EU braces for political upheaval in wake of Trump, Brexit shocks

Your Welcome – GO EUROPE! EUxit Spring!




Published on Nov 11, 2016
American voters’ choice for their next leader is widely seen as a protest against the status quo. Predictions are now being made that Europe’s establishment needs to watch its back.


Never doubt that this is not over here in the US not anywhere else.  Brexit is still feeling major earthquake tremors over this and will for a long time to come.  We are seeing only the opening volleys here in the US as the socialists, radical Muslim faith followers and all the fringers begin in earnest to feel not just the sudden shock but the long term affects of this movement away from NWO and back to nationalism.

I have no problem accepting trading and exchange of ideas between countries but refuse to give up our individual and country ideas, mores, and government in order to allow some shadow figures sitting in a tower of Babel to decide for every human in the world what we see, do, speak, think, and live through every day.


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