A Milestone…

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Dear Friends and Fellow Bloggers.

Please join us in celebrating a YUUGE milestone.  Four years ago today, in the aftermath of the 2012 election, Terry and I started ‘Nox & Friends.  The evidence of voter fraud and outright criminality was overwhelming and few would talk about it, or even acknowledge it.  The republicans buried their heads in the sand and shrugged their shoulders.  Terry and I were outraged and thus began our journey.  I had been blogging since 2008 like so many millions of other disgusted conservatives that took to the internet to voice our concerns.  Unfortunately, hardly no one read our musings.

The name for the blog ‘Nox & Friends was Terry’s suggestion as a spoof at Fox & Friends’ name.  In the beginning, it was just us two for a while.  We two commented on each others posts and high-fived each other hoping someone else would comment.  It was lonely for a while.  Then came Grouchy, Kathy, Mrs. AL, and Clyde.  By Spring, Garnet, Saltwater, and CW had joined us.  Viewership increased slowly and we were banging out a regular volume of posts lifted from around the world, accompanied with our usual commentary.  Over the years a few more authors came and went.  Blogging demands a bit of time for which most people burn out.  Blogging can be very frustrating and thankless at times.  Blessed B (our sole Canuck member), vonMesser, and HadEnoughAlready joined during our second year, then Uriel came along at year three.

Mrs AL died a year ago last May after a long debilitating battle with cancer.  Grouchy passed suddenly this past February.  We miss them both very much and we imagine they look down now at us with approval.  Too bad they don’t have internet in heaven.  We’d love to know how they are doing.  I know they’d be pleased that Hildabeast has been neutered.

During the primaries, with Mrs AL and Grouchy gone (both Trump fans), a rift took place here and half our crew left in disgust over the differences in opinion concerning the candidates, specifically over Trump and Cruz.  N&F broke into two camps with me trying to be referee, and ending up doing a shitty job of it.  Much of the rancor was off blog although some spilled onto these pages unfortunately.  It seemed that we were all yelling passed each other as tensions grew as to who was the better candidate etc.  Frankly, it was stupid and childish.  Emotions were high.  Nonetheless it happened, and ‘Nox & Friends wasn’t immune to this phenomenon.  It happened all over the blogosphere, everywhere one cared to look.  It was crazy and heartbreaking.  Former long time friends were now enemies.  Rancor that was deserving of the left.  I was mystified.  The mission was Never Hillary, at least for me and several others here.

Frankly, I was tempted to pull the plug on N&F in disgust but then thought oh hell, the finish line was only a few months away and no one likes a quitter.  Besides, the motto here at N&F has always been “Never Give Up, Never Surrender”.  The mission was never Hillary.  I hate that bitch with a white hot passion.  Ditto with the rest of the vermin that are bent on wrecking this great nation that they despise so much while at the same time plunder and loot what the rest of us have built.  Flock them!  We know our readers feel the same way and we felt a sense of obligation to continue the fight, plus it keeps our heads from exploding by providing a means to vent.

Fortunately early this year, Gunny accepted my invitation and joined us.  I’ve know him a very long time.  Actually longer than anyone.  Then Grunt joined up, then Safespace, then Zilla.

All of us here love this country to our bones.  Our love of country and its exceptionalism is nothing that we will ever apologize for.  Not ever.  The left is a plague on anything and everything that is good and decent.  Everything they have ever touched has turned to complete and utter shit without exception.

In the end, the people chose Donald J. Trump, an imperfect man who unquestionably loves this country and reveres its peoples.  Trump looks to take a wrecking ball to the norms of Washington and the establishment elite.  Good… it’s about friggin time.  A new dawn is approaching.

Now onto the subject at hand… I am happy to report to you dear readers and fellow bloggers that to date we have collectively posted 12,570 articles and we have received over 150,000 comments, with over 45 and a quarter MILLION views in just 4 short years.  We also have the honor of having over 1600 subscribers.  Honestly, it has been a huge surprise and humbling to say the least.  Who would have guessed our musings, commentary and observations would have such a viewership?  Certainly not any of us here.

We have had viewers and commenters from all over the world… and we thank each and everyone of you.  At last count from about 175 countries.

