Soros’ bought and paid for protestors bussed into Chi-Congo and caught on film.

EXCERPT:  “As our reader notes, “I have a video of 5 city blocks on the West side of Chicago lined with buses from Wisconsin (Badger Bus Lines) bringing in protestors. The Sears tower is visible in the background.”

The video was taken at 3:30pm on South Canal Street in Chicago on Saturday. As our reader points out, hundreds of the participants that took part in the downtown Chicago protests from November 12 were bused in using these vehicles. Other arrived by train.”



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12 Responses to BUSTED!

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    Soros is already being sued for $550 million in the case where the Dallas police officer was killed by one of his BLM minions. Shall we add another billion for inciting riots?

  2. SafeSpace says:

    Some sources say that many of the individual protestors photographed at the riots these past couple of days, are the very same individuals who have been photographed at riots going back as far as the Trayvon Martin fabrication.

    I believe a lawyer cut from the same cloth as Trey Gowdy and Jay Sekulow would be able to document the chain of command that stretches from Obammy and Jarrett thru George Soros to Andrew Cuomo et al at the local level. Criminal and civil lawsuits need to be filed at each link in that chain — everything from inciting to riot, to assault and battery, to destruction of public and private property. Even if every suit is lost, the progressive leftist scumbags involved could be tied up in court for a decade.

  3. Why can’t Soros be arrested for financing violence? I don’t get it. He signs the damn checks.

  4. myfoxmystere says:

    Soros has a network of thugs financing paid protestors, so if Soreass says he didn’t pay the thugs to do it, one of his puppets did it for him. It’s a matter of finding out who Soreass networked with. In California, Tom Steyer is one of his henchmen. Anyone know who has money in Illinois?

  5. GunnyG says:


    Steyer is a real scumbag too.

  6. vonmesser says:

    R.I.C.O. is the way to go with big george.

  7. GunnyG says:


    I agree but no one in DC has the balls.