Tucker Carlson Takes On The New York Times

Published on Dec 2, 2016

Tucker takes on New York Times Public Editor, Liz Spayd, over continued bias allegations against the ‘Paper of Record’ – even in its reporters’ tweets.


Over the last few weeks we have seen the liberals not only attack but completely trip out over what they disagree with on the right and to demonize those who championed or voted for Donald Trump. Programs have been altered when not providing information the group believes to be acceptable.  People have had their comments dropped or censored almost daily lately. The reason alleged — they believe anyone not in line with their own views who are exercising care and their first amendment rights are “fraudulent sites” who relay what they consider outrageous and irresponsible information.

Included in attacking conservative sites are the giants in the technology field like Google, YouTube, and Facebook who have mounted a determined effort to “weed out” or ban altogether alternate online media sites without just cause such as rated x language or videos. Yet others who actually are foul have been allowed to continue their actions.  Users have abruptly received notices and then banned from their accounts as these groups begin eliminating those they deem not “acceptable” often with no recourse for reinstatement.  Patriotic and reasonable posts have been stamped out but hate speech and lewd behavior by users not just those on a liberal rant still can be found.

They have been quoted as saying that they are determined to strip these sites of their right to free speech on their internet vehicles and have begun targeted, determined efforts to rid the sites of their advertisers. Search engine algorithms have made it nearly impossible to find these sites or their articles as a result. 

Yet when confronted, some of those in the mainstream media can’t take the fact that THEY are themselves “fraudulent sites” sites who are not living up to the purpose of the First Amendment. In other words, they have become nothing more than rag hacks for the liberal agenda.  Rather than reporting facts and attempting to distance themselves from bias, these mainstream groups and search engines are taking every possible avenue to distort and destroy any contenders to what they see as their rightful places on the top of the media hill.

No one who gets to the top of a hill can expect to stay there if they do not provide the goods that the public expects and wants. If you are at the top of the hill, it is because you have piggybacked off the efforts of others and pushed to provide the best.  But, in all honesty, each at the top did not start at the top but had to chart a course to improve, set goals to be the best, and then work hard to achieve. 

Our country began on the hopes that people in small businesses could become the leader in their field. Communication did the same.  Google, Facebook, and others in media did not get there in a single mighty leap. They started with little and often in garages or basement.  They took their lumps and bruises along the way.  Yet now they whine and cry when others are doing exactly the same thing.

Our alternate media should cry foul as these so-called media giants attempt to find ways to eliminate competition. Advertisers who utilize alternate media sites should have enough macho to stand up to the mainstream and realize it is their dollars spent yearly that the mainstream Needs in order to continue, not the other way around.

If MSM really assessed themselves, then they should be grateful for those competitors for finding chinks in their armor and re-evaluate themselves not try to destroy alternate media, but to strengthen and correct their own problems.  

Alternate media found their niche primarily because people have come to realize how biased and censor-oriented mainstream has become in order to advance a liberal agenda while deliberately castigating other views.  

Where is the freedom in the use of the internet? Where is  FCC when these internet giants who publicly vowed to eliminate, planned, and have been carrying out attacks with malice on those who have been using the internet to provide a service to customers? Where are the laws, regulations, and legal proceedings that are supposed to protect first amendment rights when alternate sites are attacked?

Gone the way of ICANN, I guess, since Obama has done his best to influence through FCC and others what we see, hear, and read on our internet searches. It will be a new day on January 21, 2017 you idiots.  You need to consider your role in this new administration.  You need to go through all your departments and soul search then strip your own rules, regulations, and members who were in Obama’s pocket and eliminate them instead of alternate sites that can and have made inroads into informing the public of truth not your fiction.

Alternate media provides just as important a service as MSM and in general most of the more reputable so-called “alternate sites” actually are better grounded in the constitutional platform as our forefathers meant it to be and more often rely on facts rather than the pablum and fiction found in articles on most mainstream sites.

The role of journalism was never according to the constitution to advance a particular viewpoint. In fact, it is the only public industry talked about or protected from the beginning because the founders wanted to make sure people had the truth. Its role has always been to birddog those who represent the masses in government and politics then provide facts so that readers can make better decisions based on truth not a political agenda.


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4 Responses to Tucker Carlson Takes On The New York Times

  1. Popular Front says:

    Well may she be called Spayd. She should be spayEd, that way she can’t breed more whining leftist offspring.

  2. Elaine Morris says:

    I don’t know how some of these people remember how to even breathe.
    WHEN you have the time, go to any search enginef: “Liberals are mentally Ill.”

    • Uriel says:

      Hi Elaine welcome to Hardnox….I can’t imagine either. Those leading definitely fit the mentally ill mode. Those following have sampled too much of the goodies those leading have handed them and their brain cells are black as tar.