Sunday Feel Good Stories

wrong house

21-year-old Brandon Dean Jackson got into an altercation with his girlfriend at a store in Macon, Georgia. When security guards intervened to separate them, Jackson ran away. A little while later, a homeowner encountered Jackson who was attempting to break into his house. The homeowner demanded that Jackson stop, but he kept approaching the man, so the homeowner fired his gun and Jackson was DRT (dead right there).

In Tiltonsville, Ohio, Kenneth Hall and his partner assaulted a homeowner who was able to get his gun and fire. When the police arrived, Hall had gun shot wounds to both knees. Police claim that Hall was wanted for another home invasion in Belmont County from earlier in the week.

Two men in St Louis, Missouri forced their way into an apartment of a couple where they announced a robbery. The woman hid behind the bed while the man sprang at the gunmen. During the altercation, the gun discharged wounding one criminal in the abdomen. The unharmed criminal ran from the scene, the wounded fellow is being treated for his wound. He was in serious condition last we heard.

A homeowner in Coral Gables, Florida shot out the tire of a van driven by Eliades Serrano-Alvarez, 24 as he fled from the scene of his burglary. Alvarez had thrown a tire iron at the homeowner while he was trying to escape which prompted the homeowner to shoot out the tire. Police stopped the van which had one flat tire and arrested Alvarez.

A retired NYPD detective who claims that she never fired her gun during her 23-year career, shot two fellows who attempted to rob her and her daughter when they were leaving a concert in Newark, New Jersey. Both are recovering from their injuries. It looks like they were holding a fake gun when they tried to rob the former detective, but that’s not her problem.

In Lubbock, Texas, a homeowner was forced to shoot a neighbor who forced his way into the home wielding two knives and threatening the homeowner. Police claim that the neighbor was having a medical issues when he broke into the home and that he’s been taken to the hospital to treat non-life-threatening injuries.

A thief tried to rob a 7-11 convenience store in Las Vegas, Nevada. An armed customer ended the crime with several well-placed rounds and the thief was DRT (dead right there).

In Aiken County, South Carolina an armed 39-year-old Steven P. Klimek tried to rob a customer at a gas station. The victim handed him $15 while reaching for his own gun. After a few well-placed rounds, Klimek was DRT (dead right there).

A homeowner in Bellaire, West Virginia, was struck in the head when he opened the door for Kenneth Hall and Hall’s accomplice. The resident made it to his handgun and answered the violence with bullets striking both criminals who fled the scene. Hall’s pal was arrested and he’s being treated at the hospital, but Hall is still on the loose and reportedly suffering from the introduction of two new orifices.

In Henrico County, Virginia, a woman and a man tried to force their way into an apartment. The resident laid on the floor while holding the door closed, so that when the criminals fired through the door, the rounds went over his head. A woman inside the apartment returned fire through the door which frightened the criminals away, but not before she was injured with an incoming round that went through her leg.

Arvi Remmelg in Las Vegas, Nevada awoke to the smell of someone cooking in his kitchen. He waited inside his bedroom until the intruder opened the door, then he plunged a knife into the thief’s chest. The criminal fled and hasn’t turned up in hospitals or clinics in the area.

A homeowner in Kanawha County, West Virginia shot a burglary suspect in the neck. The thief fled, but he was found in a structure nearby – his condition is unknown.

The other day we discussed the homeowner in Australia who shot an intruder with an arrow in his ass. BBC says that the burglar was finally arrested and that he was shot in the lower back, not his buttocks. Oh, by the way, police say that they’re investigating the shooter for charges.

Kevin Malik Kenney, 20, and Sherrod E. Baltimore, 21, busted into an apartment near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where they encountered Christopher Batts Jr. and Chavez Ortiz. Kenney and Baltimore were armed and they clubbed Batts with a crowbar. Kenney and Batts struggled for the possession of the gun – it discharged twice during the struggle. Kenney lost control of it and Ortiz recovered the gun and chased Kenney away. Police took Batts to the hospital, and they found Kenney nearby suffering from a gun shot wound and he was taken to the hospital, too. There’s no word on their condition.

