Renewal Of Executive Order 12938 – Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Renewal Of Executive Order 12938 – Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Bill Clinton has done many things. One thing he did do while President was to issue Executive Order 12938.

It’s ironic that  Hillary and Obama have not been called out on this order yet. Oddly enough on November 8, 2016 Obama renewed this order even though during his entire administration previously he never took the time to read or renew its authority before.

On July 28, 1998, the President issued Executive Order 13094, amending Executive Order 12938, to respond more effectively to the worldwide threat of weapons of mass destruction proliferation activities. On June 28, 2005, the President issued Executive Order 13382, which further amended Executive Order 12938, to improve our ability to combat proliferation.

This administration as in many other issues has totally ignored the details of an authorization or law if they did not benefit the purpose in mind. Perhaps this is why it was never renewed until now.  If he had no knowledge then he may have felt he could not be held responsible for actions he took. Why do I say that? Easy, many times since 2009 and yes in the past thirty days, the US government has issued arms and weapons in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria which if I read the EO correctly is forbidden without congressional approval.

Congress did secretly, apparently, issue at the end of 2013 or January 2014 approval for light arms supplied to “moderate” Syrian rebel factions in the south of the country and approved funding for months of further deliveries as noted by US and European security officials (here I assume months to be less than a year otherwise it would possibly have been noted as years). Light arms I also assume being, not familiar with such, would not include RPG or any other heavy artillery items only small items like guns. Someone with better understanding could hopefully to define this for me.

As far as I can see, Obama and the State Department have broken the letter of the law as an entity assuming executive orders hold weight as law. To me this is a case of “do as I say not as I do.” In several posts I have read including ones from highly respected sources like Middle East Forum, it has been stated over and over that the US government is one of the “largest suppliers of weapons in the Middle East” today.

Executive Order 12938

Section 1. International Negotiations. It is the policy of the United States to lead and seek multilaterally coordinated efforts with other countries to control the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the means of delivering such weapons. Accordingly, the Secretary of State shall cooperate in and lead multilateral efforts to stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery.

Sec. 2. Imposition of Controls. As provided herein, the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Commerce shall use their respective authorities, including the Arms Export Control Act and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, to control any exports, to the extent they are not already controlled by the Department of Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, that either Secretary determines would assist a country in acquiring the capability to develop, produce, stockpile, deliver, or use weapons of mass destruction or their means of delivery. The Secretary of State shall pursue early negotiations with foreign governments to adopt effective measures comparable to those imposed under this order. (Can anyone explain why at the time Hillary Clinton and all her cronies actually allowed the sale of our uranium mines to Russia? There are treaties out there and in fact Russia just issued a warning that the US was not living up to some part of one.  START agreements have been around since the Cold War ended.)

Sec. 3. Department of Commerce Controls.

(a) The Secretary of Commerce shall prohibit the export of any goods, technology, or services subject to the Secretary’s export jurisdiction that the Secretary of Commerce determines, in consultation with the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, and other appropriate officials, would assist a
foreign country in acquiring the capability to develop, produce, stockpile, deliver, or use weapons of mass destruction or their means of delivery. The Secretary of State shall pursue early negotiations with foreign governments to adopt effective measures comparable to those imposed under this section.

(b) Subsection (a) of this section will not apply to exports relating to a particular category of weapons of mass destruction (i.e., nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons) if their destination is a country with whose government the United States has entered into a bilateral or multilateral arrangement for the control of that category of weapons of mass destruction-related goods (including delivery systems) and technology, or maintains domestic export controls comparable to controls that are imposed by the United States with respect to that category of goods and technology, or that are otherwise deemed adequate by the Secretary of State.

(Relations with Syria were severed in 2012 from the little I could find. USF-1 has been since 2010 under agreement with the Government of Iraq under the U.S.–Iraq Status of Forces Agreement. The Iran Nuclear Agreement which is really little if any worth is the only agreement I found on Iran though there have been bilateral economic agreements. Again someone better background will hopefully add to this.)

Sec. 4. Sanctions Against Foreign Persons.

(b) No department or agency of the United States Government may procure, or enter into any contract for the procurement of, any goods or services from any foreign person described in subsection (a) of this section. The Secretary of the Treasury shall prohibit the importation into the United States of products produced by that foreign person.

(d) The Secretary of State and the Secretary of the Treasury may provide appropriate exemptions for procurement contracts necessary to meet U.S. operational military requirements or requirements under defense production agreements, sole source suppliers, spare parts, components, routine servicing and maintenance of products, and medical and humanitarian items. They may provide exemptions for contracts in existence on the date of this order under appropriate circumstances.

Sec. 5. Sanctions Against Foreign Countries.

Sec. 6. Duration. Any sanctions imposed pursuant to sections 4 or 5 of this order shall remain in force until the Secretary of State determines that lifting any sanction is in the foreign policy or national security interests of the United States or, as to sanctions under section 4 of this order, until the Secretary has made the determination under section 4(c). (Complete List of Sanctioned Entities as of August 2016)

Sec. 7. Implementation.
Sec. 8. Preservation of Authorities.
Sec. 9. Judicial Review.
Sec. 10. Revocation of Executive Orders Nos. 12735 and 12930.
Executive Order No. 12735 of November 16, 1990, and Executive Order No.
12930 of September 29, 1994, are hereby revoked.
Sec. 11. Effective Date.

November 14, 1994.


Perhaps Obama is simply clearing up all the inbox things that any outgoing president needs to get out of the way.

What is interesting is that it was done on election day before results were concluded.  On the same day in question, the United Nations agency overseeing Agenda 2030 also met and placed as urgent priority the fast tracking of their plans to institute this outrageous worldwide grab of power.  

While coincidences happen, this suggests to me that both President Obama and the UN were thoroughly convinced that Hillary Clinton would be president so that all the plans they had made together and separately to advance NWO would be ready and in motion once she took the oath of office.

Duh   Don’t count your chickens before the eggs have hatched.


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  1. vonmesser says:

    Time for Trump to assign a trem to review EVERY executive order-directive-memo by all presidents still in effect and specifically allow or cancel or send to congress for review.

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