DHS and Immigration Fail To Vet 10,000 Immigrants – Excuse Security Error

(Photo: Department of Homeland Security)

US Fails to Vet 15,000 Immigrants Due to Security Error

Clarion Project
December 8, 2016

Before the Department of Homeland Security noticed the error, 175 immigrants were granted citizenship, the government admitted.

Fifteen-thousand applications for immigration were not vetted by the FBI’s name-check database due to an error by Homeland Security, The Washington Times reported.

Before the security error was noticed, 175 immigrants were granted citizenship, the government admitted.

Since the error was discovered, all naturalization ceremonies have been halted and officers working for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services have been banned from approving new citizenship applications.

The error, caused by a computer code malfunction, was made public by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, who said the problem was disclosed in an internal email to which he was privy.

Earlier this year, citizenship was accidentally given to hundreds of criminals because Homeland Security had only checked their fingerprints through their electronic database and not with the thousands of fingerprints that are to date only recorded on paper.



Before you liberal arses like Clinton begin whining about “fake” news…here is the government back up to prove that and more.

Inspector General for DHS
OIG Report-Oversight Area, Immigration

Better Safeguards Are Needed in USCIS Green Card Issuance

November 21, 2016

Why We Did This Audit

In March 2016, we reported challenges in U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ (USCIS) automation of benefits processing. We conducted this follow-up audit to assess the extent to which USCIS has inappropriately issued Green Cards, evaluate its actions to recover the cards, and assess its actions and plans to prevent similar incidents in the future.

What We Recommend

We recommend USCIS improve Electronic Immigration System (ELIS) functionality and develop internal controls to avoid inappropriate Green Card issuance, standardize card recovery and tracking efforts, prevent unrecoverable card use, and enable remote identity verification and more secure card delivery methods.

What We Found

As we previously reported, USCIS continues to struggle to ensure proper Green Card issuance. We found that over the past 3 years, USCIS produced at least 19,000 cards that included incorrect information or were issued in duplicate. Most card issuance errors were due to design and functionality problems in ELIS, which is being implemented to automate benefits processing. USCIS’ efforts to address the errors have been inadequate.

Although USCIS conducted a number of efforts to recover the inappropriately issued cards, these efforts also were not fully successful and lacked consistency and a sense of urgency. Over the last 3 years, USCIS received over 200,000 reports from approved applicants about missing cards. The number of cards sent to wrong addresses has incrementally increased since 2013 due in part to complex processes for updating addresses, ELIS limitations, and factors beyond the agency’s control.

Improperly issued Green Cards pose significant risks and burdens for the agency. Errors can result in approved applicants being unable to obtain benefits, maintain employment, or prove lawful immigration status. In the wrong hands, Green Cards may enable terrorists, criminals, and illegal aliens to remain in the United States and access immigrant benefits. Responding to card issuance errors has also resulted in additional workload and corresponding costs, as USCIS spent just under $1.5 million to address card-related customer inquiries in fiscal year 2015 alone.

USCIS Response

The USCIS Director concurred with our recommendations.

Source pdf


Potentially Ineligible Individuals Have Been Granted U.S. Citizenship Because of Incomplete Fingerprint Records
OIG 16-130

September 8, 2016

Why We Did This Inspection

When aliens apply for U.S. citizenship, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) obtains information about their immigration history through fingerprint records. Our objective was to determine whether USCIS uses these records effectively during the naturalization process.

What We Recommend

We are recommending that ICE finish uploading into the digital repository the fingerprints it identified and that DHS resolve these cases of naturalized citizens who may have been

What We Found

USCIS granted U.S. citizenship to at least 858 individuals ordered deported or removed under another identity when, during the naturalization process, their digital fingerprint
records were not available. The digital records were not available because although USCIS procedures require checking applicants’ fingerprints against both the Department of Homeland Security’s and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) digital fingerprint repositories, neither contains all old fingerprint records. Not all old records were included in the DHS repository when it was being developed.

Further, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has identified, about 148,000 older fingerprint records that have not been digitized of aliens with final deportation orders or who are criminals or fugitives. The FBI repository is also missing records because, in the past, not all records taken during immigration encounters were forwarded to the FBI.

As long as the older fingerprint records have not been digitized and included in the repositories, USCIS risks making naturalization decisions without complete information and, as a result, naturalizing additional individuals who may be ineligible for citizenship or who may be trying to obtain U.S. citizenship fraudulently.

As naturalized citizens, these individuals retain many of the rights and privileges of U.S. citizenship, including serving in law enforcement, obtaining a security clearance, and sponsoring other aliens’ entry into the United States. ICE has investigated few of these naturalized citizens to determine whether they should be denaturalized, but is now taking steps to increase the number of cases to be investigated, particularly those who hold positions of public trust and who have security clearances.


DHS concurred with both recommendations and has begun implementing corrective actions.

Source pdf


Interesting don’t you think that it isn’t until the last days of this idiots time in office that the real truth comes out in reports from inspectors in nearly every agency under his executive branch. Buckle up next year, I am guessing much, much more will finally surface.

When it does, there better be zero hesitation by the new attorney general to investigate Obama’s activities and take him to court to strip him of all those funds which he oddly has been buying so much high dollar real estate with.

By the way, Barrack and Michelle’s online joint tax record shows an adjusted gross income of $5,505,409 in 2009,  $608,611.  in 2012,  and $436, 065  in 2015. Anyone care to explain to me how he can afford so many multi-million dollar estates on that income? Makes you wonder doesn’t it.

And of course, Obama says “don’t worry, be happy” as he brings in under cover of night and against lawful restraint THOUSANDS more. Over 1,200 of whom were rejected by Australia as too radical and dangerous.

So like good little worshippers we are all supposed to kneel at his feet and be good little Americans because — this is who we are.

Bull hockey pucks!


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4 Responses to DHS and Immigration Fail To Vet 10,000 Immigrants – Excuse Security Error

  1. Shar says:

    Agree Uriel. I think all the baloney about recount is to keep our eye off the ball of what Zero is doing on his way out. He is a snake and dangerous. I’m not sure if Sessions would have the stones to do as you suggest. Very troubling the danger we face from these immigrants.

    • Uriel says:

      Thanks Shar we can only hope, pray, and stay vigilant with what really is the truth. Sites like Hardnox and others are the voice and only place we can get the truth these days. Hopefully all of us act responsibly and back up our information.

  2. deacsdomain says:

    DHS seems to have blamed this on computer error.
    At my advanced age of 76, I have come to believe, & its a proven fact, the computer can only act on what has been fed into it.
    The short version -“SHIT INSHIT OUT”