The truth is, we wouldn’t mind some more comments.  There are a lot of lurkers out there we’d like to hear from.

How long will we continue to do this?  Who knows?  All of us here do this without any compensation and we are self funded.  We all do what we can when we can.  Most of us have full time jobs or have other responsibilities.

In the end, all of us here would like to believe that we had a very small part to play in exposing the left and their venomous ways and just maybe helped Trump over the finish line.  We know their campaign reads ‘Nox & Friends as they are subscribers.  It doesn’t matter.  Trump won.  Woo hoo!  We’re all still gloating, doing our happy dances, and drinking from kegs of schadenfreude.

We’ll see what these next months bring as Team Trump takes over the reins.  Will Trump shit the bed in the future?  Yup.  He’s human, and so are all his crew. We’ll call him on it when he does.  Team Trump has a hell of a daunting task ahead.  One thing for certain the left won’t ever stop.  They and the establishment hacks in the UniParty, posing as republicans, will employ every opportunity and underhanded tactic to undermine Trump’s administration.  Count on it.  They are determined more than ever to bring this country down especially since they have had a taste of power.  It’s up to determined Americans to keep our boot on their necks as best we can and make them irrelevant.

On behalf of the crew here, I would like to thank all of you for making this endeavor worthwhile.

God bless you all.

~ Hardnox


PS.  here is our roster:

  • Terry – Florida
  • Clyde – Michigan
  • Von Messer – Washington State
  • Blessed B – Alberta, Canada
  • Uriel – Louisiana
  • Grunt – Colorado
  • Gunny – Alaska
  • HadEnoughAlready – Maine
  • SafeSpace – Georgia
  • Zilla – New York state
  • Hardnox – Virginia



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111 Responses to A Milestone…

  1. Not sure how I found you guys and I don’t get to view every post due to WORK and life in general. Thank you all. We still have work to do!

  2. Rammsteinrules says:

    Hopefully we can all mend the fences on the right. I think (hope?) that Trump will help that healing on the right. Started as a Cruz guy but he went kinda all weird imo. Thing is about trump is that I believe he will put the right people in government. The ones that won’t be bought off and sellout for a little coin. Life is tooshort. Go Trump and reach out to those disaffected on the right.

    • Hardnox says:

      I hope so too. It’s like one of the Founders said (Franklin I think), paraphase: “we all must hang together or we will most hang separately”.

      I think Cruz got weird too. I agree about Trump. He will use his business skills in government.

  3. Peppermint says:

    Nox and Terry, congratulations for your success and don’t ever give up. You may have lost some writers, but actually you have better ones now.

    As far as Trump is concerned, I’m glad those of us who supported him kept going on and in some cases changed people’s minds to support Trump.

    Blogging does take a lot out of one’s life when we have other things to do. And of course, we do it for free so we can hopefully keep others informed. It’s a big job.

    • Hardnox says:

      Thanks for the kind words Pepp. For the record, this website has always been a collective effort. I’m just the captain of the ship. All of us pay for it.

      In my view, Trump was probably the only one who could have beaten the Media/Hillary machine. The other 16 R candidates would have been run over and we’d be saying madam resident.

    • Terry says:

      Thanks Pepp. And congratulations on the success of your own blog.
      If anyone hasn’t checked it out yet, you should. You can just click on her avatar for a direct link to it.

  4. Shar says:

    I was forwarded one of your comments by a TeaNY member and have been following ever since. Really good stuff. I don’t Tweeter or Facebook. This is perfect for me.
    Thank you for hanging in there. Keep it coming. Thank you for your time and effort.

    • Hardnox says:

      Thanks Shar. It’s always good to hear from you. I don’t twit or FB either. Please pass this website on to your friends, and please encourage them to comment. Participation is important.

  5. B.A. Sutton says:

    I dont comment very often but read Hardknox every single day. One of my favorites is the “feel good Sunday where the punks get theirs.
    Thank you for what you do and know Iwill read your articles every day. God Bless America and our new President elect DJT.

    • Hardnox says:

      It’s always good to have you visit. It’s always better for everyone when there is more participation.

