Whenever We Begin To Believe How Important We Are…

Daily Mail – December 7, 2016 (tap for story)


Once in awhile I do get off the subject of today’s politics. What I learn both humbles me and flabbergasts me that we believe our generations on earth today are the only ones with the intelligence to build and operate successfully.

In many ways, it suggests to me that humans are devolving in intelligence, after all we rely heavily upon technology and sciences of today that use computers rather than our own internal abilities to make decisions and design. Would we be overshadowed I wonder by the abilities of those who built the pyramids which are found not in just one land but around the world in some of the most remote, often challenging locations.

I say yes.

No current evidence has been found that demonstrates adequately how they actually lived or if the possibility of their use of some kind of supercomputers existed. Obviously though, they were far advanced beyond today’s standards even though we have all this fancy technology. I also wonder if we actually had a way to visit their time, would we discover the same human frailties, vices, and bias we are dealing with today?

We can figure to some degree fairly accurately through language and texts from a few known civilizations what political and regular life for their people might have been like. We can only speculate as to what has long since disappeared from reading legends and tales of forgotten people and civilizations.

We are left to question, marvel, and try to understand just who and how intelligent these long ago humans were as we examine structures like the pyramids which bring up more questions than answers. After all the sites we examined and the discoveries made, we still remain puzzled by the blocks of granite showing tooling marks, architecture, arts and crafts, bits and pieces of family life, the positioning of building materials, the little learned about their scientific and medical practices, and many other curious things.

There is no telling how many civilizations of intellectuals and servants have come and gone without a ripple. In the last month, archeologists have discovered another unknown group who lived, governed,and provided for their people. Their language and ways are only now coming to light after thousands of years of obscurity.

The point I am making is that we should heed their warning–civilizations rise and fall, governments come and go. It is the values and beliefs that are most often passed from generation to generation. In that light, we have to ask ourselves – What will someone in a thousand years know about today?

Will our arrogance, self-indulgence, and quest for satisfying our every want and need be the only legacy we have to offer in a future? Will our very cities and civilizations be buried and discoveries for science be lost from the fields we have sown? Or, will somehow hopefully the struggles of today be translated through the centuries and result in a better life for all?

It seems humans, without the understanding or availability of history of past civilizations (perhaps even with them), are doomed to repeat the mistakes those civilizations must have made since nothing remains except bits and pieces to register their passing.

Especially might that not be so, after we take a moment to reflect on the imbecilic attitudes of today’s youth, desperation and destruction, political maneuverings, destruction of good minds through foul means, and determined onslaught of arrogant humans who believe they know best by delving into scientific “discoveries” which could easily backfire and destroy every living thing on earth.


Archeology News Flash provided the following information about the Cheops Pyramid of Giza. You decide who is more intelligent – the builders of the pyramid or those of today.


Do you know one reason why airplane pilots are warned not to fly over Egypt’s Great Pyramid? That’s right, the Civil Airline Department has banned all planes from flying over the pyramids. As you read on, see if you can discover why.


The largest structure at Giza, in Egypt, is the Cheops pyramid.

• The Cheops pyramid is 476 feet high, with a base 764 feet, and covers thirteen acres (an area almost equal to seven city blocks). The polished limestone facings (now removed) covered 22 acres.

• It is still larger than any modern building. New York’s Empire State Building is among the very highest erected by modern man, yet it is only about 2/5 the volume of the Cheops pyramid.

• The building comprises 2,300,000 blocks, totalling 6,250,000 tons in weight (each stone is 2-1/2 tons). This amounts to more stone than has been used in all of England’s churches, cathedrals and chapels built since the time of Christ.

• Covering the “King’s Chamber” are granite slabs of 60 to 70 tons each,  brought from a quarry 600 miles away.

• The casing stones (which are still in place on the north face near the base) each weigh 15 tons.

• The pyramid is perfectly square to within 3/10,000 percent.

• Although it is constructed of 2,300,000 great blocks put together without any cement, you still can’t get the thinnest blade of a knife between them.

The joints of the original limestone casings are barely perceptible, not wider than the thickness of silver paper.

One of today’s biggest U.S. contractors has stated that we do not possess any machine capable of making equally smooth surfaces as those connecting the
stones of the pyramids. They were fitted to an accuracy of 1/100 inch.

• The pyramid is level over an area of 13 acres to within half an inch.

• It is the world’s most accurately aligned building, true north.

• Originally this pyramid had a beautiful covering of glistening white marble (polished to a mirror like finish) and could he seen for 50 miles, reflecting the light. It was capped by a golden point that shot shafts of light back at the sun.

• The pyramid incorporates higher mathematics in its very design, and advanced scientific knowledge in its measurements. The relationship of the pyramid’s height to the perimeter of its base is the same as that between the radius and circumference of a circle.

It thus incorporates the mathematical value known as pi (the constant by which the diameter of a circle may be multiplied to calculate its circumference)— and it does so accurately to several decimal places.

Its main chamber made use of several Pythagorean functions not “discovered” supposedly until thousands of years later.

• It served also as a calendar by which the length of the year can be measured to the exact minute. And it was as an observatory from which maps of the stellar hemisphere could be accurately drawn.

• It is so finely aligned to the North Pole that modern compasses can be adjusted to it.

• The measurements of its sides and angles accurately reflect the geographic measurements of the northern hemisphere, such as the degree of latitude and longitude, the circumference and radius of the earth—even accounting for polar flattening.

All this data was not ‘discovered’ until the 17th century.

• In the International Geophysical Year in 1958, the exact dimensions of the earth were determined by satellite, and the French meter—which is our own standard system of measurement, supposedly based on the dimensions of the earth—was found to be incorrect.

