Obama to Southern Whites: You Just Hate Me Because I’m Black.

From Constitution.com:

Barack Obama is a man who has gained everything and learned nothing. How is it possible that a man who has experienced quite possibly the highest quality of life and accomplishment in this amazing country can be so ignorant and bitter?

This is a man who has received free Ivy League educations, personally met with countless celebrities, heroes and world leaders, traveled the world in luxury, and had the honor of serving as Commander in Chief, the leader of the free world. It truly is a shame that as he heads out the door he can’t help but make an ass out of himself.

During an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, soon to be former President Barrack Obama offered his explanation regarding southern states opposition to him:

“I think there’s a reason why attitudes about my presidency among whites in Northern states are very different from whites in Southern states,” Obama told Zakaria. “Are there folks whose primary concern about me has been that I seem foreign, the other? Are those who champion the ‘birther’ movement feeding off of bias? Absolutely.”

Absolutely? How about that is absolutely insulting you smug, ignorant jerk. How is it possible that this man was ever going to ‘heal’ our nation with poisonous rhetoric like that? I think the question here is whether Barack Obama truly thinks this or if he simply believes it’s politically beneficial to continue stoking racial fires as a means of attacking conservatives. Maybe it’s both. The fact of the matter is that the majority of ‘southern whites’ are not racist, we’re conservatives (raises hand), and conservatism is a belief system that opposes everything Barack and his Marxist tyranny represents.

In other words… it’s the ideas, stupid.

Has Barack forgotten that in my own state of South Carolina we have elected – multiple times now – the very popular Governor Nikki Haley? It doesn’t get much more ‘foreign’ than an Indian born woman, Barack. Say, which party is she in? Oh yea, the Republican party. I guess we were willing to overlook our deep seated racial hatred to get some tax cuts and patriotism. Or maybe it was never about race at all? Perish the thought.

In this very same state, we southern whites (and the rest of us who prefer to simply be known as Americans) have elected with overwhelming enthusiasm a black man to the Senate by the name of Tim Scott. He is a solid conservative, a patriot, and a decent, honorable man who never uses his skin color has a political weapon. Scott also has an 89% rating at Conservative Review. Gosh, if he was only a white guy he’d be at 100%, right? Wrong. That’s moronic. But what is my opinion worth to Barack Obama.. I’m just a southern white guy. I’m to be dismissed.

Only racist bigots who see the world as nothing but biased interactions between different skin colors and ethnic groups thinks this way, and that’s exactly what Barack Obama is.

A bigot.


The author nailed it.  Obama has learned nothing in 8 years.  In fact, I submit he has gotten more ignorant and resolute in his racism.  Nothing that he has ever touched, and turned to shit, has ever been his fault.  Not ever.  It’s always about race.  It has never occurred to him that his ideas and policies sucked, and the American people didn’t want anymore of it.   They sure as hell didn’t want Hillary as she promised more of the same.  Americans rejected Obama for a myriad of reasons but mostly because he held contempt and outright hate for those that produce, or wish to.

Obama’s true legacy will be that he turned back the clock on race relations in this country by 50 years.  He was elected by whites, TWICE, with the hope that doing so would heal this nation’s racial wounds.  He blew it.  Instead he doubled down in his stupidity and was rejected for it.  Obama wasn’t rejected only by whites.  His rejection (a repudiation of Hillary) came from every demographic.

A smart man learns from his mistakes.  Obama may be clever but he is not smart.   In the end, he has proven himself a hateful little man bereft of introspection as proven with his own words and deeds.  Honest historians will not be kind to him.

Obama’s only talent has been community organizing whereas he spoke to the lemmings and pointed out inequities and convinced them it was the white man’s fault.  He did the same with all minorities, women and working stiffs.  He made a lot of promises and has kept none of them except he did fundamentally change America, and not for the better.

39 days and counting when this sorry excuse for a president leaves our house.

~ Hardnox

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15 Responses to Obama to Southern Whites: You Just Hate Me Because I’m Black.

  1. Elaine Morris says:

    The U.S. was ready for her first African American President. He screwed up royally.
    He fired and retired ouir best Military Officers.
    He sent us into TRILLIONS in Debt; and neither side of the Isle stopped him.

    And, by the way? Clinton was actually winning against him UNTIL she brought up the Birther issue. Obama threatened the life of her child; and she shut down.