      The “Sunday Feel Good Stories” seem to be a hit. It always gets a lot of views.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  6. W Barna says:

    Congratulations and please know that you guys are ALL very much appreciated for your humor, your insight, and your tireless dedication to get the truth out! I was concerned that our America was at a “tipping point” where we were truly “one election away” from the destruction of our country and our way of life that we’d all worked so hard to maintain and promote. If I had to sum up what N & F has said to me during this last year it would be “Fight to the finish and beyond, Patriots”…..we stand and we fight, if need be, for principle and what’s right even if we are the only ones.
    Thank you for a great encouraging labor of love! God Bless You and God Bless America!

    • Hardnox says:

      Thanks. We all thought we were at the edge of the cliff. Hopefully Americans don’t go back to sleep. Thanks for the encouraging words.

  7. 219rad says:

    Congratulations on those astounding numbers Team Nox & Friends!!!! This is the first blog site I have ever visited and fell in love with the team. Keep up the great work.

  8. Hey, HN; You didn’t do a “shitty job”. Hindsight, being 20/20, we always think another avenue would have been better but, in the long run, you did what you did with what was in front of you. Good job!

    I know I’ve been remiss in posting but, between life, health issues and burning out, I’ve throttled back on many comments on several sites so don’t feel neglected, ok.

    I’ve spent much time writing Trump on ideas and suggestions, in recent months so my focus have been redirected to the priorities at hand. The articles I do send you I do so in hopes you, or one of the crew, will have the time to post them. (you’ll notice they’ve slowed, too).

    In summary, you and Terry have done a fine job! An excellent job, in fact! Hang in there, guys, this country is far from out of the woods yet. In truth, this battle has only just begun. The real fight will start once Jan. 20th arrives and Trump initiates his “unwinding”. Then the true “weeping and gnashing of teeth” will begin and we will be in the fight of our lives – literally!

    This election was just a mere sorting out of sides; like some tragic, sick game of dodgeball. The game is about to ensue and that “ball” will be everything except kindness and humility.

    Once again, well done and never forget “Never Give Up – Never Surrender”.


    • Hardnox says:

      Thanks bro. It’s not just Terry and me… it’s all of us. “One team, one fight”.

      You might consider posting your ideas on an open thread. Team trump reads this blog. Just sayin’.

      Like you, I fully expect the shit to hit the fan when the spigot gets turned back or off altogether on the left and the moochers. It’s gotta be done.

  9. GunnyG says:

    Best wishes for “The Team” and our Readers going into 2017.

    Unfortunately, it looks like Jill Stein is a tool of Soros and now both her and Cankles are challenging Trump’s win. The fight ain’t over.

    • Hardnox says:

      Thanks bro. We’re all real glad you chose to come onboard. Blogging is best done as a group than individually. We’re living proof. We have no sponsors other than ourselves. This also allows us the freedom to post what we want when we want.

      I saw that Stein and Cankles teamed up. The left is in death throws and they are still bent on sucking the last remaining pennies from the clueless lemmings thinking Hildabeast still has a shot. This is actually too funny.

      • GunnyG says:


        Yep, they’re bilking the idiots and what makes it more funny is that if anything, millions of illegal alien votes for Cankles will get tossed.

        • Hardnox says:

          I think it’s hysterical. Notice that Team Cankles joined with Stein. Cankles isn’t spending any of her unspent campaign millions on helping Stein. This is a sucker play.

    • With her numbers near single digits, Stein doesn’t have a chance in hell of getting anywhere with this. Her contesting the count has only one purpose – helping Hitlery. What a bioch!
      They’re all ganging up on Trump knowing their game is about to be turned upside down and using any means necessary to throw a wrench in the works. Saboteurs! They have no dignity and, like their asses, couldn’t find it with both hands and a flashlight.

  10. Thank you all for *Doing Your Homework*, and staying true to real conservative principles, steering clear of the smoke-screen and doing the right thing. It wasn’t easy this time, but y’all did it. Well done.

    I just hope we can all stay strong in the coming struggles. Congrats, Hardnox and crew! It’s an honor being on the team.

