Social Media Wolves Going for the Throat of Donald Trump’s 10-year-old

From Canada Free Press

The clapping-seal social media of the largely lib-left anti-Trump movement will do anything and everything to keep Donald Trump from stepping foot into the Oval Office—even throw their own humanity into the wind to go after his 10-year-old son, Barron.

Ravening wolves have come howling at the bedroom door of Barron Trump in a blood-curdling shrieking wolf pack worse than any scene from a Hollywood horror movie.

“Someone” put together a video suggesting that young Barron is autistic. Released one day after Donald Trump’s victory speech, ‘Is Barron Trump Autistic #StoptheBullying’ has already been watched by 1.2 million viewers.

But this time a hysterical, hate-filled social media and their supporting ‘Progressive’ friends have really crossed the Rubicon,  because by going after Barron, they are apt to encounter their biggest,  most fearsome enemy to date:  millions of Mama Grizzlies willing to fight to protect children from the unwarranted and brutal attacks of the Democrats’ sleazy Pretorian Guard.

This is one battle that will see the Mama Grizzlies kicking the butt of social media all the way to where they belong: out on the streets with the Snowflakes protesting Trump’s election.

Millions the world over were proud of young Barron, shown stoically standing behind his father during his November 9 victory speech.

Yet one day later, a video—including gross verbal abuse directed at Barron —was released and is now making its way viral over the Internet.

The video assigns to young Barron the same rolled-back eyes film footage of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is 69.  Barron Trump 10.

Because of its filthy expletives and unacceptable brutal bullying of a 10-year-old boy, Canada Free Press is sending readers off site if they want to watch the video, rather than linking to it from here.

The progs and their media have hit rock bottom with the YouTube doing the rounds on this Thanksgiving weekend.  A video that ends by coyly asking viewers: “Do you think Barron is autistic?”

The question leaves Barron open to intense speculation.

In video clips that may or may not have been tampered with,  the YouTube takes us back to Trump’s election night victory speech when Barron so stoically stood behind his father.

Were the camera clips showing Barron on election night deliberately doctored?

You be the judge.

Though the video narrator suggests after the bullying of Barron as a “blinking little bast—-d, telling him to “Wake the F—k up”, that “bullying is unacceptable whether he is autistic or not”, he adds, “It’s unclear why the Trump family is refusing to confirm or deny if he is autistic”.

The Trumps have “REFUSED” nothing, and all parents—including the Trumps—have the right to want the best for their children and to protect them.

We now live in a society where 10-year-old children are openly abused on social media.

God help us and protect our children.


So…like a true Liberal degenerate…Rosie thinks that Barron has autism, cuz her three year old child has the genetic anomaly. PFFT!

Rosie doesn’t even know the tell tale signs of this challenge! Neither do the makers of that disgusting youtube video!

Barron does not show any of the signs of autism what-so-ever! He is a very mild mannered 10 year old boy. From my observation of Barron on stage, the night of the election….he looked more frightened than anything else. He was not acting up, but very well behaved.  Since one of the tell tale signs of autism is that the individual has a difficult time containing themselves…especially if they are excited by what is happening around them. Barron was not drugged either! What stupidity from the leftists to even suggest such a thing! It’s obvious they have no decency!

Barron was aware of what was happening around him. He wasn’t in his own little world nor was he out of control of his emotions. If he had been drugged for him to comply…..he wouldn’t have been aware! I have seen children who have been drugged for autism and they aren’t as aware as Barron was that night.

Rosie needs to shut her fat pig dyke face! Guess the old saying of “you can put lipstick on a pig… but in the end, it is still a pig!” fits. It’s none of her business, nor anyone else’s if Barron does or does not have a genetic anomaly! Hey Biotch…leave the kid alone!

I hate to suggest this but, maybe CPS should be called in for them to take a look at Rosie’s child to make sure she is getting the proper medical treatment and education for a young child with autism.

~Blessed B~ ( aka …another Momma Grizzly)

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18 Responses to Social Media Wolves Going for the Throat of Donald Trump’s 10-year-old

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  2. Shar says:

    You’re right about the Mama Grizzlies being POD. It reminded me of what Sarah Palin went thru with her son. I thought all Presidents children were off limits. Chelsea was. Right thats the left. Special treatment. I thought Barron did great. I’m sure he was beyond tired and felt uncomfortable. Why the hell is Rosie still here? Did she miss her flight?

