1000 Bikers Escort A Very Important Semi-Truck


These days it is hard to be optimistic given the stupidity and blatant thuggery being carried out in the US. Here we have a story not about race, not about religious affiliation, not about politics, but about the reason we as Christians should celebrate this season – GIVING. Giving from the heart, giving despite the weather, giving because it is the right thing to do, and most of all giving because the children of the US are hurting while their parents and adults around them are angry, desperate, and depressed. It is about bringing a little joy into the hearts and shining light into the eyes of children across the country who might be in tough situations, have less than adequate surroundings and food, or simply desperately need to feel special even for an hour.

1000 Texas Bikers Band Together To Make Christmas Possible for Those Less Fortunate

Conservative Tribune

Nearly 1,000 burly, bearded bikers in Texas surrounded a semi-truck Sunday afternoon, but the reason for their seemingly odd behavior was not at all sinister.

Waco news station KWTX explained that the bikers surrounded the vehicle to escort it from the town of Temple to the city of Copperas Cove, after which the amazing contents of the truck were distributed to some of America’s most needy residents: children.

It was all a part of the Tri-County Toy Run, a 24-year-old annual event and fundraiser designed to make a difference in the lives of those children whose families could not afford to purchase Christmas gifts.

“It’s not fair that they don’t have a Christmas, and so that’s the reason we started doing this, and it doesn’t matter if it’s raining or shining, because kids do not realize that just because it’s raining that day, they didn’t get anything,” said biker Debra Justice, who along with her husband has participated in the run since 1998. “So we come — rain, shine, sleet, snow, you name it.”

But these heroic bikers were not alone, for hundreds of other bikers in Austin also braved Sunday’s rain to provide a similar experience to another set of children — namely abused ones.

As part of the 28th annual Austin Motorcyclists Toy Run, these bikers gathered Sunday to donate presents to the children of the Helping Hand Home, an organization that according to its website provides “a place to heal for abused, neglected and abandoned children.”

“The biker community — I just can’t say enough,” the home’s executive director, Ted Keyser, told station WJZY. “Rain or shine, they are here to send a message of hope to abused children in Texas.”


Thank You Bikers

To all volunteers — bikers, individuals, policemen, firemen, businessmen, or housebound  who work so hard to make this time of year a little better, a little brighter for people in our country or around the world — my prayers and blessing to you all.  

To see a troubled person full of sadness or pain react to gifts but more than that the acknowledgement of their place in humanity, where a smile lifts their spirit, and whose eyes light up with pleasure or arms grab tightly some small gift, is not just a joy for them, but a blessing for you.

It speaks to the heart and uniqueness of the American citizen that has held us together all along. It speaks as well as to the willingness of all to practice the real purpose of Christmas – the birth of joy and glad tidings.  Even more, it brings a sliver of light and hope that during the darkest, coldest, depressing of times there may be a better day. The gift given without purpose other than to bring someone joy at this time of year bears the promise of a new day and that in the future hope will blossom and life will again find renewal.

May the joy and the true meaning of the season touch all this year as we realize just how close we have come to the precipice.

May we always seek to protect the children and the helpless from harm and evil. May our children if only for the week of Christmas know a measure of joy and peace safe from harm and fear.

May we each day from now until January 20th raise our prayers to heaven to protect our nation from harm and to keep hope, our country and freedoms safe as One Nation Under God.


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15 Responses to 1000 Bikers Escort A Very Important Semi-Truck

  1. Elaine Morris says:

    This is absolutely wonderful!

  2. Shar says:

    Beautiful story. We have so much need in our country.

    • Uriel says:

      BACA is a great group Shar. They regularly act when bullying is hurting a child, often taking them to school or confronting bullies. They also act as unofficial child advocates when in court. They aren’t the only bike groups and most do special projects with children.

  3. Hardnox says:

    Well done. Proof once again the American spirit lives.

    • Uriel says:

      I agree Hardnox. With all the bad right now, we need a reminder that we are better than Obama and his thugs

  4. SafeSpace says:

    Perhaps some biker groups need to visit Ping Pong Pizza….

    • Terry says:

      They probably will, SafeSpace. Right after they stand guard at the inauguration.

    • Uriel says:

      Now that would be a sight to see. I heard HN say the paintings were all gone. But I bet the pizza place would enjoy their visit or umm maybe not.

  5. Just Gene says:

    If you like to play with words, notice you find TRUE LOVE in volunteer!

  6. Terry says:

    God Bless REAL Americans !