But more amazingly, the Egyptian cubit—the unit of measurement used in the pyramid—was found to be exact. In other words, the cubit fits into the dimensions of the earth within five decimal places—a rather startling coincidence.

• Cosmic radiation inside the pyramid contradicts every known law of  science and electronics—it implies an advanced knowledge of electromagnetic forces.

• An energy field radiates from the apex, which prompts us to wonder why it was built. The mass of evidence suggests that the major pyramids were not intended to be tombs.

• The pyramid was erected at an incredible speed. Recent evidence suggests that this enormous structure may have been built in a fraction of the time generally assumed.

It may have been built in 4 years by just 4,000 workers, laboring only 3 months a year! This is a technological feat beyond comparison in the modern world.

The supposition that enormous manpower, inclined planes and rollers were used, must be discarded. To handle or move one of the blocks might require a thousand hands (500 men), for whom there would not have been room around the stone.

(Assuming the use of primitive methods, the block must still be handled, even if only to pass ropes under it, or to load it onto a barge.)

Furthermore, engineers have estimated that a ramp to service the Cheops pyramid would finally have had to be a mile long, with a volume of masonry four times greater than the pyramid itself. No, that’s not how they built it.

• In a search for hidden powers and riches, Melik al Aziz, in 1196, employed thousands of workers to pull down the three Giza pyramids stone by stone.

They went at the smallest pyramid for 8 exhausting months, after which he gave the order to suspend all work when he saw that the building had scarcely been touched.

• The pyramids are as strong today as when they were built. Scientists have conceded that modern man cannot build a great pyramid that would retain its shape for thousands of years without sagging under its own weight.


Okay, then… are you ready to be shocked further??? …once, twice, and more?

Here they come: astronomy… archaeology… and prophecy… They now

Did you know that a 6th century BC document written in Iraq (that’s archaeology) predicted world events right up to the attempt to unite Europe – as well as its subsequent failure?


Let all of that sink in…

While I personally can not vouch for this group, I am sure there are curious trivia buffs who might enjoy discovering if these facts are truth.  

Isn’t it nice to once in awhile put our puny current arrogance and problems in perspective.

Hope you enjoyed.



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17 Responses to Whenever We Begin To Believe How Important We Are…

  1. Blessed B. says:

    Oooooh Uriel! You have hit upon one of my most favorite subjects….Egyptian Pyramids and their construction…. Archaeology in general is something I am interested in. I wanted to be an archaeologist.

    As to the question~ Do you know one reason why airplane pilots are warned not to fly over Egypt’s Great Pyramid?~

    Answer~ Due to the electromagnetic forces and it is so finely aligned to the North Pole that modern compasses can be adjusted to it.~

    It could possibly throw all the computerized gizmos on the planes into shutting down causing the plane to crash. Sort of like being hit with an EMP.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      “It could possibly throw all the computerized gizmos on the planes into shutting down causing the plane to crash. Sort of like being hit with an EMP.”

      No, I think if a plane flies directly over the pyramid while generating the right harmonic frequency it will enter a time warp and end up in a different solar system.
      I checked this theory with Steven Hawking but he just sat there with his mouth hanging open. So, I could be wrong.

    • Uriel says:

      Shades. Of Bermuda Triangle. Perhaps there is a hidden pyramid there. I am not sure. However I HAVE driven through mountain ranges in Arkansas that had “secret” military blackouts of radios and electronics so it could happen

  2. Popular Front says:

    I find ancient civilizations fascinating and there are so many lessons we can take on board today, but for our arrogance. One thing I really like to do is lie back in my yard on a calm night and gaze at the stars, with or without my telescope. I am in a remote rural valley so there are no artificial lights and sometimes the stars seem so near you could pick them. I look at the Milky Way and think “so we’re the only intelligent life in this corner of the galaxy?” Suuuuuure we are.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Living in the city sucks!! The only time I get to lie in the backyard and stargaze is when I’m visiting my parents at the old homestead in British Columbia. Last time we visited, we got to show the kids the Northern lights on display! Don’t get to see those where we live in the city either…so they were in awe of it.

      With so many stars and such…we most certainly can not be the only planet with life forms.

      Just look at Hitlery…..she’s another life form! A reptilian, Draco shapeshifter! Seems they don’t want her back either!

      • Popular Front says:

        I hear you. If I climb to the high point on my land I can see down the valley to the nearest town’s distant light glow at night but it doesn’t make me want to be there, the reverse in fact.

        I watched the distant NYE fireworks one time and thought ‘ho-hum’ – I’d seen much better nighttime pyrotechnics in Vietnam, enough for several lifetimes in fact. Nature provides a constant pleasing spectacle if you can watch, which is why I don’t envy city dwellers.

        • I.R. Wayright says:

          Right. You knew you were on the right side when you heard the strings of bombs going off in the distance from B-52s. And no fireworks show could ever be as cool as a Spooky C-47 or Spectre AC-130 gunship lighting up the night with the miniguns hosing down a steady stream of red hot lead. And there were more non-tracer bullets between those tracers. Man, I was so glad I wasn’t ever under that shitstorm.
          I have photos of the aftermath of a B52 run. Like a string of instant duck ponds.
          It was the weapon the VC feared the most. You never heard it coming and it would seal you in your under ground tunnels forever if you were close enough. If you were above ground the concussion would make you bleed out of your ears.
          I wonder how many of them got PTSD, LOL.

    • Uriel says:

      Wow. I envy you. I used to live in a rural area. I loved it. I agree we should not be arrogant enough to think we are alone in all the galaxies.

  3. Terry says:

    Obama to the Egyptians :
    “You didn’t build that!”