Christmas Shopping Guide

boycott1Since November 8, thousands of anti-Trump, safety pin wearing, snot nosed snowflake protesters have taken to the streets to voice their opposition to President Elect Trump. Some of those activists aren’t stopping at waving signs, chanting slogans, burning flags, or simply huddling in tear soaked masses. Instead, they’re trying to hit the Trump family where they think it will hurt the most: their bottom line.

The #GrabYourWallet protest kicked off in October, when “marketing professional” Shannon Coulter began circulating a spreadsheet of companies owned by the Trumps or that are actively supporting or doing business with the Trump family. In addition to obvious targets, like the Trump chain of hotels and golf courses, the list includes dozens of stores stocking Trump-branded merchandise, primarily Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing and shoes.

“What this boycott means to me is that companies that I love, like Nordstrom and Amazon, are making money from the Donald Trump campaign, which to me is synonymous with hate and divisiveness so I can’t, in good faith, shop there anymore,” Coulter bemoaned after the election.

For the simple-minded sheep followers, she even created a battle plan :

#GrabYourWallet Action Guide

With Black Friday and the holiday shopping season upon us, now is your chance to tell your friends and family that you are choosing to not shop at any stores that sell any Trump (Donald & Ivanka) products! We have the chance to make a direct impact on their sales, sending the message that we will not support their toxic, sexist, homophobic, racist (the list goes on…) rhetoric.

If you are up for a laugh, you can read the rest of their #GrabYourWalletActionGuide, complete with pre-written letters to send to the stores to show their unhappiness with them.

I feel it is our duty to return the favor in kind. Thus, THESE STORES are listed as shoppable by #Grabyourwallet as Trump-free alternative stores that we, as fair-minded Trump supporters, should avoid.

There is also a BOYCOTT TRUMP app for the really serious snowflakes.boycott3 It’s a convenient way to know where WE should shop

CLICK HERE for the list of stores that the Pampers wearing, binkie-sucking, crowd are boycotting. Or in other words, the ones we should patronize .

And don’t forget to stop at Chick-fil-A for a bite to eat while you are out running up those credit cards.



Happy Shopping !


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10 Responses to Christmas Shopping Guide

  1. Adrienne S says:

    #GrabYourWallet Action Guide AKA let’s cut off our nose to spite our face. A total bunch of loons. I don’t get into this whole boycott thingy anyways. And……’s not just the snowflakes who are young. I know a few rabid libtards on Facecrap who are posting stuff that is so ridiculous it makes your jaw drop. Imagine 60 year old women expressing terrifying fear. You can’t, can you? Neither can I. They act like Trump is going to raid women’s medicine cabinets for their birth control and drag homosexuals out at midnight to be thrown from buildings.

    • Terry says:

      Yeah Adrienne, I can imagine 60 year olds posting ridiculous things on FB….they are all over my page too.

      But wait…he’s NOT going to drag homosexuals out at midnight to be thrown from buildings ? I could have sworn he said he would. Dang.
      I probably would have voted for him anyway.

  2. Popular Front says:

    It really is totally dumb to announce that you are boycotting a selection of businesses because of ideology. If I were the CEO of such a business I would be asking my marketing and accountancy chiefs what percentage of sales I was like to lose because of this. Let’s say it is 10%. OK in response to that I’ll slash 10-12% off EVERYTHING during the festive season but I won’t advertise it beforehand, just let my loyal customers get a pleasant surprise.

    • Terry says:

      I guess they mimic the strategies of the CIC, i.e. tell the enemy when, where, and how you are going to attack them.

  3. Hardnox says:

    Thanks for the list. Now I know where not to go. Forwarded it to everyone on my list.

    These businesses illustrate the utter idiocy of the Left in spades. They lost the election, now deal with it.

    Without even being sworn in yet, Trump has caused our economy to recover a bit, Carrier is staying here, Ford probably will, and illegals are fleeing back home. YAY!!!

    I can’t hardly wait until January 20.

  4. Felinity says:

    Christmas came early to pharm-companies here and abroad…a collective Fort Knox: No doubt record amounts of anti-anxiety/depression meds continue to be popped by these melting snowflakes…washed down with Starbucks skinny chai (SOY milk, please!) lattes, of course. Like, totally…

    These flakes should don their Suck-Up-Reality apparel; take exams on a timely basis without enabler profs catering to them; then head out to conquer the world with their Gender Bender ad nauseam degrees.

    Fa la la la la la la la la…

    A Steynian saucer of cream for Felinity… And on that note, a pre-Meowy Christmas:

    • Terry says:

      I guess Trump is doing for the big pharms what obozo has done for the weapons and ammo trade….making them even more wealthy. Hurrah for capitalism !

      The “Jingle Cats” …..OMG LMFAO !!
      I sat my 7 cats down and put the video on loop play, hoping they would catch on. I then discovered the meaning of the saying “It’s like trying to herd cats!”

  5. SafeSpace says:

    #GrabYourWallet and visit your local firearms store. Buy a new S&W, a Kimber, a Remington, a Sig Sauer …. Christmas presents for everyone on your list. Problem solved.

    • Terry says:

      Now there’s a great idea SS. I hope I’m on your list. I have been just a bit naughty the past 8 years, but it was all to the libs. That shouldn’t count against me.