DHS Making Last Drive Effort To Allow Illegals Full Access To Our Borders

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Grounded Aerial Surveillance Stopped 110,000 Illegals at Border

Jeffrey Rodack
November 30, 2016

Surveillance flights nabbed 110,000 illegal immigrants trying to cross into the United State from Mexico, The Daily Signal reports.

The flights, operating under a program called Operation Phalanx, were shut down — at least for the rest of the year by Homeland Security — amid protests from elected officials who represent the adjacent area.

According to the Daily Signal, Operation Phalanx logged 2,800 hours of flight time in in the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo sectors in Texas since March. About 1,000 additional flight hours were reported in the Tucson, Arizona area.

The flights were credited with stopping 64,000 illegal border crossings in the Rio Grand sector and 25,000 in Laredo. Phalanx also apprehended another 21,000 people attempted to cross illegally in the Tucson area.

Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske maintained the program “provided tangible benefits to border security.”

U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas,) co-signed a letter of protest to Homeland Security along with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Sen. John Cornyn, (R-Texas) All are trying to jumpstart the program for 2017.

The program used UH-72 helicopters flown by the National Guard. The aircrafts are equipped with night vision surveillance capabilities.

According to the Daily Signal, reports revealed more than 300,000 pounds of marijuana were also seized during the Phalanx operations.

Meanwhile, elected officials continue to be up in arms over the grounded flights, particularly Gov. Abbott, who took to Twitter to blast President Barack Obama.



An LA Times article in 2015 highlighted what they believed to be truth that drones patrolling the U.S. border were poorly managed and ineffective at stopping illegal immigration, and that the government should abandon a $400-million plan to expand their use, according to an internal watchdog report released Tuesday.

They were referencing a report submitted by Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general, John Roth (nominated by Obama), to House of Representatives Homeland Security subcommittee written July 14, 2015. In the report, he felt that without proper measures the Border Patrol could not prove that the money spent was effective to completing the task of security on the borders. Since he had nothing substantial to review as metrics then there was no need for the program to continue. In other words, he decided there was no need to continue spending funds on something that could not prove its worth. No amount of persuasion apparently was able to sway his decision.

There was argument to be made that funds had not been allocated to maintain the drones and cover the cost of flight time according to OAM.  Those operating the drones were basically told here is a surveillance method – use it but there is no money if it breaks down or for flight costs. They referenced back to a 2007 UAS Mission Need Statement, Concept of Operations, and Acquisition Plan as justification.

None of this was mentioned in the LA Times article.  They simply stated Roth’s comment.

“Rather than spend more on drones, the department should “put those funds to better use,” Roth recommended. He described the Predator B drones flown along the border by U.S. Customs and Border Protection as “dubious achievers.”

This then might explain possibly in part why a year later, the DHS order to discontinue drone surveillance was issued — maybe, sort of.

Obama was told that his signature legacy to bring in illegal aliens hit a roadblock in the Supreme Court in June 2016.

More likely with this report as proof, it seems that someone in DHS decided to use this as a way to get around the legalities of the Supreme Court decision.  The drones stopped operation at the end of August through November.

That does not explain why other surveillance was either eliminated or drastically reduced during the months leading up to the General Election.

As of now, there is no telling how many, why the stand down order was given, who has entered our southern borders, or what purpose they have for rushing across the borders.  Judicial Watch, many other articles, and my own posts have mentioned the many Middle Eastern/African nationals waiting at the southern borders of the US to cross into our country. WND and others have noted though in November that the border patrol defied Obama and begun surveillance once again since the General Election.

As far as I can see, money was not the issue.  At issue was Obama getting as many illegals into this country as possible in defiance of court order and before January 20th inauguration of Trump.

I doubt that one thing will be done by Congress before the end of this session to checkmate Obama on a damn thing. Even though we have ample proof of the dangers and national security issues.  Jeh Johnson and his “Obumites” need to step down now. That goes double for other agencies like DoJ and FBI.


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17 Responses to DHS Making Last Drive Effort To Allow Illegals Full Access To Our Borders

  1. Thing is, Texas can go it alone, using the National Guard and, by the time it reaches any court action, Trump will be installed. then they can go after o’shitbag for treason.
    After all, what’s he gonna use for his reason to stop interdiction? He has NO legal standing to endanger the public. NONE!

