Don’t Worry THIS Could NEVER Happen to America

Economic collapse and total devastation of the American way of life…could it REALLY happen here?

Friends, it’s only a matter of time.  The house of cards will eventually collapse.  A trillion dollars is an astronomical amount of money.  To wrap your head around this number consider this:

One Thousand seconds is 17 minutes.

One Million seconds is almost 12 days.

One Billion seconds is almost 32 years.

One Trillion seconds is about 32,000 years.

Under the Batears administration we have added 10 TRILLION to our National Debt.  Think about that.

Most of it was legally stolen one way or the other by the evil one percenters on the planet aided and abetted by politicians here who receive patronage from those same scoundrels.

In my view, Trump will appoint the most talented to fix this mess.  Case in point, the FBI hired hackers to help fix cyber security.  The US Treasury hired convicted forgers to help prevent counterfeiting.  Art galleries around the world hire former forgers to authenticate masterpieces.  Security firms hire former burglars to develop better physical security.  You get the point.

How to fix this mess? Hire those that have intimate knowledge of the system and have the skill set to know how to exploit the system.  Bureaucrats and politicians sure as shit won’t be able to fix it.  I doubt a fix is even possible.  Slowing down the eventual crash might be.

The world’s debt is estimated to be around $600 Trillion.  That doesn’t include unfunded liabilities like pension funds for an ever increasing retiring world population.

The noise level of the left and the Never Trump assholes is counterproductive and irrelevant.  Just STFU already.

~ Hardnox

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4 Responses to Don’t Worry THIS Could NEVER Happen to America

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    Here is how bad it is.
    Who knows how bad it will actually get?
    Steve Bannon:

  2. SafeSpace says:

    Just call 2018 the Year of Jubilee, forgive all debts, and move on. That’s about as reasonable a solution as any that will be proposed by the financial whizkids.