How Pathetic – Open Letter to Parents of Millennials

You raised your children then packed them off to college to get an education often paying at a minimum $20,000 a year of YOUR hard earned money, for WHAT?

The minute you hear about a campus shooter at your child’s college you wail and gnash your teeth, run to the phone or get in your car to go to the school to check on your precious child.

Well your child is under assault now! Not from a weapon in the classroom but from a COMMUNIST AND EXTREMIST RADICAL AGENDA TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY.

YET YOU REFUSE to bring home that child from school now? PATHETIC

Those behind these riots are the ones YOU need to worry about. They have been PAID to cause riots, to create chaos, and your child, despite words to the contrary, is a TARGET. They could care less if your baby whom you raised is living or dead. In fact, they WANT them dead. The rich or poor; purple,red, white or black are their targets for disruption. How, by becoming the fuel and revving fledgling emotions to create a means to their ends.

We who lived through the Sixties KNOW THIS IS TRUE. We watched our friends being trampled, beaten, broken in body and spirit. It wasn’t because our hearts were pure and we truly believed the lies we were fed. It was in fact that we were THE FUEL for the narrative of the communists and our lives were worth nothing more than as shields and targets.

YET YOU REFUSE to bring home that child from school now? PATHETIC

“My child has the right to grow and learn through experience,” you say. The operative word here is “LIVE.” Then why the hell did you react and rush to campuses across the nation when they were threatened by an active gunman?

“They have the right to become adults with their own feelings and thoughts,” you say. That is true IF they are fed truth but communists are by design and purpose NOT feeding them truth. Colleges across the nation are having donations from many who are in the Muslim Brotherhood–the core group responsible for the beginning and continued perpetuation of radical terrorism. They are funded by globalists from the UN and other sources working to attack our country in order to bring it down. They are not using armored vehicles and military weapons YET but THE MOST PRECIOUS commodity we Americans possess – our children.

YET YOU REFUSE to bring home that child from school now? PATHETIC

You watch as these college students are photographed crying buckets of tears and throwing temper tantrums. Why? Because they never were disciplined at home or because big government taught them to be the missiles aimed at destruction of our way of life? Did you put down your foot when your child got into a fight at school? Did you demand as any parent would that your child be treated better? Did you find a way to solve that problem? If you did not then did you as a parent deserve the love and admiration of that child? They are being bullied and indoctrinated as communists at college yet you have not marched to the college and demanded that your child be treated better? Or did you write out a check for the next month’s payment or next semesters tuition and go on about your own life with blinded eyes to the truth of what is happening on campuses?

For those that equate life to money, then think on this YOU PAID THE COLLEGE $40,000 or so in order for your child to learn temper tantrums were acceptable in real life? Money by the way that could have gone into a retirement plan for you and your spouse, paid for great vacations, or been used to help others in your community. Are you nuts? Do you not want your child prepared to leave home well able to find a job and survive in a world that is impartial to their wants or needs, not nest in your home fed, clothed, and unprepared for the harsh realities of a real world and life?

YET YOU REFUSE to bring home that child from school now? PATHETIC

Have your children been involved helping in your community? Had to pay for their own insurance, car, or parties? Done ANYTHING that shows they are adult enough to survive without being tied to your coattails FOREVER? Did you enable them to be vicious bullies and braggarts because they wanted for nothing or teach them it was okay to not follow the law because mommy or daddy would rescue them? Did or do you approve the beating of people whose views are different from your child’s?  Do you approve the rampant destruction of property that your child participates in even to the point you turn away in acceptance shaking your head at the whims of young adults? Did YOU become intimidated by their actions and attitudes and simply resign yourself to giving them what they wanted in order to get them off your backs? Expensive shoes, fancy clothes, wild parties, cars and stacks of cash for drugs? All while you went to work EVERY day to earn the money needed to hand them their toys and trinkets and provide their drugs because it was convenient as an excuse to not have to show parental love and authority? What will you do when you turn 70 and need them to help you? Will you beg and plead for those bullies to care for you and hope that they will? Did you fall back on a church as your comfort even as your little imp turned into a devil?

Reality check – YOU REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SOWN. Be it good or bad grains or fruits of your labor, and now guess what – your little garden weed has grown up and look what they have become. Who the hell is in charge, parent or child?  Who pays the bills, parent or child?  Who will be living hopefully well into the retirement age as responsible adults, parent or child? And who will be losing their identity and livelihood if this rampant stupidity doesn’t stop, parent or child?

YET YOU REFUSE to bring home that child from school now? PATHETIC


They are under siege by seasoned adults who are there to ensure they are used as weapons to create chaos. They don’t give a crap if the student lives or dies, they get paid either way.


These are all pictures from protest over this last six months or so, they are all innocent participants. Yet as a parent:

Look at the guy second from left — does he look fresh faced, young, a happy student? Or does he look really angry almost like an old-time Nazi student, maybe older than the others. Who is he? Do you as a parent know? What about the dude on the right side.  Younger but follower not leader.  Who is he?  Do you as a parent know?  Look at the young lady in the center, follower or leader? The guy in the middle with the scarf, paid activist?  The young lady on the right, bewildered, unsure but willing to follow the others.






