Sunday Feel Good Stories

Davon Wiley, in Eagan, Minnesota, attempted to rob Operation Christmas Child, a not-for-profit business. Young Matthew Vang, a security guard hired to protect the business, acted in self-defense when he shot Wiley who was DRT (dead right there).

David Scott Winkler, 44 in Madisonville, Tennessee attempted to run down an off-duty police officer while fleeing from his attempted burglary of the officer’s residence. The officer fired at the charging vehicle and it’s driver. Winkler was DOT (dead over there) at the hospital.

In High Point, North Carolina, a private sale of a wedding ring through an internet application turned into a gunfight when the buyer drew a weapon on the seller and the victim got his own gun. Both were wounded.

In Cleveland, Ohio, Darnell Foster and Irvin Greene attempted to rob a patron at a gas station. The wounded victim brought his own gun to bear killing Greene in the process. He was DOT at the hospital. Now, Foster is charged with his murder.

A pair of thieves in Jackson, Missisippi pulled a gun on a store clerk, but their bravado dissipated when the clerk pulled out his own gun and they took a powder and ran back outside the store.

In Winter Garden, Florida, a homeowner saw a woman trying to jiggle the front door handle of his home while a man tried to enter the home from the back. He fired a round at the man and the pair headed for the hills.

A homeowner in York County, South Carolina found a stranger in his home. When the intruder reached for his waistband, the homeowner fired about 16 times at the fellow who ran into the woods. The homeowner isn’t sure if he hit the thief.

Police arrived on the scene in Tulsa, Oklahoma to find a thief laying in the backyard of the home that he tried to rob. The Homeowner fired shots through his door to prevent the criminal from entering his home. The thief was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening wounds.

Timothy Harold Lehman was shot a number of times in Fayetteville, North Carolinawhen he tried to break into a home. The homeowner shot Lehman when he was in fear for his life. Lehman was just released from the hospital into the waiting arms of the local constabulary.

Charles Ingram broke into a Springfield, Missouri home. Police say that he was DOT (dead over there) at the hospital.

Burglars robbed a business last month in Newnan, Georgia. It was so easy, they returned last Sunday to steal some more. They were surprised that the owner was there this time to prevent them from robbing her again. When they drove their vehicle at her, the business owner fired a shot that went into a headrest. They stopped the truck and the business owner held the thieves at gun point until police arrived.

A woman’s truck was stolen in Anchorage, Alaska. When she found her truck, the thief tried to run her down, so she fired a couple of rounds at it, shattering the windshield. The police found the truck later, but they think the thief was injured so they’re looking for him, too.

In Ilion, New York, the home of Remington Arms, a homeowner shot an intruder who was DRT (dead right there). The homeowner is OK according to police.

A man kicked in the front door of a Vallejo, California home startling the homeowner who armed himself and engaged the target. The burglar was DOT (dead over there) at the hospital.

A homeowner in East Lansing, Michigan turned back three gunmen who had forced their way into his residence with a single shot. Police don’t think he hit any of the men who fled at the sound of the gun shot.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, 13-year-old Fabriccio Patti was shot and killed by a store clerk when he tried to rob the store with a gun. Patti and his two accomplices were masked and armed for their escapade. Patti was DRT (dead right there).

Among his bad choices the other night in Columbus, Ohio, 24-year-old Samuel A. Dozier chose to rob a man who had a concealed weapon permit. Dozier is now contemplating the trajectory of his life from a hospital bed.

In Natchez, Mississippi a store clerk fired his weapon at a thief, missing his target, but that ended the robbery as the thief fled the scene.

Calvin E. Edwards II, 35, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana tried to force his way into a home uninvited. The homeowner had different plans for him, so they began to struggle. Edwards drew a pistol from his waistband and fired two shots, both of which struck the thief in his abdomen. The police arrested him at the hospital.

An armed, masked thief tried to burglarize a warehouse in Eagan, Minnesota until he got into an altercation with a security guard. During the fight, the guard fired at the thief and the thief was DRT (dead right there).

In Kansas City, Missouri, Tho Van Tran showed his gun to a convenience store clerk in an attempt to rob the store. The clerk had his own gun and shot Mr. Tran in the shoulder and held him down until the police arrived.

Kelvin La’Sean Brown forced his way into an apartment in Jacksonville, Florida. Pointing a gun at her, Brown threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend that he found in the apartment. Her current boyfriend came into the room with his own gun and shot Brown several times. Brown un-assed the AO, but he didn’t get far – police found him in his car stuck on a curb down the road.

In Benton, Arkansas, an off-duty police officer stopped a bank robbery when he shot the criminal. Joseph Edward Turner Jr. was DOT (dead over there) at the hospital.

Three masked teens tried to rob a Las Vegas, Nevada. The clerk let loose with five rounds one of which struck one of the teens in the noggin rendering him DRT (dead right there).

Stay frosty friends.

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  3. clyde says:

    Nothing like reading about DRT’s. The guy who fired 16 rounds and not sure if he hit anything needs to hit the range.

  4. Adrienne S says:

    Clyde – I was thinking the same thing. 16 shots?

    Yep – what the world needs now is more DRT’s.

  5. deacsdomain says:

    World needs more of these – particularly if they were all democrats.

  6. Terry says:

    These stories are better than sugar plum fairies dancing in my head at bedtime.

  7. myfoxmystere says:

    I’m surprised the Vallejo homeowner didn’t get charged for firing his gun at the robber. I guess Kountry Klub Kamala Harris is too busy getting ready to carpetbag her way to Washington DC.