    • Uriel says:

      I agree completely Hadenough. Arizona about six months back put their national guard just within the boundaries for this reason but that is still a lot of territory and problems to deal with. I think the federal law gives a mile or something on either side of the line as their space though don’t quote. I believe Texas has done similar.

  2. Hardnox says:

    It figures that this administration would do this on its way out the door much like randomly throwing speed bumps onto the highway. Soros has staged illegals throughout Mexico and Central America to flood into the USA after Hillary’s win.

    Well, Hillary lost.

    I.R. Wayright sent me a link last week. One of his buddies, a photographer, saw the tent cities staged along the rivers there.

    If I.R. sees this maybe he can post the link. I lost it.

    • Uriel says:

      That one is another bullet we dodged. UN was ready to fast track our lives to Agenda 2030 And money bags was ready to swamp our lands with refugees just like Europe. Our blessings and prayers have definitely been answered. Which means we STILL have to fight to keep HC and Obama from their appointed agenda rounds. I have a feeling it “ain’t over yet.” Maybe we should place all these refugees INSIDE the boundaries of Soros and Obama and Clinton properties and build a wall around it to keep them in there. Make sure the three are on the grounds and walled in also.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      Here is the story as it appeared in a Photo forum. I do not know the author.
      But it shows who the evil enemy is that pays for this crap to happen.


      Man I’ve missed pages and pages of outstanding captures! Still in Panama but have made it back to Panama City after 12 days in the Darien Province. I felt like a Confederate soldier on Spy Rock watching enemy troop movements. We traveled a lot via dugout canoe and would see village after village where the normal population ranged from 150-300 but each one was inundated with 1000-1500 ‘transients’, all African, Middle-eastern, or Pakistani. All headed to America! Little tent cities were set up for them along their way, the tarp/tents had a name-quick googling shows the company is owned by G. Soros=imagine that. OK, enough of that, here’s something from Panama-my first Lesser Yellow Headed Vulture Canon EOS 1D X Mark II | 1/1000 | f/5.6 | ISO 1000

      • I.R. Wayright says:

        Note: I sent this story to my congressman, “Marino” before the holiday but so far no response yet.

      • Uriel says:

        I’m confused on the site IR. Can you post the jpg for the picture?

        • I.R. Wayright says:

          Do you really want to see an ugly vulture? Just tune in to MSNBC in that event.
          It is a photo site with a section on bird photography. There is not a photo (that I know of) showing the villages and tents/tarps mentioned.

  3. skip says:

    Absolutely makes me ill and MAD as Hell. Yes I am well stocked and ready for the invaders. To me the one great and only real solution to this problem is a line of sharpshooters along our borders. After a few weeks I think the message will get thru, either to Towel heads or bean eaters.Warning shot??????? Harsh, maybe but 911 was a wake up call, but sorry to say too many of the USA wimps are still to dumb or in a stupor to wake up.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      When the final tally is in on the last eight years of “fundamental transformation” I think a lot of folks will be shocked…or dead.

    • Uriel says:

      Note: As soon as the BP broke with the mandate our BP began taking fire “accidentally” from across the border. VERY little has made the MSM on this. In other words they are under attack for doing their jobs per law. Skip I am with you only one more month or so till this insanity can come to an end. But these will be dangerous days.

  4. SafeSpace says:

    Even with one more month, the dhimmicrats cannot import enough more members of the dependent class to restore them to power. Plus we know that some sort of action will be taken starting in January to export the worst of these fine folk. I suspect that local (shall we call them) militias may be organized and then employed to help with the round-up effort. Picture a freakin’ huge cattle drive across the open lands of the southwest….

  5. GunnyG says:

    Jeh Johnson, the head of DHS, needs a rope around his neck and a wobbly chair under him.

  6. vonMesser says:

    We need a couple more buttons. LIKE, DO NOT LIKE, PISSED OFF ABOUT…..

  7. Shar says:

    I.R. Don’t hold your breathe. You will probably get a form letter back thanking you for your concern and they will look into it. That’s what I got anyway from Collins. Low on T. Waiting for someone else to do their job.