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  2. Elaine Morris says:

    Putin is not going to interfere with the US Election! He will let the American people decide for themselves.
    My friend ​Noralee’s (Canada) comment first: ​Putin doesn’t want an old soviet style Russian empire. ​They are doing so much better under capitalism….better than the USA! He’s worked hard ( with Medeved) to establish the new Russia which has freedoms. He’s not about to screw it up that up by doing socialism once again!

  3. Uriel says:

    Lol Elaine. so do I need an edit button often …. Judge Jeanine is a hoot at times. Her point is well made though, Comey and Johnson for the past year has mentioned the same issue yet none including Obama demanded a full blown cyber investigation? that is bogus.

    In an interview near the beginning of the year, Putin stated he had more important matters on his plate than an election. Foremost was the implication of Clinton and Obama in pushing hard for WWIII. I have no idea where Russia stands on this right now but comments on Clinton getting president as sent through his people said a lot — look for war right away if Clinton was elected.

    Way I read it is that DHS was the one who hacked into Georgia voting and Georgia wants to know why. And if not mistaken some at the NSA said They hacked DNC and passed on info. Also, notice that until Assange mentioned pizzagate and tied with Podesta emails, not a whole lot was done to Assange. Within days after those leaked emails, Assange went quiet and CIA “dropped” by.