United Nations Tipped Their Hand In Anticipation Of A Clinton Win

United Nations Tipped Their Hand In Anticipation Of A Clinton Win
Thanks to the outcome of this election we can breathe a bit easier that we have escaped a tangled web
designed to delete our constitution and do away with the sovereignty of our country.

The election of Donald Trump just proved how slim the margin of error was in the game the technocrats of the United Nations is playing.  If there was ever any doubt about how we escaped a nuclear bomb in this election — here is the proof.  We all are aware of the fact that Obama has been determined and taken measures to insure that our country goes down in flames so that the United Nations could step in with him at the helm of the American New World Order.  It was also extremely apparent that Hillary Clinton and all her manipulations to date were to continue his legacy so that he could walk into that office with all his ducks in a row.

On the very day of the election when everyone in the elite firmly anticipated the crowning of Hillary Clinton as the reigning monarch, the United Nations Agenda 2030 met to decide on fast tracking their Agenda 2030.  They overplayed their anticipated eggs in a basket folks.

The United Nations met to discuss their Agenda 2030 which is a much more aggressive agenda than the one written as Agenda 21. I wrote an article about Agenda 2030 back in August of 2015 which talked about how it was a threat to US Sovereignty and again in October 2015 in a two-part series talking about the United Nations.

So why bring it up. Because the UN doesn’t work on our timetable. It does, however, work in relationship to the political trends in our country. On the day that Hillary Clinton expected to become the President-Elect and therefore continue Obama’s agenda of globalism, this socialist group was meeting because they decided to move its Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Plan into high gear. What better way to celebrate one of the greatest bloodless coups in history than by pushing forward on this means of turning the world into one big global government based on science and technology. No wonder they were so fearful when the dust settled and discovered that Trump had won.


General Assembly President Peter Thomson….. Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030 successor to Agenda 21


PGA outlines strategy for stepped-up SDGs implementation plan

General Assembly President Peter Thomson briefed United Nations Member States on the implementationstrategy for implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the transformative 17-point framework for ensuring peace and prosperity for all on a healthy planet.

He spoke of transforming our world by eradicating poverty and generating collective prosperity, addressing inequalities – particularly with regards to gender and the advancement of rights for women and girls, creating a safer and more just world, and combatting climate change and protecting the natural environment.

The 2030 Agenda “was grounded,” he said, “in the principle of ‘leaving no-one behind,’ ensuring human rights for all, and engaging young people.”

Mr. Thomson, briefing Member States informally, reaffirmed the commitment he made when he took the Oath of Office in June of this year, which he says is “rooted in my deep belief that only through the attainment of sustainable development will sustainable peace and human rights be realized for all.”

“And in turn,” he added, “sustainable development will only be achieved by sustaining peace and the full realization of human rights.”

Mr. Thomson announced that in order to motivate actors at global, regional, national, and community levels, he had appointed an SDG implementation team, to be led by Special Adviser Ambassador Dessima Williams along with experts from the UN Secretariat and secondees from the UN Development Programme (UNDP), World Bank Group, the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and Member States. Ambassador Macharia Kamau will serve as the Special Envoy on SDP Implementation and Climate Change.

The team will focus on three key tracks:

  1. Raising the global public’s awareness of the importance of SDG implementation;
  2. Strengthening momentum in the implementation of each of the 17 SDGs; and
  3. Supporting the UN and related agencies in making their maximum contribution to SDG implementation at all levels.

The President of the General Assembly acknowledged that while responsibility for implementing the SDGs lies primarily with Governments, the UN has a central support role in order to see that the Goals are put into action.

“Part of that role,” he explained, “is to activate and align all relevant partners in the universal and integrated pursuit of the SDGs – international financial institutions, multilateral bodies, regulatory authorities, the private sector, philanthropic foundations, civil society, women’s organizations, academia, local authorities, and people everywhere.”

“Dedicated workshops, meetings and events, at both expert and high levels, will be organized throughout the session,” he added.

In order to ensure that the first track – which seeks to raise awareness – is met, Mr. Thomson and his team advocate including the SDGs in school curricula around the world, maximizing online communication, working with young advocates, and promoting high-level advocacy through events and workshops in order to engage the public and attract new stakeholders to the movement.

The second track aims to strengthen the momentum of implementing each goal, for which Mr. Thomson outlined specific objectives and strategies to accompany each of the 17 goals. For example, he spoke of collaborating with the private sector, organizing new meetings, promoting new technologies, securing commitments from new actors, convening leading thinkers and academics, promoting local leader participation in international agenda-setting, and more.

The second track will focus efforts in the six specific following areas:

  1. Aligning increased private investments and capital flows with the SDGs, including through “greening” the financial system and its regulatory mechanisms;
  2. Strengthening domestic resource mobilization capacity;
  3. Convening a joint meeting with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) on global economic governance;
  4. Mobilizing young innovators including on the margins of the ECOSOC Forum on Science Technology and innovation;
  5. Fostering further work on South-South and Triangular cooperation, and;
  6. Collaborating with partners in the margins of the UN Statistical Commission on how concrete and targeted assistance can help countries improve their data-systems and overall capacity in this area.

Finally, track three, supporting the UN and its agencies in order to ensure a maximum contribution to the SDGs at all levels, will be achieved by convening regular briefings with the new Secretary-General, Member States, and the members of the UN Chief Executive Board as well as maximizing the role of the General Assembly in SDG implementation and strengthening the UN’s engagement with civil society, the private sector, and other important stakeholders.

“I hold myself accountable to this Strategic Plan,” said Mr. Thomson, who will report on the progress in July 2017.

To the General Assembly, he said, “I welcome cooperation, partnership, and positive input towards the fulfilment of this Strategic Plan, by and from all those who believe in the need for real momentum to be achieved for the Sustainable Development Goals.”

“A universal effort is required if our world is indeed to be transformed towards a sustainable future for human kind,” he concluded.

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Source: Lisa Haven


By God’s grace and His intervention, we saved our country in this election.



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  1. So true! Well done, Uriel~!

  2. upaces88 says:

    Thank you!! Thank you for keeping up with all of this!! God Bless You!

  3. I.R. Wayright says:

    I think we ought to sustain a parking lot where the UN now sits.

    • Uriel says:

      I like that OR how about setting up an inner city farm to market place and growing food for everyone. That was after all the objective of UN. Irony in living color 😂

  4. Aussie says:

    Off topic but keep a sharp eye out for 1800 asylum seekers, that are currently in off-shore detention on Manus Island, having failed to gain entrance to Australia. There is some information that Obama has excepted them and it will take place before Trump takes over. Seems authentic and remember they are not welcome here in Aus.

    • Uriel says:

      Welcome Aussie. Thanks for heads up. I have heard he will be doing and unfortunately his people are still in place to get it done. January 20 can’t come soon enough. Mexico I also heard had a thousand or so African/Middle Eastern nations gathered and being bussed into our southern border.