Washington Post Just Blew The Lid On #PizzaGate Big League

The media has now been tasked to label “PizzaGate” as some goofball conspiracy theory embrace by morons.  The left is attempting to make this story disappear.

Not so fast. Here is the latest video by David Seaman:

Of particular import is, as Seaman notes, Podesta has never denied his emails.

Draw your own conclusions.

~ Hardnox


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7 Responses to Washington Post Just Blew The Lid On #PizzaGate Big League

  1. Uriel says:

    Even Fox has fallen in line with the “absurdity,fake, conspiracy theory of random weird people on internet. In other words someone is in the crosshairs and someone else has a vice on the nether region. Is it true? I honestly believe there is something to it…you can not have such vulgar scenes on walls in a friggin family restaurant and not expect backlash. Nor is it at all feasible that the “elite and ultra wealthy would EVER demean themselves to eat plebeian things like hot dogs, pizza at a dive parlor, or rave over their orders. These people think nothing of paying upward of $100,000 for special meals, often have the meals flown in or they fly somewhere for be best of cuisine.

    We already know that these sickos are all part of a group who regularly visit a “sex” island. Even Abedin’s ex is so perverted he can’t stay away. I also believe the New York investigators who were sickened by what they uncovered just like I believe the majority of the FBI has incriminating evidence and would like nothing better than to tear down the ne network of trash and depravity.

  2. Adrienne S says:

    Any time the MSM labels something a “conspiracy” and starts lobbing insults to people who may have some concerns, my spidey sense quivers. Let’s face it – other than those of us who are news junkies, hardly anyone in the country has even heard about this. So ask yourself why the WP would jump on it. Methinks they protest too much.

  3. Terry says:

    Where there is smoke, there is fire. And the woods are ablaze.
    Seaman is far from the only one involved in investigating this horror. YouTube has more videos about it than you could watch in a week, each with damning facts confirming it.
    There are so many powerful elites involved in this that it’s going to be a tough nut to crack, and no doubt a few more “suicides”.

    • Hardnox says:

      Right you are bro. It is stunning how much damning information there is on this scandal and the elite have given their marching orders to the mercenaries.

      I hope Seaman lives in a bunker.

  4. SafeSpace says:

    I love Seaman’s concluding remarks to the MSM: “We don’t need you any more”. Provided the new internet “privacy” regulations from Obama’s puppet FCC don’t shut down alternative news, more and more people (even the toadsuckers who voted for Hillary) will realize Seaman is right on.