Who is Steve Bannon?

Hat-tip to I.R. Wayright for sending this in.

This is speech by Stephen K. Bannon (Steve Bannon), Donald Trump’s senior strategic advisor and architect of his winning 2016 election.  In this speech delivered to the Liberty Restoration Foundation, Bannon laid out the political philosophy both he and Trump embrace, and which appealed to the American people in the election.  It is conservative, perhaps explaining why the political liberal left has resorted to evidently incorrect allegations of antisemitism or racism to try to derail his appointment.  Bannon was a Hollywood producer who created the Seinfeld comedy TV series, and later became the chair of the Breitbart News Service, expanding it into one of the leading news sources nationally, as an alternative to liberal media outlets that previously dominated US media.  He joined the Trump campaign in June 2016, leading him to victory and the White House.

After viewing this video, there should be no wonder why Trump chose Steve Bannon to join his team.

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4 Responses to Who is Steve Bannon?

  1. SafeSpace says:

    Earn more. Spend less. Cap social program spending. Constrain and audit the Fed. That’s what I heard Bannon say. Even Ron Paul would approve. Now, for starters, will the libtards agree to choke off the flow of illegals? Obammy is said to be dipping into Medicare funds to pay some of the costs associated with “welcoming” these folks. Will Bannon’s old buds at Goldman Sachs sit quietly when interest rates are freed up to respond to market pressure? Will the globalists among us permit the re-negotiating of horrendous treaties that are sucking capital as well as income out of this country in the name of “free” trade? This will be a tough row to hoe, to say the least.

  2. Uriel says:

    Great speech. I knew little about him but this speaks well of his core beliefs.

  3. Adrienne S says:

    First time to actually listen to him. I’m impressed. He speaks pretty well for a Nazi. Only kiiiiidddding

    Notice the people he mentioned as mocking the Tea Party movement are the same ones who “evolved” into nevertrumpers? They’re all the talking heads that show up on Sunday morning “news” shows with their blah blah and their pseudo-intellectualism without a grain of common sense. It’s been at least 25 years since I quit listening to them.