Nutsy Pelosi Unhinged

and that barely covers the level of her insanity.

EXCERPT:  “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that despite Democrats losing the House, Senate, and almost two-thirds of state houses, the American people don’t want a new direction.

The California congressman appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday and instead said the issue facing Democrats is simply a failure of communication. 

DICKERSON: “The Democratic Party is in a moment of questioning about its identity. You were reelected to lead the Democrats in the House. What do you tell Democrats who want a new direction and then, go to you, what are you going to do differently?”

PELOSI:Well, I don’t think people want a new direction. Our values unify us and our values are about supporting America’s working families. That’s one that everyone is in agreement on. What we want is a better connection of our message to working families in our country, and that clearly in the election showed that that message wasn’t coming through. But we are united in terms of the security of our country, which is our first responsibility. To be smart and strong and not reckless in how we protect the American people, strong in how we protect our economy.”

Pelosi also downplayed her party’s losses in 2010 and 2016, telling CBS’s John Dickerson “You’re forgetting that we went up so high in 2006 and 2008.”

The fact that morons in Kalifornia keep sending this idiot and vermin like Boxer and Feinswine to the Congress is proof positive that the USA needs to either crush the Progressive movement utterly or cut the Left Coast (coastal cities) loose and wall them off to contain their insanity.

So The Donald wins 3,084 out of 3141 counties but Nutsy Baloney thinks the country doesn’t want a new direction? Insanity reigns in the DNC and it will only get worse when they put Nation of Islam tool Keith Ellison in charge, replacing the whacked out dimbulb Wasserman-Schultz. The Gunny foresees about 25 YEARS of Conservative governing as the DNC fades and disappears into the shitcan of history.

To watch the video of this clueless idiot (if you need a laugh)…

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6 Responses to Nutsy Pelosi Unhinged

  1. Shar says:

    What a dingbat. I guess you have to remember they keep repeating the same baloney because they believe what they are saying. Pull the other leg Nancy.

  2. I.R. Wayright says:

    “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that despite Democrats losing the House, Senate, and almost two-thirds of state houses, the American people don’t want a new direction.”
    She is correct. The people SHE KNOWs do not want a new direction.
    The rest of us do however.

  3. Popular Front says:

    There’s that leftist bullshit ‘working families’ meme again. The Leftoid Party here in Australia used that meme ad nauseam through two campaigns despite the fact that their leaders all live in waterfront mansions and their only connection to ‘working families’ is their domestic help. Needless to say, their appeal to Australia’s ‘working families’ was met with a loud “FUQ OFF!” from said families.

  4. Terry says:

    Now who does Nutsy remind me of ?
    Oh yeah….

  5. Elaine Morris says:

    i, honestly believe, she IS Mentally Ill.