Wild Bill: Soros Dead or Alive

George Soros, Nazi collaborator, instigator of terrorist violence is one of the top supporters of America’s liberal Democrats….Bill says its time to bring this terrorist down along with the Democrats who stand with him.

Amen Bill.

~ Hardnox

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Constitutional Conservative that Lefties love to hate.
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11 Responses to Wild Bill: Soros Dead or Alive

  1. Arrest him and his son/s and send them to Russia with love. seize their properties and assets.

    Use their properties for veteran’s convalescent homes and hospitals.

    Send 25% of their assets to Yad Vashem to help victims of the Holocaust and another 25% to the IDF/IAF to defend Israel.

    Send 25% to the CPB/BP to secure our borders and use the remaining 25% to support the removal of all illegal criminal aliens.

    As to the Clintons: Unleash the AG on them. Seize their properties and assets.

    Use their properties to house homeless veterans and citizens.

    Send 50% or their assets to Haiti to rebuild the country and industry, feed and medically assist them to a normal life.

    Use the remaining 50% to give the private, middle income American people a one year federal tax break. No Taxes for one year.

    If there’s anything left – give that to stay at home moms who KEEP their kids instead of aborting them.

    Just a thought…

  2. Uriel says:

    What Hadenough says — triple. Topple this satanic pustule and strip his billions to pay back and support those he has harmed. NOW isn’t soon enough. Then go after all of his shadow regime and do the same. I dare to say a LOT of today’s ills would soon dry up. Expose them ALL for the demons they are and yes include Hillary, Bill and their entire pedofilial group no matter who they are.

  3. Elaine Morris says:

    The Russians will get him first.
    His $ WAS BEHIND the riots when Trump went to ILL to campaign. He had an AD on Craigs List for $15 or $16.00 an hour (sorry, I can’t remember if it was $15 or $16).
    He is the $ behind Clinton…

    So Ted Cruz blamed Trump for the MoveOn.org, Black Lives Matter and all other hate organizing groups protesting in Chicago because Trump stands up for calling things what they are? Because Trump doesn’t like watching people punch at his supporters?

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  5. Blessed B. says:

    Soros…..one of the New world order elites. The ones that Russia doesn’t want a part of, nor does Israel, China, India…..

    Bets on either Russia or Israel rescinding Soro’s subscription to life!

  6. deacsdomain says:

    At the beginning of the Clinton regimes, when Bill was a GOV,I had heard about Clinton and also a person to be watched -SOROS.
    When Obamashit was first elected to congress, he was beginning to be molded by Soros, Because of his confused child hood (mixed race parents, both heavily involved in the OVERTHROW of the US,etc.) Soros probably saw an opportunity early on to groom this piece of roach shit and support this family of miss fits for later development of a plan for BEARshit Obamafu– up.

  7. deacsdomain says:

    After I just sent my last post I had a look at the post written for the year 2016.
    It was very interesting to follow the post from early this year to now. The trend is to say a lot about the decline of population into two extremes. Conservatives & Socialist. We who participate in this HOLLOWED SITE have provided a view into what Americans are finally awakened to see the real world.

  8. SafeSpace says:

    The only thing that weasel Glenn Beck ever did right, was chalkboard George Soros on his Fox TV show several years ago. First time many of ever heard Soros’ name. Where does ol’ George hang his asshat? And why hasn’t he been whacked by someone, by ANYone, by now?

    • Hardnox says:

      I’ve wondered that too.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Russia has a warrant out for Soros for his crimes committed in Ukraine and Crimea….

      Soros is still alive and breathing and doing his murder and chaos cuz he’s very good at hiding …it is only a matter of time though before his subscription is stamped ‘null& void’.

  9. vonMesser says:

    shared in 4 other places.