The Rot Is Deep and Wide: The 2017 Grammy Nominees

Here, put on your waders and your hazmat suits.  Let’s have a look at the “talent” that’s up for America’s highest honors in the music business, the 2017 Grammy Awards.

Topping the list with 9 nominations is Beyonce, ghetto tub-thumper extraordinaire, sex object, narcissist. This beauty is in competition with Drake, whose rap hit “Views” includes the line “my niggas still hit the club when it’s 20 below” … Chance, another rapper, much loved for his album “You A Bitch” … Rihanna, whose singing in the hit “Work” is idiotic gibberish on a level with “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”, and who also sings of “niggas” coming over to “do me” … Kanye West, king of the rap producers and promoters (and author of songs about “niggas”; about ejaculating on your girlfriend’s gown in the back seat of your limo; and about treating women as the disposable bitches he believes they are).

Let’s not overlook Canada’s contribution to north America’s rapid descent to the shitter:  Justin Bieber.  To his credit the li’l pretty boy Justin doesn’t sing about “niggas”.  But apparently he cannot go anywhere without his mirror and his claque.  Justin brought us the song that describes his entire raison d’etre: “Love Yourself”.  Hell, that may be the anthem for his entire audience.

One might make a case for Adele’s paltry few nominations: At least she refrains from outright insults to her audience, even though her songs are about as complex as white bread.  But among the major contenders, Adele stands pretty much alone in this group of swaggering, strutting, obscenity-spewing, racist cultural sluts.

If Marvin Gaye, or The Temptations, or Diana Ross, or Al Stewart, or even Bruce Springsteen were still wiggling with us and cranking out new material, today’s audiences would laugh them off the turntable.  Clearly there is no room for music that has a harmonic progression, for voices that actually sing as opposed to speaking in swaggering tones, for lyrics that don’t celebrate dicking, doping, drinking, and the thug life.

None of this bodes well for Donald Trump’s plans to create employment opportunities for the young and for the denizens of America’s poverty plantations.  The reasons why should be obvious.  Just sayin’.

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9 Responses to The Rot Is Deep and Wide: The 2017 Grammy Nominees

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    Gee, and we wonder sometimes why the muslims don’t like our “culture.”

  2. C.Jackman says:

    When you take God out of your society this is what you are left with!

  3. SafeSpace says:

    IR Wayright: You are sadly oh so correct. We have the resources and the power to broadcast this sh*t worldwide, and we do. The entertainment industry should thank their lucky stars (that’ll have to do since they have no God) that evangelical Christians are a lot more tolerant than fundamentalist Muslims….

  4. deacsdomain says:

    line em up so one silver bullet can get rid of the vermin

  5. Brittius says:

    Beyonce?? She sounds like Popeye when she sings!

  6. myfoxmystere says:

    Too bad Beyoncé chose to go down the sewer. When she was with Destiny’s Child, they had a great collaboration with Mary Mary on Mary Mary’s debut CD/album. She’s gone down the dark alley with Satan’s trash.

  7. SafeSpace says:

    Brittius: Thanks for that Popeye clip. Max Fleischer was a genius with the animation cels. During WW2, he produced 17 full-color episodes of the original Superman cartoon series, which are rarely seen today:

  8. Terry says:

    Many of those…..ummm….wonderful talents…..have performed at the White Mosque.
    Coincidence ?