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wrong house

In Shoreline, Washington two armed men kicked down a homeowner’s door. The resident greeted them with gunfire, striking one man while the other fled the scene. When the police arrived, they couldn’t get any response out of the wounded man, so they declared him DRT (dead right there).

Michael Deangelo Graves, 28, in Martinsville, Virginia forced his way into a home, but Markus Ugene Lampkins, 29, shot him and Graves was DOT at the hospital. Graves’ partner in crime, Charles Rydell Flood Jr. sprayed the targeted home with gunfire and he was arrested for that. Lamkins was arrested for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Cody Earl Seegar, 29 and his partner forced their way into a DeKalb County, Alabama home and began assaulting the homeowner who stabbed Seegar and his accomplice one time each. Seegar was DRT when the police arrived and his partner was taken to the hospital.

Demetria Dinkins Jr. tried to rob an auto parts store in Birmingham, Alabama but he got in a firefight with employees when they followed him from the scene and he busted caps at them at an intersection – they returned fire and Dinkins was arrested when he went to the hospital for his resulting wounds. Dinkins was out of jail on bond at the time of the robbery.

22-year-old Jalen Pierce attempted to rob an off-duty corrections officer in Irvington, New Jersey. He earned himself a lead injection for his trouble. His injuries were not considered life-threatening.

A convenience store clerk in Springfield, Massachusetts took a cut-down rifle away from two crooks and chased them out of his store.

In Tawas City, Michigan, two masked and armed criminals forced their way into the home of a 66-year-old man. He shot them both with a rifle. A 21-year-old was still wearing his mask when police arrived and declared him DRT (dead right there). The 29-year-old was taken to the hospital and he’s expected to survive. The homeowner was uninjured.

Thomas Allen Linder, 44 and John Michael O’beil, 32 forced their way into the home of 78-year old Sabra Elaine Stiehl in Newnan, Georgia, who, when she heard the noise, loaded her 9mm Browning Hi-Power pistol. She confronted the pair and as soon as they saw the handiwork of John Browning, they turned and scurried off, driven away by Anne Renee Deadman, 49. Police caught up with the trio thanks to observant neighbors.

Deputy First Class Dean Bardes, a 12-year-veteran of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office got into a physical altercation with a criminal in Estero, Florida after a high speed chase. A legally armed passerby, after ordering the criminal to stop beating on the deputy, shot the fellow three times. He was DRT (dead right there) and the officer wasn’t shot.

A 78-years-old homeowner in Cabin Creek, West Virginia awoke to the presence of two burglars in his home. They pushed him down on the floor and tried to steal his pants (hoping to find the wallet there). He fired his gun at the pair and they ran off. Later on, Melanie Lynn Dunlap, 42, showed up at the hospital to be treated for her gunshot wound. A warrant has been issued for her arrest.

Prosecutors in Adams County, Colorado have declined to file charges against Levi Sisneros, 33 who shot and killed Alfredo Chavez when Chavez invaded Sisneros’ legal pot growing facility with three friends and attacked Sisneros. Chavez was DRT back on September 1.

A home invasion in Houston, Texas became a wild west shoot out which resulted in minor injuries to two residents and one of the suspects, who has a police escort at the hospital.

Ryan Chase Pittman, 19 picked the wrong neighborhood in Madison County, Georgia when armed residents caught him prowling around their property and used their firearms to hold him until the police arrived.

A homeowner in Houston, Texas, was on the phone with her son-in-law who lives across the street. While they were talking, two armed, masked men forced their way into the home. The son-in-law came to her aid and got into a gunfight with the crooks. One crook was DRT and the other escaped before police arrived, but the police have two people in custody from a traffic stop who are persons of interest in the case.

In Levittown, Pennsylvania, a customer was being pistol-whipped by two thieves at a Pizza Hut when he produced his own gun and shot them both – one was DRT, the other went to the hospital in serious condition.

A homeowner in Wichita, Kansas was watching TV with his girlfriend when two thieves broke into his home. He struggled with the armed thug, took his gun away and shot him several times. Police found the thief in the yard and took him to the hospital where he’s in serious condition.

