It Ain’t Over – far From It!

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6 Dec 2016

Ships Lying Near Dordrecht, Paul Clays, 1870

Paul Clays was a Belgian artist and early practitioner of the “true to nature” naturalist style that eventually prevailed in Flemish painting in the latter part of the nineteenth century. Clay’s work, highly regarded in his own time, still commands high prices.

This piece was done thirty years before his death in 1900 at the age of eighty-one. Dordrecht is a seaport city of 119,000 in the western Netherlands, first mentioned in a letter in 1120. It’s been an island since the flood of 1421. It was in all the papers.

art-remus-ident-04.jpg As noted here and elsewhere, James Rawles of Survival Blog advises we double up on our preparations. He believes [ video] the collapse will likely occur in 2017. Many others concur. When Mr. Rawles draws a time frame around the collapse of America it merits special attention.

While it may be gratifying, Donald Trump’s election as President, and the repudiation of the Alt-Left regime in general, in no way reverses the ongoing rush to economic and societal catastrophe.

The coming economic debacle first revealed itself nearly a decade ago and has developed unimpeded and ever more irrationally since. Major international players concede we’re now a couple of standard deviations from any chance of orderly extrication. Watch for significant excursions from normal commerce and “emergency corrective actions”. When it all lets loose, what you have physically on hand may be all you’re going to have for a long while.

The election of 2016 was a shock for the Left. Expect an unrelenting, vicious response . Societal catastrophe may start with dog-whistle calls for “spontaneous” violence , cashing in the divisions they’ve been rubbing raw for decades. Watch for escalating violence and perhaps guerilla-style sabotage of public utilities and transportation, then blowback violence and worse. There’s nothing in this for reasonable people of good will. Stay away from crowds.

Survival supplies and equipment have been offered at discounted prices since the election. Firearms and ammunition are plentiful at competitive prices. But Black Swans seem also in good supply. Consider the next few months, if that, the last of normal times.

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This is from Francis Porretto at Liberty’s Torch, a paragraph from his essay, Bring Back Our Country. File it under Fair Warning.

The Left’s three most potent weapons are the entertainment industry, the educational institutions, and the so-called news media. If these can be neutralized, and a sufficiency of alternatives can be provided, the incoming Trump Administration will have a much better chance of carrying through on its agenda. But make no mistake: the Left will defend its bastions with total ferocity, while doing everything it can to delegitimize the alternatives the Internet, talk radio, and low-cost cablecasting have made possible.

It appears the left is shifting emphasis to their news media, on an all-hands-on-deck basis. It imploded so spectacularly, so publicly and so completely that it can be said to have collapsed. It’s an overused word, “collapsed”, but “discredited” or the like doesn’t do it.

At the moment they’ve no better idea than to circle the wagons and shoot the horses and bystanders. It’s embarrassing to watch. But have a care, we can safely bet there are serial strategy meetings going on day and night. Out of destruction comes creation. It’s what they’re good at. Jim Goad at Taki’s Magazine gives us an update on how it’s going:

Huddled inside a rainbow-colored yet opaque bubble, it’s obvious that they have no idea what just hit them. Many overpaid and demonstrably clueless strategists seem to think that perchance they didn’t call people racists, sexists, homophobes, and Islamophobes enough.

Then there’s the “fake news” thing. It’s just ankle-biting so far, part of their lame “right side of history” meme, the inevitability trope always on speed dial by student lounge Marxists and the JournoList.

Watch for News Media II, same-o same-o except gussied up with some grandiose gimmick. Whatever it’s to be, the product will be sprung already sprinting at flank speed; masterful in concept, daring in execution, stupendous, colossal, a cast of thousands. It too will fall on its face. Makeover and sparkles won’t save it, the country has gone George Carlin while the news media remains the same tired theme park of campy ’60s activism. They will, of course, expect a different result this time.

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‘Member I told you one of our chickens, an outcast little red rooster, abandoned the flock about five months ago to live in the woods, then showed up after an early snowfall looking as if he was at death’s door. This is an update. We got him fattened up and back to his ol’ sassy self, then reintroduced him to the flock. Once again the bigger rooster ran him off into the woods, but he showed up again after dark. The little guy is now the only rooster in a small, well maintained flock down the hill.

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The first quote of the week is from Admiral “Bull” Halsey , Commander of the Third Fleet, 1943-1945. Two quotes this week ’cause I couldn’t make up my mind which one is the best.

Before we’re through with them, the Japanese language will be spoken only in hell.

The second quote comes from Marine General “Chesty” Puller at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir in 1950.

They’re on our right, they’re on our left, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us; they can’t get away from us this time.

Marine General “Mad Dog” Mattis is cut from the same cloth. John Galt at Shenandoah has reposted sixteen quotes and a video of our next Secretary of Defense, which he prefaces with a quotable statement of his own, “If I’m an enemy raghead, I’d find the Sweet Baby Jesus and convert before January 20, 2017”.