    • Blessed B says:

      Rosie isn’t allowed into Canada…so I guess she’ll be staying unless she thinks that Venezuela would be a great place to live.

      Yeah…I’m sure that it was a late night for Barron.

      • upaces88 says:

        That is forbidden to go after “anyone’s child”. You just don’t do that!!#%#@#

        • Blessed B. says:

          They successfully did that with Sarah Palin and got away with it….so now it is one of their tools to use all the time. They shouldn’t…but they have no common decency to speak of.

  3. Hardnox says:

    Rosie the pig shouldn’t be casting any stones. her first adopted daughter bolted when she hit 18. She says Rosie is a disgusting pot smoking lesbian nut. No surprise! Color me not surprised.

    I think all the Trump kids and in-laws are first rate. No wonder lefties hate them. They are everything they are not.

    • Blessed B says:

      Exactly! One has to wonder that if it had been so great to live with Rosie why her first daughter dislikes her so much!

      Trump’s kids and spouses seem to be upstanding people and are doing well business wise too. They are the epitome of the American dream and America’s greatness.

      Haters are going to hate. That’s a given!

  4. Felinity says:

    A friend and I discussed Barron’s demeanor as he stood nearby during his father’s acceptance speech. We agreed he was a tad too young to have been assigned to stand all by himself; that he should have had an older family member (if not his mother) as a flanking “anchor”, as it were. He’s still way too young to be at ease in a sea of lime lights.

    Barron was so tired and overwhelmed that he didn’t crack a smile; how that sweet face would’ve lit up like a Christmas tree!

    May the Lord, protect, strengthen and guide the Trump family on this journey.

    • Blessed B. says:


      I believe his mother was standing right next to him while on stage…..He wasn’t all alone. His whole family was also there on stage.

      I’m sure it had been a very long and demanding day for him and being out front and center on stage, with that many people looking at him, was most likely overwhelming. Talk about ‘stage fright’, LOL!

  5. Sun Tzu says:

    Well, what do you expect from libtards????? It’s a sad day when you have to attack someones child. Pull up your diaper and go get your binkie. They have no moral values, lie, cheat, and steal; and are completely untrustworthy. Doesn’t surprise me a bit that they would attack a child. They are filthy scum and need to go away.

    • Uriel says:

      From all the toxic trash being brought out, they aren’t just disgusting toward children Sun Tzu but downright evil, sick fiends so it was no surprise that Gnarly Rosie would be so stupid or that there are people out there who have such little value or worth that a child is fair game for their sickness.

    • Blessed B. says:

      I don’t expect much from a libtard except to show me just how much of a low life they really are. I’m never surprised at how low they will stoop.

  6. myfoxmystere says:

    I find these left wing extremist child molesters to be beyond vile. These freaks from GLSEN, GLAAD & NAMBLA need to be put in jail for child abuse. Bullying a kid on the internet should be a form of child abuse when the bully is 18 or over.

  7. Terry says:

    I watched that damned video and I was outraged. None of the actions they tried to zero in on were anything more than those of a very tired young boy, who has been criss-crossing the country, staying up late, attending adult functions, being paraded in front of millions of people, and probably realizing that life as a normal 10 year old boy will never be his. That can’t be an easy thing.

    • Blessed B. says:

      You are braver than I am. I didn’t watch the video as I’m sure I would be having conniption fits for days afterwards! I’m one of those momma grizzlies!

      Just from hearing about it, I concluded that who ever made that video is an idiot and doesn’t know anything about Autism or what tell tale signs there are. Barron does not display any of the signs and to suggest that he does is just pure evilness.

      Barron’s life is going to change somewhat for sure but I believe that his Mom and Dad will see to it that he isn’t traumatised by it all. To me…he seems like he is a young boy that is making the adjustments to all the hoopla around his dad. Barron has been around adults for the most part and will be more mature for a 10 year old. Still his inexperience of life and the reality of being a President’s child will take some time to adjust to.

      At least I don’t expect that Barron will be going around sans pants, smoking weed or crack and twirking like one of the Obama niglets did out in public!