    • Hardnox says:

      Thanks bro. The thanks goes to you too Grunt albeit you’re still somewhat of a newbie. You are an intricate part of our diverse team… hell every blog needs a rocket scientist. I think it is the blogging rules somewhere which explains why other blogs have tanked. Bwhahahha

      The battle is far from over. The Left will be sharpening their knives, with help from the enemies within the perimeter, once they are done flopping around in their seizures.

  11. I.R. Wayright says:

    Well it certainly is refreshing to come to this web site every day and not be subjected to ads popping up all over the place and some gravelly voiced porkulus trying to sell me snake oil.
    Congrats on the 45+ mil page views. When do we cut the cake?

  12. SafeSpace says:

    Congrats ‘Nox, for the steady work it takes to hold a thing like this together and keep it interesting for the readers. We sure are getting a lot of eyeballs, a lot more than I would have expected, considering that none of us are “household names” (well, at least not yet). How many subs do we have at the DoJ, I wonder….

    • Hardnox says:

      None that I can tell… but who knows. NASA no doubt. We have a a bunch of Russians reading which I find interesting. We have subscribers from all over the world from the email addy extensions. The gmail addies I can’t tell.

      Yes, there are a lot of eyeballs on us. That’s what we are here for. We’re not yakking in a bubble. The is an audience for unvarnished truth and opinion. We’re all amateurs and do our best, so I guess that is our appeal. Screw the MSM.

  13. myfoxmystere says:

    I’m your spy in Southern California!

  14. myfoxmystere says:

    I remember when you guys were at FOTM, and split away from them. You guys gave me a heads up, and I read your posts when time allowed me to. You guys helped spread the word when a Conservative Blogger Amusing Bunny was dying of cancer, and that helped her in her last days. Zilla happened to be friends with her, and it’s great to see her on this team. I’m too snarky to blog on this site, and I have a blog enemy who trolls my sites…Lester Liberalmann aka This One, Lester and a bunch of stolen identities off Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other Social Media sites. I enjoy commenting here, and will reciprocate at any of my blog sites.

    • Blessed B. says:


      You’re not too snarky to comment here…..we know who our friends are!

      After Jan 20th…..when Trump finally takes Office….I’ll be putting my Redneck Dixie Warrior hat back on and getting my ‘snark’ put back in place. I had to cool it a bit after I found out I was on a List with the Obi regime. Seems I didn’t have to start the revolution after all…..There were many of my friends who were willing to do that for themselves.

      • myfoxmystere says:

        My nasty blog troll enemy Lester Liberalmann follows me to every site I reply on, and tries to post porno pics, vile comments and other nasty things, using aliases he steals off Facebook and other sites. It’s only a matter of time when he finds me commenting here. He’s hijacked my handle a couple of times and posted vile retorts on other sites, pornography and almost got me kicked off some sites until the site moderators noticed the icon didn’t match my usual icon.

    • Hardnox says:

      Bunny was first rate. I sent her money to help with groceries. She was a real sweetie.

  15. Terry says:

    4 YEARS ? My how time flies when you are watching Your Country going down the shitter and becoming unrecognizable !

    ‘Nox and I first ‘met’ while we were both writers at another blog , and we hit it off right away. We both had the same goals : exposing the lies and wretchedness of the left ( AND many on the right ), and doing our best to help salvage what was left of the Country we loved and fought for. Although blogsites are as numerous as farts in the wind, somebody can always gets a whiff of each one , and you have to hope the aroma gets someone’s attention.
    Judging by the #s ‘Nox reported, we seem to be full of beans !

    It has been an interesting and mostly enjoyable ride. The 2 of us were joined by some excellent, knowledgeable, and talented writers along the way. We lost 2 of our most beloved, Ms AL and Grouchy, to the Lord. Several others we lost to # NeverTrump. I fess up to being a major player in that dispute. Though I never meant for it to be, it became an ugly episode that had ‘Nox chompin’ on his cowboy hat and trying to be the rodeo clown that kept us from goring each other any deeper. Though he made a valiant effort, the #NeverTrump’ers saddled up and rode off to Cruzland, leaving the rest of us united (but not blind) to backing the right man win. That man is far from perfect, but we believe him to be a good, honest man, who loves Our Country, and will do the best he can to do right by it.

