Pompeo Choice for CIA Draws Positive Reviews

Pompeo Choice for CIA Draws Positive Reviews

Todd Beamon
November 30, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo as director of the CIA is drawing widespread praise from the intelligence community, elected officials and news organizations as a strong conservative and national security expert who will be tough on terrorism.

“When I saw the choice, I was heartened,” retired Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden, who once directed the agency, said at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies in Washington.

“This is a serious man who takes these questions seriously and who’s studied these questions” on cybersecurity and other national security concerns, he said on Friday. “I’m heartened by the choice.”

Hayden, who responded to a question after a speech at the foundation, also helmed the National Security Agency.

California Rep. Devin Nunes, the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, called Pompeo “one of the most respected voices in the House of Representatives on national security issues.

“Mike will undoubtedly develop a close working relationship with Congress in his new post,” he said.

The committee’s ranking Democrat, Rep. Adam Schiff, who also represents the Golden State, lauded Pompeo as “bright and hard-working.

“He is someone who is willing to listen and engage, both key qualities in a CIA director,” Schiff said.

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Even now Obama’s executive branch is determined to undermine and overshadow any positive actions – witness this other article in Newsmax today:

CIA Chief (John Brennan) Warns Trump: Tearing Up Iran Deal Would Be “Disastrous”

“Tearing up the nuclear deal with Iran would be “disastrous” and “the height of folly,” the outgoing CIA chief John Brennan said in a sit-down interview with the BBC.

Brennan warned President-elect Donald Trump nixing the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran would embolden hardliners within the country — as well as others — to “embark on their own weapons program.”

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Brennan’s term as CIA Director has coincided with revelations that the U.S. government conducted massive levels of global surveillance, that the CIA had hacked into the computers of U.S. Senate employees, and the release of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture.

News flash Brennan – we are already pissed off about the damn deal.  Obama and Kerry sold us down the river and emboldened Iran to stretch the limits of acceptability.  

Your own role in the CIA has been as much a disaster since the CIA did and continues to meddle in political affairs around the world that have not been presented or authorized by congress.  CIA appears from everything gleaned to be a “Rogue Agency” and an extension of Obama’s worldwide quest for his “agenda.”

You only came on board as director after Petraeus had been betrayed.  Whether Petraeus was right or wrong is not for me to say since the public has little knowledge of the secret goings on in the CIA.  However, the agency has earned its bad reputation as can be readily understood if one takes the time to connect dots around the world with activities in the political arena and information gleaned about the CIA role.  

Last I heard, it is not the CIA’s role to tell the president and cabinet what they should be doing but to provide intelligence gathering so that THEY could make a better choice. As far as I am aware the CIA is not supposed to go against the constitution and meddle in foreign affairs especially toppling regimes at their whim or that of a president.  It sure as heck isn’t to spy on US citizens, especially the congress.

The Iran deal was NOT in the best interests of any western civilized country.  It has made Iran wealthy off our dollars and a major player in a volatile region of the world.  It has not been monitored well, nor were many aspects of it made public or at least not until after Kerry signed on the dotted line for Obama.

Seems to me the CIA is due for a scrubbing with LYE soap from the top down.

If Pompeo who appears to be a recommended choice even across party lines can strip it down and make it more in line with the constitution and the laws of this country, then I am all for his appointment. Perhaps his management will be the one to bring back some semblance of honor back to an otherwise clandestine lone wolf group.


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  1. ST says:

    Carrier Employee Issues Heartfelt Thank You To Trump For Helping 1,000 American Workers Keep Their Jobs [VIDEO]


    • Uriel says:

      Thanks for the link SF. Isn’t it odd that without the mantle of office, Trump has made more headway in less than a month than Obama has in two terms of office to begin helping people in OUR country.