Keith Ellison: New Strategist for America’s Progressive Leftist Party

American “progressives” are like termites, or fire ants … or cancer:  Crush one colony, and two more spring up somewhere else.  They never go away, even when Americans repudiate their thinking and their philosophy at every political level from dogcatcher to president.

Case in point:  Attempting to cement their position in the hinterlands of politics for the next several election cycles, the Dhimmicrats are seriously considering putting Keith Ellison in charge of party strategy. We’ve all heard how Mr. Ellison placed his hand on a Qu’ran when he took his oath of office. We’ve all heard the gushing accolades from the diversity crowd about Ellison’s Muslim-ness. It was a noble thing the electorate did, putting a black man in the White House eight years ago.  They just picked the wrong black man.  And now that same mistake is about to be repeated.  It may be a noble thing to elevate and empower a Muslim-American …. but Ellison is the wrong Muslim-American.

The linked article is entirely too long and detailed to cut’n’paste here. Please take the time to click thru and learn just how dangerous Ellison is to the continued survival of America as she was designed by the Founders.

There is reported to be a speech delivered in Minnesota by Ellison in 2013 on the web somewhere.  In this speech Ellison supposedly advocated for mass importation of Muslim Arabs “to teach America how the rest of the world lives”.  If anyone can find it, please post the link!

Keith Ellison gets his “facts” about America’s attitudes towards Muslims from the Southern Poverty Law Center, that well-loved fount of unbiased information.  Ellison buys into the whole Islamofauxbia narrative, and sees himself in a battle of ideas with NY Congressman Pete King.  If Chuckie Schumer has his way and Ellison becomes the Dhimmi party head, we will find ourselves stuck in defensive mode for the foreseeable future.

Click here for the entire wonderful story:

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8 Responses to Keith Ellison: New Strategist for America’s Progressive Leftist Party

  1. Popular Front says:

    Whack him. It can’t be too hard to arrange can it?

  2. Uriel says:

    here is one from 2011 on marching and protesting

  3. GunnyG says:

    Ellison is a Nation of Islam pawn. The fight is long from being over but we’ve gained mucho ground in the last 8 years and we have Obama and the Dems to thank for it.

  4. Hardnox says:

    In my opinion, having Ellison as the head of the DNC is perfect. It will prove to the American people that this election was about a course correction and that the democrats are on the wrong side of everything.

  5. SafeSpace says:

    Uriel: Neither of those two videos is the one I heard about. But the 2011 video of Ellison’s address to “Campus Progress” is a real gem that reveals this asshat’s anti-American agenda in living color. How do people like this ever get elected? Was Jonathan Gruber right when he said that many American voters are ignorant??

    • Uriel says:

      I came to the conclusion the one you wanted is either pulled or hidden deep. In all honesty many of his comments and speeches “sound” reasonable since then. Tigers don’t change their spots though. The other I found very telling that Somalis who he championed and tried to push in a direction had actually rebelled and were against him. One I did not add had him speaking glowingly in front of a California CAIR meeting. He is neck deep in their efforts and methods going by that speech.