    But by losing those writers, it opened the door to a whole new clan of great people. The current group of writers at N&F are the best yet. Each one is extremely knowledgeable, articulate, wise, humorous, brave, clean, and reverent ( oh wait, that’s the Boy Scouts). I’m proud to know them all. They bring us all of the important, well researched,and relevant news, while I am now trying to keep my head from exploding by focusing on the not-so-newsworthy tidbits that show the total insanity of the libtards.

    While I was a co-founder of N&F, it has ALWAYS been Hardnox who was the backbone, heart and soul of this blog. His tireless efforts have been crucial in making it what it is today. He deserves a 10 gallon hat SALUTE !

    To all of the writers, present and past, THANK YOU ! You have done an outstanding job.
    And lastly, to our loyal readers and commenters, YOU ARE THE BEST ! Without you we would just be another un-sniffed fart.

    With My Deepest Appreciation And Hope For Tomorrow,

    • Hardnox says:

      Well said, and thanks for the kind words bro. At times, I thought I was herding cats. Glad that time has passed.

      We have a stellar crew here. I am proud of our efforts in spreading conservatism and I am proud of the commenters that visit here. Their politeness is emblematic of what real adults and real conservatives are all about.

      No one wants to visit a shitfest like so many other places have morphed into.

      I share your appreciation and hope for tomorrow.

  16. I.R. Wayright says:

    As I have been reading the comments in this thread, the thought occurred to me that the Guttenburg press started a revolution that allowed mass communication to begin. Publius helped pass along his wisdom during the American revolution and this great tool called the Internet has allowed anyone with something to say to have it heard and considered on a worldwide platform.
    If not for this ability, I believe the shooting would have started already in the second American Revolution. Think about it. We all know enough not to trust the main stream media anymore. We almost lost this country, partly because of them, but the calls went out from the farthest reaches of the web and just enough of the folks woke up to save it.
    There won’t be any great monuments erected, or celebratory parades taking place to commemorate the quiet work that was done. But, we don’t ask for any.
    All we wish for is that our constitution be respected, our flag signify freedom and resolve and our leaders know their limits.

  17. Emilia says:

    Thanks so much for all you do! I am one of those “lurkers” who on rare occasions will make a comment or two. You are a daily read for me. I wondered what happened to some of the folks whose names used to show up…guess I must have missed the “fray” that caused the split. I saw so much vitriol on FB, I nearly cried! It was especially heartbreaking to watch people who, less than six months previously, had worked together in animal rescue “unfriend” each other because of their choice of candidates. I sincerely hope and pray we can get past the division…for the sake of our country! Wishing you all the most wonderful Christmas season and Happy New Year. Looking forward to more posts from everyone.

  18. JoAnn says:


  19. Uriel says:

    For me, this has been a God send. A place where I can act and react to current issues of the day without beating my dogs or my son. It has been because of Hardnox that I continued. His vision and hard work have created a place where I and others can come to find not just trending topics but the behind the scenes truth of the subject. I am not nearly as funny or as tripping as you others but upon occasion I try.

    It has been a difficult year for all of us writers and conservatives alike to deal with and while energy has ebbed and flowed, we recognize that the fight is far from over. I hope that the what I write has been at least of some value to readers though I honestly think it has been of greater value to me.

    Hear is to at least another year of honesty and forthright speaking and the hope and prayer that we will actually begin to heal as a country and get back to more conservative, constitutional values.

    To all my fellow bloggers on this site – thank you for allowing me the privilege of being part of the crew and I raise my cup of “cheer” to each of you for all you do to make this site as balanced and interesting as you do.

    • Terry says:

      We are all blessed to have you Uriel. Your well researched and written posts are eye-opening and the backbone of N&F. And don’t short yourself–you are as tripping as anyone else here
      I’m glad you don’t beat the dogs, but kids need a whiffle bat to the head now and then to prevent them from becoming libs.

    • Hardnox says:

      Uriel, we love having you here. You’re the real serious one in the group. We need that. Thanks for the kind words. You are an integral part of our N&F fabric. Don’t ever forget it.

  20. vonMesser says:

    I think we’re a great group. Wonder if we can heal the rift with a couple of those who left?