A thief in Las Vegas, Nevada robbed some folks with his gun and then fled the scene. He had a negligent discharge and shot himself, which ended his crime spree. The article doesn’t mention his condition.

A neighbor in Pinch, West Virginia saw burglars break into the home next door, so he went to confront the thieves. As they took off, he fired his gun at them which made the vehicle and the suspects easy for the police to find.

In Cedar City, Utah, a thief broke into the house and began stabbing the woman he found there. Her husband intervened and held the criminal on the floor until police hauled his ass to the hoosegow.

In Canada, a homeowner shot at and missed a criminal who broke into his house. While they’re still looking for the criminal, the police are investigating the homeowner’s use of a firearm in protecting his family. Any bets on who will see a judge first?

A homeowner in Sydney, Australia encountered a fellow who stole some of his property and confronted him with a bow and a quiver of arrows. When the thief tried to escape, the 68-year-old homeowner shot him right square in the buttocks with the weapon. The thief still escaped, but he should be easy to find.

An 82-year-old homeowner in Uniontown, Pennsylvania kept an unused gun on his nightstand for more than thirty years until an intruder broke in and engaged him in a physical altercation. The octogenarian finally grabbed the weapon and shot 40-year-old Franklin Schrout, of Morgantown, West Virginia, who ran outside where he expired DOT (dead over there). The homeowner suffered only superficial injuries.

In Tolleson, Arizona, a resident walked in on two burglars in his home. He fired at the pair, striking a fifteen-year-old in the back. I guess he’s being treated at the hospital after which he’ll start his new life as a perpetrator.

Derick Sarra, 20, and Joel Matias, 23 were both shot by a grocer last year when they broke into his home in Hartford, Connecticut. Matia’s lawyer had the gall to ask the judge for leniency because Matia’s wounds took away his ability to walk, so the judge sentenced Sarra to 11 years and five months in prison and Matias to 11 years and three months.


Stay frosty friends.  These incidents will only increase in short order since the left is in a panic over “free-shit” coming to an end.  Couple that with an attitude of entitlement.  You get the picture.

Further, the mayhem as of late is just the beginning.  The left are just warming up.

Always maintain your situational awareness.

~ Hardnox



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  2. Always locked and loaded in this household.

  3. I.R. Wayright says:

    I’m going to contact my state and federal reps to urge them to introduce legislation making it unlawful to accept money for staging, leading or participating in a protest.
    Do it for free or stay home.
    In addition, should violence resulting in injury or death, or destruction of property take place, everyone participating in the event should be jailed and fined enough to recover the losses. Anyone blocking a highway should get a $10,000 fine or police should hand a form to all vehicles stopped, asking them if they want to be compensated for their lost time or inconvenience. Send the bills to George Soros. He has the money to cover it.
    Local jurisdictions could make a “parade permit” a necessity for more than five people to stage a protest. They have to state the time and place where they wish to appear and they have to state the reason for the protest.They will need to provide I.D. in order to be registered to protest. The fine print on the permit will include the line about demonstrators being responsible for damages. Maybe even post a bond before hitting the streets. They could even make the permit effective only after seven days and posting it in the local media. That would give counter protesters time to get prepared.
    Hey, they have been putting restrictions on our freedoms for the last eight years or trying to.
    Or, why don’t we just tell all the commies we’ll meet them at the Gettysburg Battlefield? Our side should assemble at Little Round Top. Wouldn’t that be fun?

    • Popular Front says:

      No, not Gettysburg. That would touch a raw nerve in the South I think.

      Remember, if Lee has listened to Hood and Longstreet and right flanked Meade on the second day instead of sending Pickett up the middle you’d all be paying your taxes to Richmond today.