Wild Bill: Dead Teens and Democrats

Lefty congressman Danny Davis’ grandson was gunned down in a Chicago home invasion.

Bill offers condolences and some common sense to end the Democrat politics that instigates bloody violence.

Nailed it Bill!

~ Nardnox

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4 Responses to Wild Bill: Dead Teens and Democrats

  1. Uriel says:

    As a parent and grandmother my heart goes out to this family.

    The mayor reacted as predicted with calls for gun confiscation. This is the same man who flatly refuses to discontinue sanctuary city policies. These same policies harbor felons, muderers, drug and sex traders well as having a flourishing gang violence. On his head be it and on his hands the blood of all those who died on his watch.

    Appointed and backed by Obama, this man as well as the Obama administration have the blood of innocents staining their souls.

    The people of Chicago need to take a step back and realize the truth. There are good people there having to deal with these elements. They are crying on every block as their babies are lost to the tar pit of evil allowed to rise there.

    Emmanuel is the leader but the representatives of the city and congressmen and women of the party are just as guilty. The GUN is not to blame, it’s the idiocy of the policies that ALLOW sanctuary to occur. They are getting fat while the people are in despair and bleeding. Yet they are allowed to march, riot, and destroy to prove what? What is there isn’t working. You guys HAVE strict gun laws. More laws are not going to change the truth.

    The grandfather calls for martial law? More money going where? More rioting and more death so the entire city is weeping in the streets?. Military marching door to door stripping guns and grabbing people? Then do WHAT with them? Your president and your mayor want a sanctuary city. THIS IS WHY no city should be a sanctuary city.

    The ONLY fix is teaching children that violence, drugs, and gangs isn’t the answer. That the TEN COMMANDMENTS are not so much about any one religion as the truth in living and life.

    It’s a bitter pill to swallow and why much of the USA has had enough. Wild Bill speaks for all true Christians and people of a loving God. Violence begets violence. Teaching personal responsibility, morals, values, and self worth is the only way to break this barrier of hatred and violence.

    Thank Obama, the infiltrated Democrats and the cancer of communism for this mess around the country.

  2. I.R. Wayright says:

    I still think the long arms of the drug cartels lubricate the wheels of government at many levels. Some of the mayors of the “sanctuary cities” must be on the take.