Obama Eating Crow

President Obama once mocked Trump for vowing to keep Carrier jobs in the US.

Who’s laughing now?

I hope King Putt chokes on it… feathers and all.  Maybe he could wash it down with some of that fruity import beer he likes so much.

~ Hardnox

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Constitutional Conservative that Lefties love to hate.
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12 Responses to Obama Eating Crow

  1. Shar says:

    Looks like the empty suit is going to stutter and stammer his way out of office. Where was he when all the companies made news that they were cutting jobs and leaving?
    Never heard him reach out to save jobs. But then again nothing is his fault Ever.

  2. Popular Front says:

    Hey Obama! How about a big slice of Humble Pie to go with your Crow? Some Hard Cheese? Or Sour Grapes?

  3. GunnyG says:

    What a dickhead. A total loser.

  4. GruntOfMonteCristo says:

    So funny to see these liberals up in arms because of some incentives. So, where were you when Obama flushed a billion dollars down the drain with Solyndra? I just find Democrats trying to act fiscally responsible hilarious! “How dare Trump waste our tax money! ROTFLOLOLOL!

    • Hardnox says:

      The hypocrisy is beyond ridiculous. The first trillion dollar stimulus package was stolen as were others. Our Fed prints $85 Billion a month to placate Wall Street. WE have been witness to the greatest theft in the history of the world these last 8 years and the Left hasn’t said a peep. We added 10 Trillion to our debt and the Left is mum. This $7 million is chump change and offered by the State of Indiana whereas it will be earned back anyway with taxes. It’s ridiculous by any measure.

  5. myfoxmystere says:

    Isn’t that beer called moonbat hooch? It was stolen from Nasty Nutty’s hooch stash; after all, their still is used to make all kinds of moonbat hooch.

  6. SafeSpace says:

    Ahh, see the pursed thin lips of the petulant metrosexual. What a pleasure it will be to no longer hear or see Obammy and his pissant lapdog Josh Earnest every evening.