Intellectual Froglegs: No Rules for Radicals

Here is Joe Dan’s latest episode.

For this episode… the only theme I could really think of was…. “Whew.”

A lot of us have been fighting this battle as hard as humanly possible since at least 2010— we were the original Tea Party.Now, seven years later— I can actually enjoy my Kentucky Basketball Wildcats and not have to worry about a communist in the White House.

However—despite being totally repudiated—The Radical Left will not be deterred.  Hell, the House Democrats just re-elected Nancy Pelosi.  They will not learn a lesson, or change their evil ways.   They will modify.  They will recycle–and they WILL be back.  They are cockroaches.

I am so proud of the American people telling DC and their sycophantic media to go to hell.  We are NOT their subjects.

Now while we are rooting for President-Elect Trump to succeed wildly—we are sycophants of no one. We will hold Trump’s feet to the fire, but only when needed. We are not going to scrutinize and micromanage his every move.

We knew Trump was apolitical and unpredictable…and no doubt he will have us all scratching our heads at times. But with a history of success that is second to none— Donald Trump for lack of a better word— backs up his bullsh*t like no other.

So for now… Donald Trump has earned my trust— until he doesn’t.

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Yes, after 8 years of being forced to eat shit sandwiches, we are still doing our happy dance, and Lefty heads are exploding.  Yay!

Fidel Castro is dead!  Yay!

Hillary Clinton is irrelevant! Yay!

Obama is irrelevant! Yay!

Democrats are irrelevant!  Yay!

America is back!

~ Hardnox

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5 Responses to Intellectual Froglegs: No Rules for Radicals

  1. Have no fear. Pelosi can be investigated just like Hitlery, Bill and o”shitbag. If there’s anything to be found out of place, Trump, and his new team of “lions”, WILL FIND
    After what she and her ilk did to pass the ACA, she deserves all she has coming to her. And the best part, Trump can do this apolitically by setting his AG loose…bwahahahaha!

  2. Uriel says:

    I’m not one to like fireworks by the day Trump et al are sworn in should be declared a second holiday like July 4th. Just like the original it took many months to set up strong so will it now. Every day comes more reasons to count our blessings and thank our Heavenly Father for intervention.

    • Hardnox says:


      I don’t want to give Trump credit yet but I am heartened by the reality that our fellow Americans have woken up FINALLY!

      • We’ll have to see, in June, 2017, what Trump has accomplished before we can truly celebrate.

        If his accomplisments, so far, are any indication of what’s to come, then we know we’re on the right track.

        In the mean time, Uriel is right. We need to thank the Almighty for waking up the American people and give thanks for the inevitable defeat of evil. While the road ahead is frought with uncertainty, wars and rumors of wars, we CAN see the light on the horizon.

        What Trump’s election has done is restore our freedom to defend ourselves, to speak freely against the status quo. THAT is why there’s an air of relief.

        This Christmas will be the first time in many years that folks can relish in the clouds of subjugation have been parted

    • Uriel says:

      One point to Joe Don – the last time someone stood up to do the right thing – when our country was born in 1776–several of the original signers who were wealthy lost their wealth and some died in penury after losing their families.

      Right on Joe Don!

      psst sorry I Was supposed to post here — somebody’s gremlins are busy today. lol