Since when is the guy in the front a college student?  I see a few hispanics in the far back, is the one in orange maybe from an activist family? The blonde on the right up front, is she sporting marxist badges? Don’t I see a hijab or two in the crowd.  The girl on the far right is she a “communista” who will end up in a revolution one day? The point is not that they are marching but WHO is in the crowd and egging them on?  What do they hope to gain as instigators?




Call it mass hysteria or crowd mentality or any words you choose. This is mental torture by someone on these girls. WHO did they get their fear from? Was it parents or did they find some weird person on campus that created this indoctrination? Why? What possible reason could a responsible parent have for not going to get their child and comfort them in their own home away from these animals.




I could go on and on.  I have seen a lot in my sixty plus years including parental indifference, lewd disgusting attitudes of parents, equating love with giving of physical things, and some Awesome examples of parenting.

I too had to face the point where I either stopped behavior or watched my child grow up a bully or destructive, possibly taking over my entire life and my home.  I had to deal in tough love and learn to block off and not enable bad behaviour.  But you know what even with all of that, I am so proud of both my sons today.  They quickly learned what real life and decision making was about which in a way broke my heart.  But they are so much better people today than where they were headed at that time.

Damn it, now I sound just like my parents as I went off to college. Only I KNEW that I was in super trouble and cut off from college money if I even thought to get involved with the marches. I also saw how hard my dad and mom worked and sacrificed to give me the one single year of college money that they could afford. Then I had to earn my own way for every year after that.  To this day, I do not regret the earning.  It taught me what was truth or fiction faster than any college professor or mom and dad ever could. Believe me though,`when sitting around the family table during breaks, there was no mincing of words, no doubt, no excuses, or backtalk allowed in those moments of “clarification” of my place and role in my future.


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22 Responses to How Pathetic – Open Letter to Parents of Millennials

  1. These, some hard-working, parents spent their time and effort raising their kids from birth to college age only to have them trained to become perpetual infants.

    What a waste of time, effort and money (to reiterate Trump).
    For Christmas, they should all receive “Depends” and “binkies”.

  2. myfoxmystere says:

    I pity the parents who did everything right, but saw their son or daughter stray on his or her own will. On the other hand, I’m not sypathetic towards the parents who spoiled their kids to the point the sons and daughters screwed up their own lives.

  3. Dave says:

    There is a verse in Proverbs that reads, “raise up a child in the way he should go, and when he is grown, he will not depart from it. The point is that raising a child in the way he should go begins on day one. If one allows that process to begin at the onset of one’s teens, it is much too late.

    • Amen, Dave. So true!

      And if they stray, it is upon them, not the parents.

    • Uriel says:

      It is interesting I think when we look at the dynamics of decent families how 1 in 3 children go to the dark side. It’s not the parents fault at that point it is the child. But at least the parents tried. In liberal families it is more often 1 in 3 that despite background manage to raise themselves up above their siblings. Those children are the better of them all.

      • I.R. Wayright says:

        Uriel, did you read some of the book I recommended some time ago?
        “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America,” by Charlotte Iserbyt.
        From what you wrote I am going to assume you did.

        • Uriel says:

          Excerpts only IR but That is from personal observation and educational courses too

          • I.R. Wayright says:

            It’s a long read. The introduction was enough to give the whole picture though.
            If you were an educator, can you give us an idea of how bad the “official” history text books are these days?

  4. vonmesser says:

    Part of the problem is some of these same parents (and I personally know some of them) believe as their children.

  5. Uriel says:

    IR. I don’t know that it’s just 2. Some would say more. I know in late 70’s as I entered college that socialism flourished and was gaining strength. So possibly it began to come out of the closet just after WWII ended. McCarthism didn’t seem to slow it down in fact it sped up. So for 60 years or so as those left college for business and education jobs, the cancer grew. Even leftie professors recently remarked they were shocked at the newest crop and its virulent attitude. Classic sow and reap Frankenstein monster.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      I think it started earlier then grew faster with several influences in the 1960s.
      Timothy Leary~Turn on, tune in, drop out.
      Beatles and other groups when they got into drugs some of their music spread the popularity of drug use.
      The Vietnam War and the resulting protesters. Leaders of the movement were communist agents of the North Vietnamese, knowingly or not.
      (It became fashionable to be demonstrating in the streets and to protest “the man.”)
      History and science may eventually find a link to gene damage from certain mind altering drugs that effects the brains of offspring. Who knows?
      Importing people from other countries who don’t know, or appreciate, how this republic is supposed to work.
      The decline in religion. Were the churches targeted or infiltrated by the communists too, in order to slowly and methodically bring about the “change?”
      The defection of a Soviet KGB agent shed some light on the origins of our problems and how they intended to bring down our country without firing a shot.
      That battle has apparently not been won yet, has it?