Recently I visited the Yorktown Battlefield here in Virginia.  The siege and resulting battle concluded a bloody five-year conflict with the British Crown for American Independence.  The battle of Yorktown was the deciding conflict where on October 19, 1781 the British General Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington.

Standing on the battlefield flanked by the adjoining cemetery, I was humbled by the earthworks and the sheer vastness of the battlefield. The earthworks were lined with hundreds of cannons. One could almost hear the battle cries and the thunder of war. I couldn’t help but wonder how our forefathers might feel right now about the sacrifices that they had made for American independence and for individual liberty.

Would they be rolling in their graves with the knowledge that this grand experiment in freedom called the United States of America that is now on a perilous slide towards Socialism? Was their sacrifice in vain? I certainly hope not, but their sacrifice is certainly lost on many Americans. Most of our youth and many adults haven’t a clue what the struggle was about, why it was fought, or the price that was paid.

No surprise, for years American history has been replaced in our schools by multi-culturalism and we have our politicians jogging around the globe apologizing for America’s so-called failures and arrogance. Patriotism and love of country is like a seed that is planted and needs to grow, tended by the history and deeds of its people, and allowed to flourish in the minds and hearts for the next generation of future leaders. Our nation is in deep trouble if our future leaders have no appreciation for this country….but I digress.

On leaving the hallowed grounds, I entered the visitor’s center and museum and eventually found our way into the gift shop. Quickly noticing a collection of books about the war, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, and scores of others concerning the path towards independence my eyes stopped at a book titled “The Constitution for Dummies”. I began to thumb through the pages, the book explained in layman’s terms what is in that wonderful document. I was tempted to purchase 535 copies and send them to our elected officials.

All of our elected Senators and House members, and the appointed Supreme Court Justices swear to uphold the Constitution, including the President. They swear a solemn oath to protect and defend it. We haven’t seen much of that lately, have we? Evidently, they don’t understand the words or simply don’t care.

Congress produces legislation that has no standing under the Constitution (most often the legislation is written by lobbyists).  Congress then pretends to debate the legislation, while adding pork, then they vote on and pass the legislation without reading it, and it is signed into law by a president who could care not one whit about any of it. To add insult to injury, the laws explicitly don’t apply to them…only to us peasants.

For this, our forefathers fought and bled.  I remember learning that was the reason that the war started in the first place.

Let’s all hope that with a new administration led by Donald J. Trump as our president that a thorough house cleaning begins in earnest.  Trump has pledged to “drain the swamp” and to push for Congressional term limits.  We’ll soon see.

A crime has been committed against the American people repeatedly for the last 100 years or so.  It is beyond time that this crime spree end.  We deserve better.  We need to demand better.

~ Hardnox

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14 Responses to Yorktown

  1. Sun Tzu says:

    That’s a good thought, however, they wouldn’t read the book. They don’t have time to read legislation, why would they read the Constitution for Dummies. However the title is correct, they are dummies.

    • Hardnox says:

      Thanks for the visit. Don’t be a stranger.

      You’re right though, but one would think for $180K a year working 3 days a week and swearing an oath to defend the Constitution upon taking office, actually reading what they propose as law would be a reasonable expectation. I know I’m dreaming here.

      Term limits would help a great deal in draining the swamp as it would curtail outside influence.

    • myfoxmystere says:

      WIelcome aboard Sun Tzu. This is a great site. I’ve been stopping by here for a while myself. I’m of Asian descent as well.

  2. Vic Mazza says:

    Dear Hardnox,

    Ty for your wise words…

    I can’t grind my teeth down any lower…exactly what do we need to apologize over!?

    No one I’m aware of immigrates anywhere else on the globe but here…why not…no rules…no one watches…more free stuff…more easily manipulated people to become dems…

    If these illegals voted red would the dems be so eager?


    Vic Mazza

    P.S. In July, 1969, American men walked on the moon, their ancestors/family members of these fine Americans “spanked” Nazi Germany and “The Japanese” Empire…saving the world when everyone with the exception of England, Australia ran!

    Enough said, plow the road Donald! I haven’t heard of anyone going to Russia, China, etc. you can all go to hell! We have earned our status!!!

    • Hardnox says:

      My pleasure. Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

      The attitudes will take a generation to fix. 70 years ago youngsters were storming the beaches of Normandy, now many run for a safespace if the PC police determine they have been harmed.

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  4. I.R. Wayright says:

    If President Trump follows through on his plans he mentioned while campaigning, one of his promises was to get rid of “Common Core.” That is step one in overhauling our current propaganda system disguised as the public schools.
    Step two is charter schools/school choice. An emphasis has to be on teaching proper history. That may require different teachers and professors.
    Conservative ladies and gentlemen, prepare your resumes’.

  5. myfoxmystere says:

    I look forward to watching and helping Trump drain the swamp.

  6. GruntOfMonteCristo says:

    Outstanding, Nox! We deserve better. And thanks for the meditation on the Yorktown battlefields! Gruntessa and I go there all the time when we’re in Yorktown, which is often. The good craft beer and seafood available down at the waterfront is only a secondary reason. 😉

  7. Terry says:

    Great post Nox.