Pence: Trump will take his case to the American people

Good interview on Hannity last night…

I like Mike Pence a lot and he is a spectacular choice as VP.

I hope Mittens is not chosen as Secretary of State.  He’s a backstabber.  I understand if  Trump choses Romney.  It’s a shit job but very high profile.  Trump needs to unite the republican party.  I got it.  On the plus side, Romney is no fool either.  He does have great business talents and can be ruthless.  That style of ruthlessness will be necessary to clean out the State Department.  The question is whether Romney will do Trump’s bidding on a world stage or not, then we’ll hear “you’re fired”.

If Trump does pick Romney, then I believe it will be for good reasons.  Trump is no fool either.  So far his other picks seem sound.  Some better than others. The best part is he made them sign a contract that forbids any possibility of them being lobbyists for 5 years at the end of their tenure.

I believe also that Trump will take his agenda to the American people much like Reagan did in the 80’s when Congress opposed him.  Trump has an ability to speak “to” America.  Most politicians speak “at” the people.

Looks to me Team Trump will hit the ground running on January 20.  Meanwhile, lefty heads continue to explode as they watch their idiotic utopian dreams go up in smoke.

~ Hardnox


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10 Responses to Pence: Trump will take his case to the American people

  1. Like I said before, he could keep Romney on for a week, just to sign the contract, and then shitcan him.

    • Hardnox says:

      My thought too.

      • I.R. Wayright says:

        Yeah, I told my wife last night that Trump is Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown/Romney.

        Also, I hope Trump uses Social Media to conduct online polls when he needs to move a reluctant congress on some issues.
        Set up with a continuous polling system on;
        “How am I doing as your president?”
        “Do we need more wall on the southern border?”
        “Should we restrict legal immigration until we can full assimilate those here now?”
        “Should the states run their education systems with less interference from the federal government?”
        “Should the government get out of the health care insurance racket?
        It could be set up with your name and address so the data could also be sent automatically to the respective congressional offices for a real time tally of support or non-support of their own constituents on the issues.
        Wouldn’t that make you feel like you had more of a say in your government?

        I mean, you can write your congressman, but does that really help move the ball?

      • Maybe even long enough to get his cabinet approved and THEN dump him. Who knows,
        Rot-meat might even turn over a new leaf but I wouldn’t hold my breath or ever trust his ass.

  2. Synicle says:

    Well, he’s not talking to any of the Bush Buffoons…maybe they talked and laughed about how Romney has paid off all of his obligations off to the GOPe with his primaries performances?

  3. clyde says:

    I wonder why John Bolton has had ZERO mention. Be a better choice than Mutt for sure. IF Trump picks Romney, WE will hold his frigging feet to the fire.

    • Hardnox says:

      I’ve wondered that too. It might be because Bolton has limited business experience. Most problems worldwide are a product of shitty economies. Bolton is first rate and Mr. Stick-in-the-eye.

  4. Shar says:

    I thought it was between Rudy, Bolton, and Mittens. The first two would be fine. Hell no to Mittens. I think he would travel the world promoting himself. He is phony and dishonest. You would think Trump would want someone that would be loyal to him.