PizzaGate Hasn’t Been Disproven By ANYONE Credible, Which Is Troubling

PizzaGate has not been disproven yet, nor publicly discredited, by a single credible expert in the national security or law enforcement world – or in any field, for that matter – which is troubling. Mainstream media dismissals of PizzaGate have weirdly relied on hearsay, assumption, unnamed editorials and outright misrepresentation of the data researchers have been combing through. Isn’t the media supposed to LOVE a good controversy? Who are they covering for here?

Seaman has done a good job researching this.  Kudos to him.

If this was a nothing story the The Washington Post, New York Times, and TV stations wouldn’t bother to mention it.  The left has shown their hand again.

~ Hardnox

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3 Responses to PizzaGate Hasn’t Been Disproven By ANYONE Credible, Which Is Troubling

  1. SafeSpace says:

    The scurrying MSM rats are leaving crumb trails; Seaman is following them.

  2. Uriel says:

    Also telling.

    Someone in October noted the NY police who are involved in the Werner case also vowed to keep digging and invoked the Clinton. Yet first days of Nov Snopes posted this:

    Not one word has been posted that I know of since then on this. Hushed or stopped? I don’t know the source just added for further info

  3. Uriel says:

    Just came across this

    I haven’t read up on the case but it highlights that pedophilia has and is ongoing.

    Bohemian Grove in CA has come up over the years in relation to satanic practices, pedophilia, sex parties, illuminati etc

    Leaked Clinton emails in August connected them to Bohemian Grove according to this article

    The young guy who was involved as victim in the above mysteriously was arrested and “died” in jail

    So it’s NOT about one pizza parlor but an entire chain of events and locations across the US. A researcher Could connect a LOT of dots but there is no guarantee that they or any witnesses would survive too long. ONLY a full blown FBI and court effort Might bring this to conviction. We have proof in the young reporters death in Haiti in the last few months just how deep, dark, and deadly serious these freaks are.