Wild Bill: Hornet’s Nest Politics

The left have political power mainly because of their nastiness and willingness to get in peoples faces.

Bill has some thoughts on that.

I agree with Bill’s message, but in my view the Christian right has a tendency to overreach.   This happened under both the Reagan and Bush 43 administrations in my memory.  People don’t like being lectured to nor do they want to have scripture quoted incessantly.  I think it kills the message.

From my perspective, the return of the “10 Commandments” and the “Golden Rule” need front and center attention.  Both teach societies on proper societal behavior.  People that are inclined to embrace God will do so on their own.  They don’t need to be hit in the head with a bible.

Unfortunately, the Christian Right usually gets into an hysteria and ultimately the argument gets into who owns the franchise on God, then the whole conversation gets lost in the weeds and the original intent is wasted.

We will have a new president in 6 weeks.  Trump is not a bible thumper but he is a Christian.  We Christians need to politely and resolutely demand a return of the 10 Commandments and the Golden Rule to our schools.  Common decency needs to be part of our national conversation.

Just sayin’.

~ Hardnox

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6 Responses to Wild Bill: Hornet’s Nest Politics

  1. Uriel says:

    As much a Christian believer as I am, Hardnox, I believe more like you. Christianity is a personal belief not a hardcore “preached” belief. The commandments and Proverbs carry powerful, desperately needed messages for all societies not just Christians. Many religions teach those core beliefs not just Christians. Keeping those front and center are not just important but absolutely necessary to good community functioning. Too many Bible thumpers give Christianity a bad name. Christ rarely thumped, He quietly spoke. But never did he say the core values were not necessary to good life. Teach and be the good values, family based Christian behavior quietly practiced are not necessarily synonymous but both are absolutely necessary.

    • Hardnox says:

      Thanks for your great comment Uriel. I have some bible thumper friends and I glaze over when they quote scripture. I always politely say “give it a rest” then change the subject. In my view, Christianity is how one lives their lives with their daily actions and deeds, not how well they can memorize the bible.

      Decent and good behavior is contagious.

      I am reminded of a Southern saying “a guilty dog barks the loudest” and have noticed in my life’s journey how despicable self proclaimed “religious” people can be.

  2. 219rad says:

    HN – you are spot on. I don’t subscribe to organized religion any longer after I got kicked out of mine for exiting a marriage that would have surely taken my life if I had stayed. Oh I still go to a church when I need something more than what I can muster on my own, but you are absolutely correct. IMHO – organized religions are out to convert in the hopes of bringing in a few extra $$$ and in doing so become so righteous that people tend to turn off the message being sent. I believe if you are not a sociopath or psychopath you know the difference between right and wrong. So I always ask people who are preaching to me a little too hard, “So exactly what religion is God?” I get my answer by seeing the deer in the headlights look and that pretty much calms them down. Every religion has a God so God has many names, Buddha, Yehweh, Elyon, Jehovah, or higher power, supreme being or the universe to look to and everyone should be able to believe in their God without threat of having their heads chopped off or excommunication, shunning or whatever punishment is handy for not believing as they do.

    • Hardnox says:

      Thank you my dear. I agree wholeheartedly. I bowed out of organized religion years ago when I noticed that too many in leadership cozied up to those that are actually working against Christianity in exchange for a few bucks. The hypocrisy sickens me and I refuse to be part of it.

      As you said, most organized religions have turned into business enterprises. I remember Christ got more than a little pissed over that.

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  4. vonMesser says:

    We have got to be able to talk (argue) with non-believers without using the Bible because since they do not believe, the Bible means nothing to them.