Is Obama Preparing His Getaway For When The SHTF?

First we learn that the Obamas have purchased five multi-million dollar properties in just the past few months.  I don’t believe any of these homes are doublewides.  Where did the purchase money come from?

Now we find out that one of these properties is in Dubai, a fine Muslim nation which incidentally has no extradition agreement with the USA.  Some theorize that Obama may need to be out of reach when the truth about Chris Stevens’ mission in Libya comes out.  I suggest that Obama may also be worried about his connection to #PizzaGate.  Whatever the reason, Rear Admiral Rick Williams has forfeited his career and pension for revealing this story.  The respectable citizens of our nation owe thanks to Admiral Williams; his actions reveal that some in our military are so fed up they are willing to politically frag a CO who well deserves it.

BREAKING: Top US Admiral Fired For Questioning Obama Purchase Of Mansion In Dubai

obama admiral

A stunning new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that one of the United States Navy’s top commanders was relieved of his command a few hours ago after he sent out an “email/posting” revealing that President Barack Obama was in the process of purchasing a multi-million dollar seaside luxury villa in the United Arab Emirates city (UAE) of Dubai.

According to this report, the Commander of the US Navy’s Carrier Strike Group 15, Rear Admiral Rick Williams, posted a “pointed” query on 8 January [since deleted] to the US Naval Institute’s “Readiness Kill Chain” “recipients/responders” list as to why Navy security and intelligence personal had been dispatched from Naval Support Facility Thurmont (aka Camp David) to Dubai on what he termed an “Obama house hunting mission”.


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5 Responses to Is Obama Preparing His Getaway For When The SHTF?

  1. Well, there’s still about 5 trillion bucks unaccounted for in Barry’s porkulus spending. I guess these houses only cost a few billion. That’s nothing. He can even afford to buy a decoy house in WDC and a couple decoys in California. Can we designate the one in Dubai a high-value terrorist site and spare a Hellfire on it?

  2. SafeSpace says:

    Maybe we should GoFundMe the price of one Hellfire and make a group donation to the USAF…..

  3. dweezy2176 says:

    How will his ex office secret service protection work in Dubai?

  4. Blessed B. says:

    They could be using the monies that the Saudi’s gave him ( 38 Billion US ) which is sitting in a Saudi bank….or is it the monies (17 Billion) that BP gave him for bankruptcy protection when the Horizon blew out in the Gulf. Remember he opened the Federal Court House in Chicago on Memorial Day to give them the protection so they couldn’t be sued!

    I think Dubai is a great place for Obi, Michael and the niglets to live….they still have slave auctions which they send black slaves to in Riyadh, Tehran and Istanbul!

  5. Hardnox says:

    Nothing about this asshole would surprise me. He’s been in the pocket of these sandnazis forever.