Jill Stein Received Some Serious Blows This Week

Posted on YouTube 11/28/16

I don’t watch MSNBC or much television at all really, but I caught this video on YouTube. It absolutely blasts Stein and the Clintons their double standard on recounts.

This is a case of someone who has self images of a “mighty warrior” and has decided she is the champion in the ring for the whole nation of voters even though she had no real skin in the election.

Jill Stein would be a first round KO as a fighter and slammed to the mat waiting for the 10 count if she were in a wrestling match.

She also got some bad news this week. ( snicker)

1) In a letter penned by Green Party Senate Candidate Margaret Flowers, and signed by dozens of prominent GPUS members, the Greens have rebelled against the farcical “recount effort” conducted by Jill Stein, saying “while we support electoral reforms, including how the vote is counted, we do not support the current recount being undertaken by Jill Stein.”

2) President-elect Donald Trump’s lawyers have filed an objection to the recount in Michigan. A judge denied their objection. A hearing is scheduled for December 9th for the judge to consider the issue. Some Michigan information noted there was only a single vote for Hillary Clinton missed. None for Stein of course.

Update by Conservative Tribune on Friday, December 2nd, reported that the Michigan Attorney General, Bill Schuette, had filed legal documents with the State Supreme Court to halt recount.

3) Pennsylvania is riddled with problems to overcome including that she did not make the official deadline in some counties and voters needed to file to name just two. It is doubtful that Pennsylvania wants to deal with the expense of recounting as well.

4) Even major Democrat politicians and donors are shying away and pointing to the wastefulness and useless need for her to continue. They say (if we can believe them) that they are as confused as the rest of the country by how she managed to gather $7 million in such a short time when her own campaign was less than adequately funded over the last year.

5) She blasted Clinton’s group for wanting to participate. Even though they are suggesting they only want to observe to keep her on the up-and-up. However, the reality is more than likely to be that Clinton is hoping to stall so that the three states can’t be counted in order to force a Congressional decision.

A bucket load of icy ridicule is getting splashed over Stein thanks to her ridiculous actions on recount. I’m not sure of her future political aspirations but maybe after all this folderol runs itself out, she should retire from the political arena.

While we are on the subject, is there any way to find out just who has been dumb enough to bankroll her $7 million? If it’s Clinton, Soros, or someone else with lots of money to burn then go for it, spend more. If its some average Joe, you might want to think carefully about what she plans for any leftover funds.


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14 Responses to Jill Stein Received Some Serious Blows This Week

  1. Shar says:

    For a party that claims to support the working class the recount is a joke. Jill wired monies for Wisconsin recount but no mention of others being paid for by her (?).
    They know recount will change nothing. They want Trump’s presidency to look iffy.
    Very sick people.

    • Uriel says:

      That they are. Stein’s standing up for me is actually offensive to Me. I neither asked nor wanted her championship

  2. clyde says:

    Since there is evidence of $160,000 in hourly increments, that has the stench of Soros all over it.

    • Uriel says:

      One wonders exactly that. The question should be WHY. What are these people really covering up? Are they trying to take public scrutiny Off pedaphile or Assange?

  3. SafeSpace says:

    They are trying to discredit Trump’s entire Presidency. If they can delay the recounts past December 19th, the electoral votes of the three states in question will not be awarded to any candidate. The election would then be decided by the House in favor of Trump and the Dems would spend the next 4 years screaming that Trump has no mandate, that Trump was appointed and not elected, and that the Constitution needs to be amended to eliminate the electoral college. This outcome would empower a lot of filibustering and very noisy opposition to any Trump appointments as well.

    • Uriel says:

      I agree. The problem is as I see it. They have Under estimated the conservatives all along. They are screwed and tattooed.

  4. Navyvet says:

    Jill Slime has managed to destroy any credibility whatsoever that the Green Party ever had. They can simply go away as another socialist clown show.

  5. Hardnox says:

    Stein is just a tool for the Lefty handlers. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  6. malenurseken says:

    Loved reading the replies! I agree totally! SOROS IS DEAD! CLINTONS ARE DEAD! They will never again be in Political spotlight and they KNOW IT! They should be in PRISON!

    • Uriel says:

      Hi malenurse. Right you are I think. One wonders just how long they have left before their handlers (umm friends) cut them off or close them down permanently. Those people will do all they can to save themselves. Can any doubt these people are destined for roadkill status? Rats do turn and devour weaklinks (weaklings).

  7. Popular Front says:

    I was about to post ‘Lucky Jill’ then I realised that wasn’t what the article was about.