Just Who Is Soros? Long Buried Interview With Leslie Cockburn Exhumed

Amoral or moral creature?  Total contradiction in one human body.

This man has always been dangerous for decades with suppression of emotion and no personal acceptance of his actions as anything other than a means to make money. He has toppled many a country through banking panicking and  the stock markets even as he advised and created others.  Winning at all costs has always been his only goal.  Yet contradictorily helping those who have suffered in part over the years from the very acts he created.  Viewed as demigod by those who are looking for the fast millions and hated by those who he has destroyed.  Epitome of evil and even worse the embodiment of an unfettered nightmare scenario of a damaged amoral psyche allowed to run amuck unchecked.

Many people were damaged by the horrors of living through Hitler’s extermination of Jews.  Most lived decent lives after their war experiences. They may have sought out and received some assistance from some professional to help them cope.  They may have been considered erratic or mentally crippled by some who knew them.  Some may have even gone on to be criminals but NONE became monsters (that we know of) to the extent of this one human.

The question many psychiatrists might have to ask in the case of Soros, at least to me, would be – was he already damaged before helping his German “godfather”?  It’s the age old question of heredity versus environment.  Was he damaged from birth within this particular family environment or was it that he simply “died” emotionally at the point where his father willfully gave him away to become part of a murderous regime?

Either way what emerged is a monster allowed to live and destroy not by gun or knife so much but by the manipulation and destruction caused by his financial activities on a global scale.  How in the world did one man topple and build so many through actions without ever being investigated, tried, and convicted for those actions? One of the traits of the most powerful is that they rule by fear and an iron fist.  How many lives over the decades have been mysteriously lost or people suddenly vanished at the behest of this man.

One last note:  Hillary Clinton…..we have always known that she and Soros had a close relationship but the video clips in this particular interview show a definite close almost familial interaction.  She worshipped him and his power if you watch the part where she introduces him in Africa.  Evil begets evil either from birth or worship.

Time to topple this particular tower of babel and cast out all those involved with its building.


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6 Responses to Just Who Is Soros? Long Buried Interview With Leslie Cockburn Exhumed

  1. myfoxmystere says:

    Soreass has his reward coming when he croaks and meets the Almighty. He has cheated many out of their life savings and livelihood. I read an article back in 2009 or 2010 where Soros rigged the 2008 election by causing the market crash. Soros encrypted an electronic funds transfer to a Swiss bank, pulling out enough funds from a bank in the USA to cause a major crash and panick. Henry Paulson and his staff saw an alarm going off, but couldn’t stop the transaction and crack the encryption code. This is the type of dirty stunt that Soreass continues to pull off on every country. One country got wise to his antics and banned him from entry and doing business: Singapore.

    • Uriel says:

      I agree myfox but it sure would be nice to see justice served up “cold as ice” to this man and his whole crew of shadow manipulators.

  2. SafeSpace says:

    Watched this interview a couple of days ago. I do not for the life of me understand why someone has not whacked Soros yet. He has caused severe financial damage to persons and sovereign governments worldwide, and yet he soldiers on. Does Soros enjoy protection from the private army of the NWO because he does most of his damage to free market economies?

    • Uriel says:

      That’s a total mystery to me too. One might think a big mafia boss or someone like Russia would have eliminated the guy long ago

  3. GunnyG says:

    The MFer can escape Man’s justice, maybe but God’s and his karmic payback? Nope. Eternity will indeed be Hell.

    • Uriel says:

      Oh I do pray so. Justice and all the harm he caused in this world would demand it. Dante’s “Inferno” comes to mind.