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The two pieces at the head of my play list right now are Ralph Stanley, Rank Strangers, YouTube, 3m 13s, and Ingrid Fliter, pianist, with the Warsaw Philharmonic, Chopin Piano Concerto n.2, Second Movement, YouTube, 8m 47s.

When I was a lad the question was which musical instrument you’d play, not “if”. Music was taken seriously. At family get togethers the grownups would play the old favorites. “Rank Strangers” takes me back to those days. I hear the laughing and conversations in the background, the players deciding on a key and who’s going to sing what part of the harmony, the stumbling and starting all over again and then, confidence gained, a passable performance.

If you imagine an “a’pickin’ and a’grinnin'” family from this, you skipped right over where I said music was taken seriously. In our house, the record stack could go from, say, Hank Williams to Rimsky-Korsakov, then to Moon Mullican and Mozart. My Mom could be practicing on her violin of an evening—she was a member of the amateur philharmonic in town, or my Dad could be learning a Mozart piece on the piano.

Down the road, my friend’s Mom could be singing along with her record player and we kids would be sitting outside the screen door listening, she was that good, but she’d only sing when she was alone, or thought she was. Music, real music, was everywhere. And not an earbud in sight.

Two of my friends who lived in town were fans of chamber music, she played the viola, he the clarinet. They’d invite me to their home practices as a layman critic and audience of one. They also introduced me to old-style Jewish standup. The punch line to one of their jokes was, “… so every December 7th, Bernie Weinstein attacks Lois Weiss.”

The linked Chopin performance is from 2000, two years before she toured the US with the Warsaw Philharmonic. I’ve been cribbing passages from it. This piece is more expressive than bedazzling and you’ll not find it done better. Spoiler: it often threatens to, but doesn’t, break into a rousing crescendo. Genius.


Can ol’ Remus really put together Woodpile Report and bake a batch-o’-bread at the same time? Is it true he can satisfy his appetite to some small degree just by inhaling that wonderful aroma? I’ll let you guess why such questions are on my mind just now. Mmm mm.

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From Black Lives Matter Network:

With Fidel’s passing there is one more lesson that stands paramount: when we are rooted in collective vision when we bind ourselves together around quests for infinite freedom of the body and the soul, we will be victorious. As Fidel ascends to the realm of the ancestors, we summon his guidance, strength, and power as we recommit ourselves to the struggle for universal freedom. Fidel Vive!

Mm-kay. Perhaps they don’t know Fidel and his sidekick Che spoke of blacks in the most demeaning of terms. If they do know and choose to overlook it, El Commandante’s contempt is amply validated.

Okay gang, that’s it for the this ‘n that. This week’s Woodpile Report comes in two versions. One is a small lot artisanal printing using a purpose-designed font on hand-layed archival paper, tipped-in illustrations, bound in Spanish leather with those kewl ribs on the spine, deeply imprinted and filled with 18 carat gold, each copy in a presentation slipcase with a personalized note in Carolingian Minuscule engrossed by Remus his own self. The other version is the one both of us are reading.

~We’ve been warned!

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5 Responses to It Ain’t Over – far From It!

  1. SafeSpace says:

    Anxiously awaiting Josh Earnest’s uptalking comments on the arrival in the Florida Keys of 60 refugees from the Marxist paradise of Cuba. Seems like they were threatened for not properly honoring El Patron Castro at his funeral service. Now why would they flee to the United States, of all the places on earth?

  2. SafeSpace says:

    Where do I order that leather-bound printed copy so beautifully described in Rawles’ blog??

  3. Hardnox says:

    We’ve written about this topic many times. Brace for impact!

  4. I.R. Wayright says:

    I think we have been warned so many times in the past that a lot of folks will be complacent until it arrives at their front door. I have grown old waiting for it.

    I got something in the mail from 2004 (I think) predicting the imminent collapse of our economy/monetary system/and the big banks. Either the author’s crystal ball was set wrong or he just wanted to sell a pile of subscriptions to his financial advisory newsletters.

    Then there were several Internet videos of “experts” predicting doom and gloom.
    Some of their predictions were accurate but the timing was a bit off. I’m still trying to decide if the big near total collapse of 2008 was legitimate or the biggest scam of all time.

    Either way, I think most of us realize a big reset needs to happen on a world wide scale. All the debt that can never be repaid needs to find a level. Some will get hurt and some lucky few will prosper from it.

    I will settle for survival and hope not to have to harm anybody in the process.

    So, if you haven’t already, lay the groundwork for the future. Meet your neighbors and urge them to prepare for the uncertainties we may soon face.

    Or, maybe President Trump will pull a rabbit out of his hat. Who knows?