DDP Gate – Democrats, Donors, and Pornography – The Clinton and Obama Connection

Let me introduce you to a couple of Clinton and Obama supporters who over the years have partied, met with, and bundled large amounts of donations for Democrat campaigns.


Chuck Holmes is beside Hillary and beside Bill is the other player in this story – Terry Bean.

First – have patience, it all ties together and is part of the bigger story yet to be discovered of LGBT, Democrats, donations and Clinton/Obama much like PizzaGate:

Adult Film Mogul Chuck Holmes

Chuck Holmes is a “rags-to-riches and something darker” man who started his career in the pornography field during the early 1970’s when this was a very risky business. He traveled west to San Francisco area in the early days of 1970’s and with a business degree from a college back east, managed to start his riske’ business at a time when getting caught could in all likelihood get a person sent to federal prison for years — even if caught with only one movie. So it was a secret society.

While there, Holmes befriended many of politically powerful, ultra-wealthy, and business people including Bill and Hillary Clinton and Al Gore. Sometime during those early years, the FBI caught and indicted several on mail pornography charges. He and another man, Matt Sterling, were caught up in the FBI sting and were indicted for their activities. Matt Sterling went to prison for his part in the indictment; but, Chuck Holmes threw a ton of money into “delays or bribes” and moved his operations in San Francisco thus avoiding prison. His connections had a lot to do with his ability to get out of the indictment no doubt.

Holmes made his money by building  Falcon Studios, Jock Studios and Mustang Studios into a worldwide center of pornography material. Many of the politicians and business moguls he developed relations with were reluctant to be seen in highly visible settings or speak about Chuck. For Chuck being a relatively quiet person there was no problem that few knew his name or rarely spoke of his business dealings since from the 1970’s to 2000 despite his multi-millionaire status, contacts, and his expanding business, LGBT was still taboo in most conservative circles.

Queerty ran an article on July 12, 2015 about this man which explained how he moved in the circle of Bill and Hillary Clinton and helped advance the LGBT movement. To give the man his due, a great portion of his millions were donated back to the AIDS Foundation and to help other gays in the US.  Few knew much about him because of his tendency to secrecy and working in the shadows.  It took him many years to come out and openly admit he was gay.

San Francisco Chronicle – Carla Marinucci, June 19, 2015 – Filmmaker, Michael Stabile, produced a documentary on Holmes called “Seed Money” that was released in June 2015. Holmes talked politics with Mikhail Gorbachev, supported Al Gore, and partied with Hollywood and political bigwigs — a wealthy philanthropist and Democratic benefactor who presided over a business empire that crushed its competition worldwide — and for the most part remains unknown to most people. Stabile said that while researching his documentary in political circles, “we had a very hard time getting people to talk about their relationship with Chuck.”

SyndicatedNews ran an article “Porno financed the Clintons since day one. How is Hillary even allowed to run for office?” that appears to tie a lot of information together.  The bits and pieces I read also seemed to backup their information from the early years.

“From the very beginning of their political careers, both Bill and Hillary had their campaigns financed by the proceeds from the most lucrative pornography businesses in the country. When Charles Holmes was alive he enjoyed participating in politics by investing in candidates. When he passed away, he left millions to Barack Obama’s “bundler,” Terry Bean. The porno biography book, BIGGER THAN LIFE details how they were both heavily involved with the leader of the porno industry Charles Holmes since they entered politics. Barack Obama inherited Terry Bean, his most successful cash bundler from the Clintons.”

Chuck Holmes and Terry Bean were close friends.  So much so that Holmes set up a foundation using much of what remained of his fortune.  Terry became the sole administrator in order to advance Holmes goals for LGBT by donating to Democrats who were willing to back LGBT and to sponsor AIDS research. Holmes and Bean helped establish the Human Rights Campaign, the country’s largest gay advocacy group, and the San Francisco LGBT Community Center.

Chuck Holmes passed away in September 2000 from liver-related complications of AIDS and Bean assumed complete control of the foundation.


As an aside a very old friend alluded to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s activities while in Arkansas. My friend ran in enforcement as well as political circles in their stomping grounds and at the time lived near the Clinton’s home during her Arkansas days. I never doubted her anger nor disgust because she was not one to talk about anyone without knowing firsthand. Though my friend passed many years ago, she passionately hated Hillary and Bill from whatever experiences she knew.  She refused to divulge any information saying only that it was dangerous to talk.

Part 2 – Terry Bean Story


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  1. Hardnox says:

    Good post. I never knew this.

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    Thanks Hardnox

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    Uriel, I have a contact too: Jane Chastain.

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      really — these people are sick that make their millions I am honestly beginning to believe. I am glad I have never even wanted to amass this kind of wealth for any reason.