reporter

Retired Army intelligence officer Tony Shaffer alleged Monday that CIA Director John Brennan is playing political games via a secret CIA assessment stating Russia interfered with the election to support GOP President-elect Donald Trump.

Speaking to WMAL radio Monday, Shaffer claimed that the secret CIA assessment, obtained by The Washington Post and described in an article last Friday, is a product of Brennan’s loyalty to President Barack Obama, The Washington Examiner reports.

“This is purely political, and I believe that John Brennan is a political animal,” Shaffer said. He added he has been talking with former CIA officials about the report. “Everything they are telling me is Brennan is doing this out of loyalty to President Obama.”

“It’s about undermining Trump, that’s what it is,” Shaffer said. “It’s called information operations, information warfare, and that’s what I believe is going on.”

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CIA director John Brennan is a Muslim convert?

Consortium of Defense Analysts
by StMA
August 25, 2015

“Peter Baker and Mark Mazzetti write for The New York Times that “in the 67 years since the C.I.A. was founded, few presidents have had as close a bond with their intelligence chiefs as Mr. Obama has forged with Mr. Brennan. It is a relationship that has shaped the policy and politics of the debate over the nation’s war with terrorist organizations, as well as the agency’s own struggle to balance security and liberty.”

Given Obama’s special bond with Brennan, if the latter is a Muslim convert, there are troubling national security implications.”

“Madsen lists the following tell-tale signs of Brennan’s conversion to Islam:

  • When Brennan, then Obama’s deputy national security adviser, was sworn in to head the CIA, “the Jesuit-educated former CIA officer opted to take the oath on a copy of the U.S. Constitution, not on the bible as every past CIA director, Christian and Jewish, had done.”
  • Brennan is the highest-ranking U.S. official to have ever visited the Islamic holy city of Mecca, a privilege reserved only for pious Muslims and special guests of the Saudi King, who is the “Guardian of the Two Shrines of Mecca and Medina.”
  • At the National Security Council and at the CIA, Brennan has forbidden the use of the term “jihadist” to describe Islamist terrorists, preferring instead the word “extremists.”

Madsen then presents the following “ample evidence” that Brennan is not just a Muslim convert, but a convert to Wahhabist Islam — the same sect as Osama bin Laden’s — who considers himself a “jihadist,” or “holy warrior”:

1.“The recent revelation by retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), that the Obama administration, including Brennan at the CIA, ignored the threat of the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), provides yet further proof that a Saudi and Wahhabist ‘Manchurian Candidate’ now occupies the director’s chair on the seventh floor of the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Flynn said that the White House and supporters of the Syrian rebellion against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, ignored the DIA’s SECRET report from August 2012 on the rise of the Islamist caliphate in Syria and Iraq and did nothing to stop it.” Flynn also asserted that the Obama administration funneled arms to Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Qaeda in Iraq. 

2. Brennan has shuttled frequently between Langley, Jerusalem, and Riyadh to coordinate arms transfers and other logistical support to ISIL and their allied fighters in Syria and Iraq. Witnesses in Syria, the Golan Heights, Iraq’s Anbar province, and Iraqi Kurdistan to have seen CIA and Israeli Mossad commandos transferring weapons to ISIL and affiliated forces.

3. A few weeks before the Senate voted to confirm Brennan as CIA director, former FBI agent John Guandolo revealed that Brennan had, indeed, converted to Wahhabist Islam while he was CIA station chief in Riyadh. Guandalo quoted Brennan as having said that he “marveled at the majesty of the Hajj,” the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca that is reserved only for devout Muslims. Guandalo was quoted as telling a radio interviewer, “Mr. Brennan did convert to Islam when he served in an official capacity on  the behalf of the United States in Saudi Arabia.”

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Folks this is more of the same – a shield to prevent further investigation on the current sex trafficking conflict and to prevent us from exercising our voting rights. I would also say it is a delaying tactic by Obama – we need to be paying attention to HIS activities and his orders right now.  He has repeatedly under cover of smokescreen pushed through things that if taken alone and without interference, the people would have immediately raised alarm to.

Whether electors chose to believe or not, this is a scam.  The liberals, RINOS , and socialists buy into it because it helps “in their thinking” to discredit the PEOPLE’S choice rather than the choice that had been rigged to help further the United Nations one world agenda 2030.  If Republicans buy into it, they are enablers that have no place in DC writing bills or speaking for the general population.


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8 Responses to Former Army Intel Officer: CIA Director John Brennan Is Playing Political Games

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    Suppose for a minute that Russia did have an influence on the outcome of the election.
    Then please tell me where to send a thank you note.

  2. GunnyG says:

    Brennan was a commie and is now a Muslim. Any surprise that he’s playing games?

    BTW I.R., add my name to that thank you note.

    • Uriel says:

      Yeah ain’t it strange how those in “top” Obama positions learned to kiss the floor and raise their bums for a guy who “says” he isn’t Muslim (snicker) in the Oval Office

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  4. SafeSpace says:

    I can think of no combination more dangerous to western freedom than High powers at the CIA and Islam. Imagine a special forces munitions guy going rogue …. you get the idea.

  5. Hardnox says:

    Nailed it with your comment Uriel!!!!!!!!!!!!