Globalists and Their Elite Games

Once upon a time,there were several bored, extremely wealthy men gathered around in a large, ornate room. Someone brought out several sets of chessboards and they began to play. Eventually the men narrowed the field down to a winner. However, what occurred as they watched the participants was the real topic of conversation. They likened themselves to the gods of Olympus and like those gods decided that to manipulate chess pieces on a board was not nearly as much fun as using the people and cultures of the world as their game pieces. So began a long, checkered, and debauched life of the ultra-wealthy men in the shadows who developed ever more elaborate and manipulative ways to gain more wealth and outmaneuver their membership opponents.

They forgot that eventually time and physical changes would affect them just like others in the world.  Like the gods of Olympus, they forgot in their pursuit of winning that humans are living beings with their own capacities to survive and thrive. They forgot that their servants talk and eventually word gets around about their ways and what they were doing.  They forgot that their own progeny were not always going to be as enthusiastic or enthralled with their game of living world chess matches. They forgot that like those gods, people would find other interests to divert them from the service of their assigned god. They forgot that humans who are long oppressed or forced to a certain role will eventually wise up to their manipulations and rebel.

So it is becoming today.

Globalists Admit to Errors

Ethan Warrick, Editor
Wealth Authority

As Donald Trump’s presidency begins to unfold, the narrative of the globalists, particularly as delivered by President Barack Obama and other world leaders, is beginning to crumble. In a multitude of ways, the jig of the globalists is up as their philosophies have been repudiated with the election of Trump, the passage of Brexit and other timely political events.

Riding a tide of populist discontent with the status quo — a status quo that has seen real wages and income stagnate or even fall for the last 20-odd years — American voters elected a man who finally put his foot down and said on an international stage: “Enough.”

And with his decisive victory, the sentiment of American voters was brought in line with those of the UK and other European nations, where populist feeling has been summed up in referendum after referendum and election after election.

Only the major governments of France, Germany and Italy (and perhaps for not much longer for the latter) are left without populist leaders in the style of Trump, and many say these nations are only the last holdouts to acquiesce to an unstoppable movement that’s sweeping the world and will hopefully culminate in a restoration of jobs, wages and national sovereignty not just for the United States, but for other nations as well.

With this wave, billionaires and globalist corporations have begun to feel the intense pressure of millions of voters who for too long have seen their productivity rises produce real income gains only for those at the very top — the owners of the conglomerates, the trading companies and the factories that have written the unfair rules and the free-trade agreements such as NAFTA and the TPP — agreements that have pushed labor to the nations where it’s cheapest and production to where work and safety standards are the lowest.

The shock election of Republican Donald Trump has stopped the seemingly inexorable movement of globalism in its tracks. What once seemed inescapable now looks terribly weak and unstable as the media and globalist-aligned forces have been called out on their game of trickery and deception.

First, President Obama resignedly admitted that his long-planned free-trade agreement, the Transpacific Partnership (TPP), had no chance of passage in Congress this year and was politically dead for all practical purposes.

Second, in a speech which drew angry protesters in Athens, Greece, Obama said, “The current path of globalization demands a course correction; in the years and decades ahead, our countries have to make sure that the benefits of an integrated global economy are more broadly shared by more people and that the negative impacts are squarely addressed” — all but admitting that globalization had worked hard to enrich the few at the expense of the many.

Third, in an editorial in the influential Guardian newspaper in Britain, economist Thomas Piketty, whose book “Capital in the 21st Century” was a worldwide bestseller last year, admitted, “Trump’s victory is primarily due to the explosion in economic and geographic inequality in the United States over several decades and the inability of successive governments to deal with this.”

Piketty further went on to comment that “the Democrats were too close to Wall Street – and [suffered from] the inability of the Democratic media elite to learn the lessons from the Sanders vote” — referring to those populist voters who vastly preferred the fiscal policies of Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders over those of elitist frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

But rather than killing globalization outright, both Piketty and Obama seem to think it can simply be reined in or tailored to better fit the needs of the people, rather than be done away with entirely.

“The main lesson for the world is clear: as a matter of urgency, globalization must be fundamentally reoriented. The main challenges of our times are the rise in inequality and global warming. We must therefore implement international treaties enabling us to respond to these challenges and to promote a model for fair and sustainable development,” intoned Piketty in his editorial.

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“Globalist –  one who champions a national policy of treating the whole world as a proper sphere for political influence — compare imperialism, internationalism” – Miriam Webster.  “driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology.”  However, it is recognized by some that individualism, country traditions, community values or morals are often set aside in this action as people become less aware of community and humanity in search of the overall goal of becoming powerhouses.

Trump provided a visual and vocal exclamation point to the roiling resentments beginning to boil over in the world.  The manipulation of currencies; the purchasing of legions to create chaos; the encouragement of dark rites to proliferate the worst of human depravity and extremists views; and the scientific manipulation of means for genocide of millions can all seemingly be laid at the door of these shadow figures who like those on Olympus believe themselves above and beyond human intervention or laws.

They in their ignorance or in their psychotic visions of an alter universe are forcing the world into a corner in order to eliminate humans from this earth. These men though few in number affect and effect worldwide more unrest and destruction than any one group of nation or armies.  They do it because they can; because without their constant meddling they feel nothing and need stimuli; because they have become devoid of the values which they incite and exhort the masses of humanity to champion.

Brexit and other movements across Europe and throughout other countries are creating a wrinkle in their planning.  The whistleblowers are shining a light to expose them and their depravities to the world.  They in their arrogance are now beginning to panic and realize that their hold on the world is not infinite like a god but tenuous at best. As a result, we are seeing frenetic activities across the globe from marches to murders in an effort to maintain their status quo. Their shock at the upstarts of the USA actually denying their “gods” and rebelling is having a ripple affect across the world.

Their favored champion in the presidential race not only crashed but now threatens to split wide open the veil between those men in secret and the world at large.  One wonders just how much time those in Clinton’s most favored inner circle or those who are pawns and fools manipulated by this cadre have left to breathe in their sulfuric air. The demigods in the inner sanctum of rot are definitely not forgiving when they are forced to acknowledge a loss of their wealth from the incompetence of their hirelings.

It all comes down to who loses and takes responsibility – the master or the slave.  (You know it won’t be the master.) Might they seek to eliminate their game pieces like Soros, the Clintons, Merkels, and Obamas in order to save their own hides? One can dream…



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4 Responses to Globalists and Their Elite Games

  1. GunnyG says:

    The damn globalists have been pulling their crap since 1945 and have gotten rich off of the misery of others. We’re awake and there ain’t no going back to sleep now. Globalism and Liberalism are the targets now.

    • Uriel says:

      I totally agree Gunny! But we also have to ensure future generations are prepared to pay attention as well. They have done a slam bang job of screwing up the last twenty years or so of thinking on our kids too. Witness the mindless behavior now of rioting just to riot, destruction, and murders being played out today.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Excellent piece Uriel. I’m with Gunny. The bastards are in the crosshairs. I worry about Trump’s safety though.

    • Uriel says:

      Thanks Hardnox. I do too. If not externally at least in his own personality and stubbornness. This is one of the toughest jobs on personal and political front that ANYone much less with his temperament has to face. Looking at pre and post office pictures of past presidents tell a lot about its hardships.