    • Terry says:

      Of course that’s up to ‘Nox, VM. But if Trump can offer a job to Romney after being called a con man, fake, incompetent, unprepared, and totally trashed by him on many occasions, why should the Texas Twits be treated any differently ?

    • Hardnox says:

      VM, I extended an olive branch on more than one occasion. No response. Offer is withdrawn. Next.

    • When Trump’s results become more and more evident, that may happen. Just don’t expect any apologies or an admissions of being wrong.

  21. Rich B says:

    Knox, I may not post much anymore but I still read you and your team damn near every day. Keep on keeping on is all I have to say.

  22. Diogenes says:

    Good Show Nox. Congratulation!
    And yes, it’s sad so many long time associations were ruined by the rancor over the last election year, to the point of even childishly telling lies and trying to smear people. But some never really grow up, do they. Keep plugging away. Voices like yours needed now more then every!


    • Diogenes says:

      That should read “Voices like yours are needed now more then ever! DOH

    • Hardnox says:

      Thanks Jan, good to see you visit. I’m still trying to understand the rift. Seems like some unwittingly adopted the silly tactics of the left via osmosis or something. To me, everyone was shouting passed each other and not seeing the goal line and that was NeverHillary. With the benefit of hindsight it is clear that the right guy to beat the left’s machine was Trump. Anyone else would have gotten run over.

      Thanks for the kind words. We’ll keep punching away. The left gives us a lot of material.

      You do a good job of it at your place too.

    • GruntOfMonteCristo says:

      Yes, keep doing a good job over there now that you’ve decided to join the Trump team a little more wholeheartedly. But, if you’re concerned about people childishly telling lies and smearing people, why don’t you just tell Mike? You’re on good terms, right? Or, does he lie to you, too?

      • GruntOfMonteCristo says:

        As an explanation to Noxers, Diogenes is likely referring to me “smearing” her good friend, Mike, of the Proof Positive Blog, who along with his friend John Cox are still posting grotesquely anti-Trump cartoons like this one:

        Mike also got me fired from another blog by cooking up false allegations because he thought I was becoming a “Trump Ass Kisser.” I’m really not sure how I could ever “smear” someone that degenerate, even if I tried. But you can ask Diogenes. I can’t, because I’m banned over there.

        And just in case the above post with the wonderful cartoon of Trump lapping up discord from a dog’s dish gets deleted, you can also find it here:

        • Terry says:

          Oh yes, my ol’ buddy Mike. I’ve missed him. I tried to sweet talk him with this comment :

          “RANCOR (n) Bitter deep-seated ill will.

          If Trump is “lapping” it, you are guzzling it, Pouf Positively.
          Meanwhile, we real Patriots are sipping our Schadenfreude. Cheers Asswipe !”

          But gosh darn it, I’m still banned 🙁

          BTW…you can’t “smear” a shitstain.

          • GruntOfMonteCristo says:

            Well, Terry, I appreciated your wit, even if it was wasted on the Proof-less. You rock, Brother! Even if you’re still banned. 😉

            • Hardnox says:

              I didn’t know about that stuff. Apparently Mike hasn’t been fitted for his big boy pants yet. Jan apparently got the memo and came over to our side which is good.

              Best to leave dead dogs lay and welcome all the reinforcements when they arrive since the mission is to crush the left. However, best to put a boot on the neck of those that bite. Some people live to hate. Life is too short in my opinion. On the other hand, I’m just fine with a fight for those that want to be assholes just for the sake of being an asshole.

              • GruntOfMonteCristo says:

                Agreed, Boss. And you are right to welcome Jan. She has, indeed, come around, even if Mike has not. I certainly have no problem with her commenting here, even if I might gently disagree a little about who has yet to grow up, or who’s responsible for the “rancor.”

                • Hardnox says:

                  Glad you see it that way. Let those that want to wallow in rancor stay there. It’s their comfort zone. I don’t mind going there when I need to but it’s unproductive to stay there. It’s like pig wrestling. Fun at first, but after a while its time to stop and take a shower, put on clean clothes and move on.

                  My beef with the neverTrumpers was they gave me the impression they thought they owned the franchise on Conservatism. Sorry… I’ve been a conservative before most knew the term or what it meant, and no one ever acted that way until this go around.