    McCain/Palin actually did win. It was Sarah Palin who demanded an investigation; and the wimp that McCain was did in fact WIMP OUT>

  2. Brittius says:

    I personally take offense to BHO’s words. I am a Northern white, with a Stars & Bars tattoo. Obviously, BHO has no concept of Honor, or what the Great Invasion of the South was all about. Up here, only the gentrified yuppies like Obama and his liberal garbage. Blue Collar barrooms, you would think you are in just about any other part of America if you talked with the men and some of the women. Trump won a landslide here, but not where parts are heavily welfare or refugee. The state was blue, but the two main workman counties, who pay mortgages, insurance, get up at 4 am, and do five or six days a week, voted for Trump. Nobody here likes Obama.

    • Hardnox says:

      Great comment. Me too. I don’t know anyone who voted for Hillary. Everyone i know regardless of race or ethnic background and financial means voted for Trump.

      As a Virginian I too took great offense to BHO’s statements. Race has nothing to do with him being a shitty president.

  3. Shar says:

    In with the race card and out with the race card. I didn’t like what he did with his white half. LOL

  4. clyde says:

    Once an asshole always an asshole. Prick wants to see a racist, bigoted schmuck all he needs to do is look in a frigging mirror. A M F won’t come soon enough for me.

  5. 219rad says:

    Good riddance to the stench of bigoted, racist garbage. Now moochie & he can go back to not having to pretend to love this country and ALL of its people. They can blame it all on the “Joe the plumber” types who never built anything. With their hopes and dreams dashed and mashed into the ground, any white person would leave the highest office in the land with their heads hanging in shame, but I’m sure these two wouldn’t dream of it. I for one won’t take my next sigh of relief until Jan. 20th because I still think that snake will try to stay in office no matter what he has to do. My hope & dream to that last statement is that I am woefully wrong… only then will I breathe the sigh of relief.

  6. I.R. Wayright says:

    I can’t wait to see Obama fall on his face after he leaves office. He’ll be calling Hillary for pointers on how to grub money from idiots that pay obscene amounts of money to hear either of the Clintons spew garbage.
    He’ll have to scour the bowels of Euroland and Muzzieville to earn a dime.
    He will also figure out that you can’t walk around like you’re King Shit when you weren’t shit to begin with.

    We all hoped “racism” would be lessened when he was first elected. Even those of us who voted for someone else. Instead, he made things worse.
    That is his legacy….he earned that.

    Finally, a word of advice for you Mr. Obama. Don’t go poking your head where it isn’t wanted. Have as much class as George W. Bush did after his eight years in office. Have a cup of STFU and enjoy your ill gotten gains.

    For anybody who worked on the White House staff or in close proximity to the POTUS and didn’t like what they saw. Start writing that book. Lots of us want the reality of what went on inside to be made public. There should be enough material to shame him into living under a rock somewhere, preferably in Kenya or Indonesia.

  7. SafeSpace says:

    Dear Leader refuses to acknowledge that, with his petty, grievance-fueled bullsh*t rhetoric, he has fouled the waters for any other “person of color” seeking high office in this nation. Obammy has set America’s race relations clock back to the mid-1950s. And his “legacy”? More unemployed blacks than 8 years ago; more black-on-black crime than 8 years ago; more racial tension on the poverty plantations than 8 years ago; more black babies snuffed in utero than 8 years ago; more single-parent black families than 8 years ago, more police officers murdered annually than 8 years ago. Way to go, El Presidente Dickwad. Take the next jackwagon out of town.

  8. GunnyG says:

    Take a hike dickhead.

  9. Popular Front says:

    “You just hate me because I’m black”. How utterly arrogant is that? It presupposes that if he wasn’t (half) black then we’d all dig him. What bullshit.

    Now, my ethnic background is Irish and Sicilian (!). Are you going to hate me because: a – I’m a Mick, or b – I’m a Wop or are you going to treat me on my merits?

    Obama still doesn’t get it. His (half) blackness was a great advantage for him in his advance to the Presidency. What cruelled it for him was his total incompetence and his overwhelming assholiness.

  10. captbogus2 says:

    Of course folks detest Obama. He is a liar, thief, racist and socialist not to mention most likely a muslim and we still don’t know anything about his college transcripts. He has appointed only anti-Americans to his posts. And he can only think we detest him because he is BLACK????? He’s almost as big a fool as the folks who voted for him in ’12.

  11. myfoxmystere says:

    0bama’s arrogance affected his big brother Malik Obama’s run for office in Kenya negatively. Malik Obama saw how bad his nitwit little brother was for America, and voted for Donald Trump to prevent Hildebeest from carpetbagging back into the White House.