30-year-old Eric Michael Stevens tried to break into a jewelry store in North Charleston, South Carolina. When that failed, he noticed a security camera on a nearby home, so he tried to break into the home to destroy the security system. The homeowner heard him break in and fired a shot at him. The bullet missed Stevens, but the homeowner walked him outside into the waiting arms of the police.

A homeowner in Birmingham, Alabama shot at a criminal he found in his house, but the fellow fled the scene and the homeowner was unsure whether he had hit the target or not. The police found the criminal nearby with a gunshot wound to his abdomen.

This story is from San Antonio, Texas about a family who found Leonard Trevino, an armed sex offender, hiding under their stairs (thanks to an alert dog). After a brief struggle, the son of the family shot Trevino in his stupid face. I guess Trevino survived because the article says that he’s facing additional charges.

Three men confronted a homeowner in Memphis, Tennessee. When the three started gathering up the homeowner’s property, he drew his firearm and a firefight broke out. The victim and one suspect wee wounded in the resulting exchange of gunfire. The other two criminals left at a high rate of speed while the victim and suspect were taken to the hospital.

In Pasco, Washington, Christian A. Acosta is recovering in the hospital after kicking in Pedro Madinas’ door and catching lead in his pancreas.

In Buckeye, Arizona where a resident encountered a teenage burglar in his home. When the youngster came at him, the homeowner felt threatened and shot him twice. The teenager is in the hospital recovering from his experience with reality.

A homeowner in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, caught a burglar stealing some golf clubs and thought he heard gunfire, so he fired about 16 times at the criminal, missing every time. Police couldn’t find any evidence that he’d been shot at anyway.

In Corpus Christi, Texas, three men forced their way into a home where a homeowner got into a firefight with the trio. No one was injured, but the thieves left empty-handed.

A grocery store clerk in Sherman, Texas was threatened by a machete-wielding crook in the parking lot. The clerk shot at the crook who fled the area. The clerk told police that he wasn’t sure that he’d hit his target, but when police found the criminal nearby, he had a wound to his abdomen. The crook is now recovering in the hospital.

Kim and Frank of Rogers County, Oklahoma were tired of being the victims, so they ambushed a thief they saw breaking into their stuff and held him at gun point for the police.

A store clerk in Phoenix, Arizona saw prospective thieves outside the store on the security camera. When the thief entered the store and pointed his gun at the clerk, he noticed that the clerk already had his own gun pointed at the thief. The criminal beat feet out of the store at a high rate of speed leaving his partners behind. The getaway driver crashed into a traffic sign on his way out of the area which got him some attention from the police.

A concealed carry permit holder in San Antonio, Texas won’t face charges police say. After a night out with his family, they returned to their car and found that they had been robbed. While waiting for the police, they were approached by a man firing a weapon at them. The father returned fire, striking the thief in his arm. The wounded man is in the hospital.

In Louisville, Kentucky, a man told the media at the scene of a crime that his mother had shot an intruder at her home. The intruder was DRT (dead right there) according to the man.

A husband and wife in Corpus Christi, Texas ignored a knock at their front door. The person went around to the back of the house and forced his way in. He was greeted by gunfire, wounded in the abdomen and taken to the hospital.

A thief was DRT (dead right there) after trying to rob a couple at the Chattanooga, Tennessee Days Inn who also happened to be armed.

Trista M. Schneurer was shot in her leg during an attempt to rob a business in Mansfield, Ohio by some folks that the owner had hired to protect his business overnight.

This one comes from Uriel where a Gun toting Granny in Coweta County, Georgia stopped three thugs from stealing her stuff.


Stay frosty friends, they are everywhere.

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  1. upaces88 says:

    Some of these idiots must be brain-dead.

  2. Terry says:

    And here I thought the week couldn’t get any better !

  3. captbogus2 says:

    So many abdomen wounds. Aim a tad higher, folks, and center mass usually produces DRT.