Two Recent Photos That Truly Make My Blood Boil

Here are two recent photos of a pair of my favorite people. One is Huma Abedin, in tears as she walks to Hillaroid’s NYC campaign HQ. The other is Grandma Clot on a hiking trail in the .01%-ers community of Chappaqua, two days after the election.  What is so upsetting about these images?  Well, let’s think about what we see here.

First, we have The Regime’s personal communications link to the Muslim Brotherhood, a woman who was raised and schooled in Saudi Arabia by Pakistani parents.  Note that Missus Weiner is wearing stiletto heels that would give Chris Matthews a hell of a leg tingle.  She’s got gen-yoo-wine big Jackie-O style sunglasses on.  And she also sports oh-so-fashionable slacks, top-dollar pants with a crease that David Brooks would envy.  So chic, so cool.  Miss Abedin’s cult — er, religion — stones women who dress in western fashions.  That religion, the one “of peace”, forbids its women to walk unaccompanied by a male guardian.  Abedin’s culture also murders its women who marry infidels, especially “Jew dogs” like Weiner.  So are there two standards for Muslimas, one for Huma and one for everyone else?  The hypocrisy of this woman, and her ilk who are scattered throughout influential positions in media, academia, and government, gives me chest pains.


Now here we have the cutest little cell phone candid of Grandma Clot and a pert ‘n’ perky progressive mommie, who met on a woodsy walking trail in Chappaqua, the sanctuary city for millionaires in Andrew Cuomo’s paradise of a state.  Two freakin’ days after the election, and Hillaroid is out strolling around wearing a smile.  No ankle bracelet, no orange jumpsuit, no shame whatsoever.  My systolic pressure just went up another 20 points.


Now tell me again how many enlightened, educated, “choice”-enabled American women voted for this team….

Recognizing that Abedin will probably flee the country, and that Obammy will likely pardon Hillary, I hope and pray that President Trump encourages any and all parties to file huge, multi-million dollar civil suits on the Clinton Foundation.

— SafeSpace —

source:  Daily Mail UK via Pamela Geller:

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3 Responses to Two Recent Photos That Truly Make My Blood Boil

  1. Hate to make you blow a gasket, but that 2nd photo is even worse than that. It wasn’t a chance cellphone photo. It was staged. The Mom knows Hillary and has been photographed with her at numerous events in the past. They live nearby, so they arranged to do the photo op in the woods to show Hillary recovering happily from the election. After she was so indisposed on election night to speak to her own supporters. Everything is a lie with these people.

  2. SafeSpace says:

    “Recovering happily”, eh? Not for too much longer, we hope. An Obammy pardon will not exempt Grandma Clot from civil suits.

  3. Terry says:

    Hum a Weiner should be stopped and frisked. That’s an awfully large bag she’s carrying there.

    HiLIARy looks like she is still buzzed from her election night binge drunk.