The Alphabet Soup of “Fake News” Mainstream Sites

Interesting that Google, Facebook, and others are so determined to shout the meme “Fake News Reports” yet mainstream news gets off scott free.  Besides encourage liberalist themes and covering for those guilty of “sex trafficking and child sex abuse”, the alphabets can’t seem to talk about real issues.

Here is one that from November and December 2016 has been building up in Jakarta. Could this be another embassy in harms way? It also shows how “intolerant” Muslims are to any comments about Islam by non-Muslims.

Setting the Stage

Basuki Purnama has been serving as the 17th Governor of Jakarta since November 14, 2014 after his inauguration by President Joko Widodo. He had been acting governor while Widodo ran for president. He is of Chinese ancestry and only the second Christian politician who has served as governor in a predominantly Muslim Indonesia. (Ethnic Chinese make up about only 1% of Indonesia’s population of 250 million people.)

Purnama’s enemies criticised his direct speaking and often unfiltered language but those same qualities endeared him to his supporters. Apparently in September, Purnama used that propensity for direct language in a videotaped speech he made in a meeting in Thousand Islands.

His crime? Allegedly he said that Islamic groups using a passage of the Koran to urge people not to support him were deceiving voters, who will go to the polls in February. The verse was interpreted by some as prohibiting Muslims from living under the leadership of a non-Muslim. He later apologised but formal complaints were lodged against him by Islamic groups.

On November 4th, about 50,000 to 100,000 Muslims staged a large “peaceful” protest in front of the State Palace (Istana Negara) and in Jakarta demanding that he be apprehended by police for allegedly blaspheming the Quran.

A BBC article “Indonesia protest: Jakarta anti- governor rally turns violent” on November 4th shows what happened at this peaceful protest. According to the report, Indonesian police had to use tear gas and water cannon to subdue protesters as thousands of hard-line Muslims marched against Jakarta’s governor. It had mostly been peaceful but groups of angry demonstrators clashed with police after nightfall and set vehicles alight.

Muslim Retribution – On November 16th, he was named as a suspect for blasphemy and is now being investigated by police. No information on those rioters and their illegal activities.

The US Embassy and Consulate as well as the Australian consulate in Indonesia put out a message for its employees alerting them to a new “peaceful protest” happening on December 4, 2016. They termed it “Large-scale Prayer Gathering in Central Jakarta.

“…consulate closed on Friday…avoid areas of demonstrations, and exercise caution if in the vicinity of any large gatherings, protests, or demonstrations.”

Daily Mail of UK simply stated: “More than 200,000 Indonesian Muslims prayed in unison and chanted Koranic verses Friday in the second major demonstration against Jakarta’s Christian governor.”

There is little doubt if following the timeline of events since January 2000 that someone is backing the radical Muslim drive for world domination. Someone is playing all sides against the middle for their own nefarious reasons. Someone has determined that the religion of Islam should become the religion of all of the planet.

There is also little doubt that during Obama’s eight years in office much of this has surfaced and exploded across the world.  One day, the proof of the involvement of Obama and others will come out. But as Hillary mentioned “honestly what difference does it make” will more than likely be the mantra at that point in time.

There is a non-mainstream reporting US blog site called USA Newsflash which goes further and mentions that the group called The Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) was involved.  According to the site, this radical fringe group  is responsible for many efforts to eliminate from Indonesia any Christian churches, westernized organizations or businesses not acceptable to the religion of Islam. So if the mainstream media were actually reporting real news, would this blog site have needed to add further information?

Indonesia and Jakarta in particular have seen their share this year of terrorist attacks. One in January left seven dead including five attackers and nearly two dozen wounded. There have been others.

So the question as I see it on this Jakarta incident – is there really a problem with the way the governor worded his speech or is it simply another weapon to continue building hatred between the Muslims and anyone else who is “against” them.  I guess until this administration is gone and the trash in government removed, we may never know.

Barack Obama has stubbornly stuck to his oft-repeated mantra that “Islam is a religion of peace” and that radical terrorist do not represent the millions of faithful Muslims around the world.  Yet incident after incident, no matter the country or its affiliations, Muslims have been inciting and provoking en mass to achieve world adherence to ONLY Islam and Sharia law.

Benghazi is still fresh in our minds even after so many years because we have been forced to recognize the truth – that Obama, the Clintons, and those in their cadre have seriously undermined the world’s stability with their plots and plans for whatever long term goals their backers have set.

Is the November and December Jakarta riots simply a prelude to further dangers for our consulate staff and personnel? Will there come a day in the near future when we must again mourn because Muslims in countries across the world have been labeled” “peaceful demonstrations” for whatever reason by our State Department?

So who is presenting “fake” news now…it isn’t the rowdy rebels off mainstream.  It IS the clearly calculated and biased media who kowtow to Obama and FCC.  It is Google, Facebook, and others on internet who are deliberately censoring and squelching a medium begun to bring rapid news and connect all of the world through freedom of speech.

I know there are those elements that under cover of dark web and other social media sites try to subvert,  promote anarchy, commit felonies, and other degenerate reasons. I do understand that all internet search engines and sponsors on internet equally share a need to protect the innocent and prevent rebellion. But before you apply the brakes or attack those who bring news through other websites, I suggest you also consider the mainstream sites in your evaluations.

This Jakarta story is one of dozens that mainstream media should be focusing on not the spoiled brats on the left who make absurd demands or the spin that the current president wants told.

They are falling down the “fake” rabbit hole not those outside mainstream.  Don’t censor those in non-mainstream reporting mode who do their best to find and get the truth out if you are not willing to censor mainstream for lying, provoking, and influencing for monetary and political reasons the information broadcast to US citizens.

Last on my soapbox –  CNN’s Cuomo – “stuff it where the sun don’t shine.”

Where were you and others at CNN over the last eight years to monitor and report truthfully in an unbiased manner about all of Obama’s flaws and failings.  Where were you with hard hitting news investigations on government waste, fraud, budget overruns? Where were you when TRUTH delivered to our citizens should have been more important than the “treats” you received from those in Obama’s cabinet and Supreme Court.  To be sure every once in awhile over the eight years one or two articles posted actually were true reporting but they often conveniently are no longer available, just like Google and others have made sure to eliminate any sites or articles.

Why are AMERICAN news media promoting and encouraging socialist, communists, and state of Islam backed memes and rhetoric?  This is a republic not a fascist regime country. At the very least, if you post something then do your research before posting to make sure its source and purpose is reliable.  That is day one of Reporting 101 you braying moron.

Alphabet Soup – I outgrew that before I learned to read. Blah!


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