Jihadist Army Waiting For January 2016


FUQRA FILES: Learn More on Would-Be Jihadists in the US
National TV reports on Clarion Project’s exposé
of 22 Islamist villages around the United States where members are preparing for Jihad.

The Clarion Project
December 4, 2016
By Ryan Mauro

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For eight years we have been castigated and threatened for our concerns over national security. For eight years DHS, DoJ, and Obama’s other puppets in the refugee program have brought hundreds of thousands of refugees to our shores to secretly drop them in all kinds of towns and cities across the US.

These for the most part were NOT families of downtrodden needing safe haven. Most getting off the transports and appearing around the country were healthy, military age individuals. We all demanded answers and despite our concerns, Obama and the United Nations have made every effort to fill the areas remote or in cities as fast as they can. Even today, we know that 1,200 people from the Australian offshore prison of dangerous illegals have arrived and been moved out into the countryside by Obama. (Al Jazeera Nov. 15, 2016) Don’t take the word of the post. We have had Aussie bloggers state this with warnings and they should know.

Members of Hardnox, including me, have written articles on the subject for a long time. We are NOT islamaphobes or alarmists.  We do not EVER say go out and eliminate or harass  anyone.  We simply inform and ask that everyone be aware of their surroundings and take care in their daily lives.  We do say allow enforcement to handle situations but be prepared to defend if necessary from danger.  Nor, do we see all who practice the faith of Islam in a bad light.

But – we do want to have people aware and understand that radical elements exists within our borders. Elements that local and federal law enforcement have not been able up until now to investigate – even though there might have been probable cause.

Obama, Jeh Johnson, Loretta Lynch and other executive departments have all been at the forefront of protecting and encouraging these dangerous activities. Congress has made noises but not found the balls to object in any meaningful way. Federal court has ruled and stated the unlawful transference of illegals into our country had to be halted at least until the new president takes office. Supreme Court has itself abstained or ruled on the subject as well. Yet even today there is ample evidence at all the borders that Obama has told border patrol to stand down and illegals from non-South American countries, specifically Somalia, Syria and Middle East lands, are being brought in and swiftly moved across our border. Freedom Outpost, December 4, 2016 is only the latest of many and talks about 100,000 waiting in Tijuana to cross today.

One only has to think for a brief moment to understand that Obama is doing this for a reason. It is not for the purpose of supporting starving, terrified refugees either. Too many have lots of electronic equipment, high dollar clothes, healthy bodies, and angry eyes. It is not for UN humanitarianism either. When he took office, on one of the first tours he made as president he genuflected before Saudi King Abdullah. He has spoken many time in the United Nations and at other gatherings about the “wonderful, peaceful religion of Islam.” The White House itself has been inundated with Muslim Brotherhood and imams as well as his visits to mosques across the region.  When he took office, the one truth that has resonated for eight years is that he was to bring “fundamental change” to our country.  He has in every way done that. Overriding laws, national security, and the will of the people in order to carry out whatever plan he had for our downfall.

Finally some of those “deplorable” sites Obama deemed bad reporting, irresponsible, fraudulent are telling the truth on the airwaves instead of allowing him and his minions to suppress the truth. This is why companies like Google and Facebook are teaming up with Obama’s executive branch to silence those like Fox News who have and will tell the citizens the truth about current events and happenings around our country. This is why nervous nelly advertisers for big corporations are backing out of their commitments to alternate media and Fox.  The time is more urgent that ever as the inauguration day in January draws closer.

Liberals and Soros-paid instigators as well as liberal media and Democrat/RINO are lined up to create as much distrust and dissension as possible. But, what the FBI and law enforcement across the country are bracing for more every day is this hidden army who have not just a “conquer” theme but even more dangerously a RELIGIOUS PROPHECY goal to meet their destiny in early 2017.

For those still backing Obama and  his final push.  Beware.  American citizens generally are not easy to rile, often open-hearted and willing to give everything they can to help others BUT once they see serious national risks, they are not going to be any of those things most often attributed to us around the world.  The quickest way to weed out patriots from invaders is to rile the country up and continue assaulting our people. We are all awake and very aware that these are the times that try men’s souls. Those who do side with Obama, communists, and liberals, the day of reckoning is not going to be pretty. You guys were dumbfounded that it was not a shoe-in for your plans in the US. You underestimated the anger of the country.

Buckle up everyone.  It isn’t over by a long shot.  The year ahead is shaping up to be another 1776.


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10 Responses to Jihadist Army Waiting For January 2016

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    Uriel I just sent this info to Hardnox for a possible article. You beat me to it.

    Anyway, I think extreme vigilance is required for the next two months and beyond.

  2. Popular Front says:

    That should read January 2017, shouldn’t it?

  3. Popular Front says:

    A good, thinking article but I want you to remember this: in battle numbers are everything and in the USA YOU have the numbers.

    If ISIS/al Queda/Boko Haram or Goato Porno/whoever want to come out and fight on YOUR turf they have to expose themselves to the light and when they do, that’s when you EXTERMINATE them.

    None of this bleeding heart/feelgood give them a defence attorney* nonsense, shoot them, all of them when you find them. 3000+ innocent workers at the WTC will certainly thank you and they didn’t have a warning or a chance did they?

    The only way to combat insurgent terrorism is to utterly smash them down with ALL means available whenever and wherever you find them. No exceptions, their families (if present in the US) as well.

    * Any ‘defence attorney’ rocking up to defend one of these barbarians who was (unfortunately) taken alive should immediately be whisked off to an interrogation room to discuss “why you want to defend a FOREIGNER who has been killing US citizens?”

  4. Uriel says:

    neither will General Mattis. I feel sure he is not one to cross Especially on US soil.

  5. SafeSpace says:

    This has been a long time coming. The new Administration will show citizens of beleaguered European nations how to stop cultural jihad. Remember how Islam must be defined: It is a statist system of legal and social control hiding behind a veneer of religion. Do not be fooled by those who would label it a religion on a par with Christianity, Judaism, or any of the great eastern faiths.

    Radical Islam and radical secularist progressivism are twins. To quote British writer Melanie Phillips: “Both are attempting to create utopias to redeem past sins; both permit no dissent from the one revealed truth; both are giving expression to a totalitarian instinct that involves a wholesale repudiation of reason.”

  6. January 20th cannot get here fast enough for me.

    These libstains with their whining, and with their recalls, and the threats against the Electors, are driving me f**king batty.

    Trump is president.

    We the People are going to have to do our part as well.

    President Trump will be doing all he can to bring America back from the brink of liberalism, and he is fighting enemies on all sides.

    So we have to do our part to help him Make America Great Again.

    If we see something that these libs are doing, or anything that could harm our progress forward to a better America, we need to step up, and either deal with it, or at least alert someone who can, and is authorized to deal with it.

    These globalist pukes have never been as close as they are now to turning America into their version of socialist nirvana, and they will do ANYTHING to stop us.

    Be prepared.
    This ain’t over yet.
    Stand up.
    Be alert.
    Be American.
    Be vocal.
    Do not be silent.
    Keep your powder dry.